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Kinda late B.A.P Inktober prompts
  1. Favourite ugly expression any member has pulled
  2. Your bias in the clothes you’re wearing right now
  3. A moment from your favourite MV 
  4. One of Jongup’s iconic poses 
  5. OT6
  6. Your bias ruiner with your pet/dream pet
  7. Favourite lyric being sung by the member who sings it
  8. Favourite matoki
  9. Your favourite non-group related music (feat. in someone elses song, musical, mixtape solo, appearance on singing show etc)
  10. You favourite bad aegyo by Yongguk
  11. Favourite Heyo TV outfit
  12. Favourite fansign gift given to any member (accessory, food etc)
  13. Redraw a panel from the Matoki Earthventure comics
  14. Favourite album cover art
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOI JUNHONG!!! Any drawing of our maknae Zelo!
  16. Re-design any album art 
  17. Draw album art for a non-title track song
  18. Favourite Youngjae moment
  19. Any or all members as mythical creatures
  20. Your bias eating their favourite food (or your favourite if you’re not sure)
  21. B.A.P dressed as a completely different group 
  22. Pick: Busan Daehyun or Seol Daehyun
  23. Favourite B.A.P friendship with another idol/group
  24. Any member doing your favourite sport - includes martial arts etc (pick a random one if you don’t have one)
  25. Any member as a video game character
  26. Your bias celebrating your country’s traditions somehow (wearing clothes, eating food, dancing etc)
  27. Your bias at their wedding
  28. Favourite fanservice from One Fine Day
  29. Himchan playing any instrument of your choice
  30.  Favourite hair on any member
Genesis Asks

Put a number in my inbox and I will answer that question!

1. What is your favourite Genesis album?
2. What is your favourite Genesis song?
3. Who is your favourite member of the band?
4. Peter or Phil?
5. How many albums do you own?
6. Have you ever seen them live?
7. What is your favourite piece of merchandise that you own?
8. Have you ever met a member of the band?
9. If you could meet a member of the band, which one would you choose?
10. Which member’s solo work do you like the most?
11. Anthony Phillips or Steve Hackett?
12. What is your favourite Genesis music video?
13. Do you have a favourite live recording?
14. Which is your favourite line-up?
15. If you could have a music lesson from one member of the band, who would it be?
16. Which is your favourite album cover?
17. Who do you think made the biggest contribution to the band?
18. Have you ever seen any of the members’ solo projects live?
19. Which of Peter’s costumes do you like the most?
20. From Genesis to Revelation or Calling All Stations?
21. Are there any albums that you haven’t listened to?
22. Have you ever made fan art/fan fiction for the band?
23. Have you ever sent a fan letter to a member of the band?
24. How long have you been a fan?
25. How did you get into their music?
26. Which was the first album you listened to?
27. Which five songs would you recommend to someone who had never listened to them before?
28. Which tour do you wish you could have seen?
29. Have you read any of the band member biographies?
30. What is your favourite lyric of theirs?
31. If Genesis reunited and you could either have a tour or a new album, which would you choose?
32. What is the rarest piece of merchandise that you own?
33. Do you have all of the Abacab variant covers?
34. What is your favourite anecdote or fact about the band?
35. If you could spend the day with your favourite band member, what would you do?
36. Who do you think is the most attractive member of the band?
37. Which album do you like the least?
38. If you could erase one song from their back catalogue, which would it be?
39. What is your favourite b-side?
40. What is your favourite instrumental track?
41. How many different formats do you own their music on (vinyl, cassette, CD, etc.)?
42. What is your favourite photo of the band?
43. Are you active in any fan communities?
44. Do you have an autograph from anyone in the band?
45. Who is your least favourite member of the band?

Animal Crossing 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 1. Draw your town flag

Day 2. Draw your character

Day 3. Draw your favourite villager

Day 4. Draw your least favourite villager

Day 5. Draw a villager that you didn’t think you’d get so attached to but you did

Day 6. Draw your favourite NPC (s)

Day 7. Draw your least favorite NPC (s)

Day 8. Draw your favorite bug

Day 9. Draw your least favorite bug

Day 10. Draw your favourite fish

Day 11. Draw your least favorite fish

Day 12. Draw your favourite shop

Day 13. Draw your character wearing your favourite in-game outfit

Day 14. Draw your character in the outfit you have on right now

Day 15. Draw tour favourite K.K. Slider album cover

Day 16. Draw your character with their best friend

Day 17. Free day! Draw whatever AC thing you want to!

Day 18. Draw tour character fishing

Day 19. Draw your character visiting the island

Day 20. Draw your character catching bugs

Day 21. Draw tour favourite villager in the outfit you have on right now

Day 22. Draw your character at The Roost

Day 23. Draw your character playing in your favorite season

Day 24. Draw your character eating your favourite AC fruit

Day 25. Draw your character finding Gulliver on the beach

Day 26. Draw your favourite NPC in the outfit you have on right now

Day 27. Draw Isabelle finally having the day of relaxation she deserves

Day 28.  Draw something you’d like to see in a future AC game. (could be a fish,bug,clothes,villager,etc)

Day 29. Draw your character at a K.K. Slider concert

Day 30. Draw your character and all of your villagers having fun (could be a picnic,at a carnival,etc)

BONUS! Do You Have Any AC Pairings? If So Draw Them!

