favourite albums of all time

I'm not sure if people will get what I mean

But I feel like All Time Low’s album is going to be perfect for night driving like for real, ‘Good Times’, ‘Life of the Party’, ‘Last Young Renegade’, and 'Dirty Laundry’ just have that perfect nighttime driving ring to them

me: wow harry’s new album is my favourite album of all times? all of the songs are so well thought out and emotional, they speak to me on so many different levels and you can really see how much time harry spent working on them and choosing them for this album to be perfection. the sound of them is simply world changing i don’t want to listen to anything else for the rest of my life.

someone: oh so the album is out already?

me: huh? no not yet

modern vampires of the city

obvious bicycle: never know which part to sing

unbelievers: the one everyone actually knows the words to 

step: the music nerd’s favourite bc of pachelbel’s canon 

diane young: “DYING YOUNG GET IT” yes everybody gets it

*the smoothest transition ever*

don’t lie: the ticking clock in the backbeat of the second chorus is the best thing

hannah hunt: genuinely the prettiest song in the whole wide world

everlasting arms: cute but is it anyone’s favourite let’s be real

finger back: wtf is this song about

worship you: aodasdksaldmakwoijajdksdmoijaiwd yOU YOOOOOOU

ya hey: so so beautiful and strange and “YAHWEH GET IT” yes

hudson: the song you hear right before you get murdered

young lion: blissful perfect ending to the album wow

anonymous asked:

What music do you think the foxes listen to like which artists?

oooh nonnie i’m so glad u asked okay i have thought about this:

  • so i know neil is canonically not a huge fan of music but i like to think he’s just picky, he doesn’t care about genre, he just likes what he likes (which is mainly bands with songs that remind him of andrew)
    • see: eden (this band is the official andreil sponsor i’m telling u), amber run, the neighbourhood, borns, sam tinnesz, jaymes young, crywolf, cigarettes after sex, vancouver sleep clinic
  • we know that andrew likes loud music that drowns out all his thoughts, mainly the dark heavy electronic stuff they play at eden’s twilight all the time
    • see: gasaffelstein, justice, iamx, royal blood
    • also his favourite album of all time is “i brought you my bullets you brought me your love” actually fight me on this
  • i think kevin would listen to a lot of edm while he works out but he’s also a nerd too and loves to listen to movie soundtracks (also i like the idea of lorde being his secret fave)
  • nicky hemmick is the biggest lana del rey stan alive let’s be real here, every time he does karaoke it’s to sing ‘young and beautiful’
  • dan is a hot mess and listens almost exclusively to top hits from the 90s and 00s (fight me on this too) i’m talking destiny’s child, nsync, kelly clarkson, natasha bedingfield all that good nostalgic shit
  • i feel like matt lives and breathes pop music tbh? i see his faves being rihanna and frank ocean 
  • allison would love pop music too but i also like to think she has a soft spot for female-led rock bands
    • see: wolf alice, joan jett and the blackhearts, pvris, stevie nicks, sonic youth
  • nora said renee likes instrumentals, i also think she listens to bands with really ethereal vocals
    • see: son lux, the japanese house, sigur ros, the xx, agnes obel
  • aaron is a twenty one pilots stan. do i need to go on.

A gem of a verse from Is This The Life We Really Want?

Maybe not ants

(Why not ants?)

Well, because it’s true

That ants don’t have enough IQ

To differentiate between

The path that other people feel

And well, for instance -

Cutting leaves

Or crawling across window sills

In search of open treacle tins

So like the ants, are we just dumb?

Is that why we don’t feel, or see

Or are we just all numbed out on reality TV?

Canadian Queens...the Not-So-Exhaustive list...Part 1

Hey girls…you wanted it…and now you’re getting it!


Celine Dion

Arguably Canada’s biggest and brightest star. You think of the ethereal goddess of Canada…you think of Celine Dion. A French-Canadian many people around my age grew up with her on the radio. Here’s one of my favourites…

Shania Twain

How do you become the best selling solo country female artist of all time? Play your cards right and become the most iconic crossover artist to ever walk the earth (Snakelor wishes). Born from complete poverty and suffering immense hardships by losing both her parents…a star emerged when she moved to Nashville and pursued her dreams…the rest is history. With 3 Certified Diamond albums…Check out her newly released song “Life’s About To Get Good” and start preparing for her new album NOW on September 29.

Joni Mitchell

Another absolute legend who has inspired countless singers today. Get into this masterpiece from her. 

God Tier

Alanis Morissette

This queen literally invented being angry. Jagged Little Pill will always be one of my favourite albums of all time. Albums later and she still has a big fan base while also being a mother, columnist, self-help guru, and spiritual guidance counselor of sorts for many people. Here’s an excellent song about life.

Sarah McLachlan

Before she was being spoofed on SNL for “saving the dogs” this woman had an iconic career in the 90s/2000s. I sometimes think she is my mother because my mother would listen to her every night when I was a young child. Here’s one of her best. 

More to come later…

why meeting porter and hugo would mean the world to me...

yes i’m actually writing a post about this because i’ve spent the past few days listening to their coachella set on repeat (i converted that shit to an mp3 file so i can listen to it on the go, that’s right you heard me) and occasionally crying because dammit, i wish i lived in the US or down under or something so that maybe i could have watched them live and maybe i could’ve met them. 

these two boys mean the world to me and they’re my biggest inspirations at times. their music, which i’ve loved for years, has helped me through so many rough times, it kind of felt like their music was thrumming through my veins and keeping me alive. hugo’s adventure was one of my favourite albums of all time and i had that on repeat for a month back in 2015 before the next month was spent listening to porter’s worlds. seeing them collaborating on the shelter tour together meant so much to me because i’d get to listen to two of my favourite people play together and god bless when i first heard the set, i cried. i cried quite a bit because oh boy i was overwhelmed with pride and happiness and a touch of sadness as well. the moment shelter took off, they became so popular and i kinda felt like my little secret was out. before shelter, i could talk about their music and my friends would stare at me like i was insane, talking about this french kid from nantes and this american dude from north carolina. now it seems like half the people i know have heard about shelter (and it’s just that one song, god it bothers me so much that they haven’t heard the rest of their work)

i hope that sometime in the future, both of them make their way to singapore for a show because i’d do anything to see them. i really just want to tell them in person that they’ve, i can’t find an english word for this so, 陪-ed me through so much when i didn’t have people i could share my burden with. they’ve metaphorically held my hand in the darkness and kept me grounded for the longest periods of time. 

listening, rather watching, their coachella set made me cry again because well crap i could literally feel how happy they were and i was immensely proud and sad because it’s the end of a spectacular era. these two long-haired boys. i’m so proud of them and i really would love to meet them to say a giant thank you. 

honestly, find me a better friendship. i’ll wait. 

(honestly i’ve been trying to study for my papers and all i’ve been listening to is their last show and christ my parents and friends think i’m insane)