Gorillaz Voice Meme

BY plasticbeeach.tumblr.com
*This was made for fun and enjoyment. You can ignore a question entirely and just do what you are comfortable with. You can record a video or MP3 file.*

• State your name and URL
• How old are you?
• Where are you from?
• Pronounce some names, words & quotes: Murdoc Niccals, 2-D, Noodle, Russel Hobbs, Cyborg Noodle, Demon Days, Plastic Beach, Pink Stink Fish, “It’s my band!”, Kong Studios, 212 Wobble Street, “It’s like a wizard portal!”, Ocean Bacon, “Hail Satan!”, “Get the cool shoeshine!”, Feel Good, Paula Cracker, The Boogeyman, “It’s dare!”, Rock the House, Del the Ghost Rapper, Clint Eastwood, “Keep it chilly, ‘cos everything is cool!”, White Light, Swan Scone, Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach, Dirty Harry, Stylo, Superfast Jellyfish, “I’m feeling very blah blah blah”, Cortez, Summfink, Rise of the Ogre, Doncamatic, Stuart Pot, Do Ya Thing, “The future is coming on”, “I can’t kill it, look, it’s all slippery!”.
• Try and make a Murdoc grunt or noise!
• How long have you been a Gorillaz fan?
• How did you discover Gorillaz?
• Have you seen Gorillaz live?
• Do you own any Gorillaz merchindise?
• Your favourite album?
• Your favourite album cover?
• Name your favourite character and why you like them?
• What is something you associate with them?
• Favourite Gorillaz phase?
• Favourite song?
• Favourite music video?
• Can you sing a Gorillaz song now?
• Where would you rather live? Kong Studios, Plastic Beach or 212 Wobble Street?
• Are you excited for the new Gorillaz album in 2016?
• Who would you like Gorillaz to collaborte with?
• Can you do an impression of a band member?
• Favourite Gorillaz quote?
• Why is Murdoc so green?
• Finally, tell us a thought, fact or just tell us something Gorillaz-related!
• Tag anyone!


Send up to 5 #s and specify classic rock, or metal (or both) related answers.


1. Favourite male singer
2. Favourite female singer
3. Favourite guitarist
4. Favourite bassist
5. Favourite drummer
6. A musician you have a crush on
7. Concerts you’ve been to
8. A song you listen to when you’re sad
9. A song you listen to when you’re cheerful
10. A musician you’d like to meet
11. A collaboration or cover between artists you love
12. Favourite live dvd
13. Oldest band you listen to
14. Youngest band you listen to
15. The longest song you love
16. A song that always makes you cry
17. A band that introduced you to its genre
18. A band that both you and a parent like
19. A band that made you meet someone you love
20. An album you want to own
21. A band that helps you get through the day
22. A song you listen to when it snows
23. A song you listen to when it rains
24. A band that’s a guilty pleasure
25. The last album you listened to
26. Your favourite love song
27. The next concert you’re going to
28. Most dramatic song title
29. An artist that has inspired you
30. A band you would want to see live but can’t
31. If you could join a band onstage what would it be
35. Favourite piece of band clothing
36. A song to exercise to
37. Can you give me a playlist for (you choose)?
38. A song to use as an alarm clock
39. A nostalgic song
40. An album you can listen to all the way through
41. A band you want to make more music
42. Favourite album cover artist
43. A band thats the same age as you
44. A song to listen to in nature
45. An album that you can’t be interrupted while listening to
46. First five songs on shuffle
47. A song to listen to when your angry
48. A song you have to dance/headbang to
49. A band who’s language you wish you understood
50. A band you would like to take a photoshoot of or with

inktober prompt list

so ive decided im going to do inktober this year (we’ll see how well that’s gonna turn out, oh god!)

anyways, this is the prompt list ive made for myself because I couldn’t find one that I particularly wanted to follow, feel free to follow this as well if you want! (btw, some of these are kinda vague, so if you do them, interpret them as you wish!)

1. an oc

2. hogwarts au (for any fandom)

3. favourite disney princess

4. someone in tim burton style

5. an outfit

6. favourite pokemon

7. a dinosaur

8. flowers

9. favourite disney prince

10. wings

11. an otp

12. eyes

13. favourite villain

14. an album cover

15. an animal from a disney movie

16. a dead character

17. plants

18. a character from a musical

19. best friends

20. something from greek mythology

21. a cat

22. something related to studio ghibli

23. space

24. water

25. hands

26. a city

27. your star sign

28. hair

29. something you would throw away

30. dance poses

31. halloween costume

10 Favourite Album Covers

I was tagged by thelittlewhitecrown, ty!
I tag systern32 daniandpuffins hail-krillie noahmeadmusic burgermitai luvil  polygonhearted nimasm

Pamyu Pamyu Revolution - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Another Eternity - Purity Ring

Worlds - Porter Robinson

Aimai Elegy - Deco*27

Adventure - Madeon

Endless Fantasy - Anamanaguchi

Folie á Deux - Fall Out Boy

Zion - Savant

Diorama - Kenshi Yonezu

Touhou Nengara Nenjuu - IOSYS

This is the clear modular synthesizer from the booklet of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories the right way round. It was built by the synthesizer production company Modcan and used by Daft Punk to produce the album.

I found it was a big deal that Adrien asked for Marinette’s autograph. We found out during the Valentine’s Day episode that he doesn’t like signing stuff…. but he excitedly wants Marinette’s autograph for designing his favourite artist’s new album cover. That pretty much implies, in some way, he see’s her as a celebrity figure. 

I headcanon that Adrien fanboys over Marinette’s work as an artist just as much as she fangirls over his work as a model!