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I'm really curious why you don't draw the DP logo now :D if you don't mind, could you explain it?

*breathes a big chunk of air* My time has come

It’s not that, I don’t like it or something. The DP logo is actually pretty neat, I fully approve it as a graphic designer. But as a phan… it kind of annoys me, and this is why:

1) The only reason they put it on Danny’s chest is merchandising. Every brand needs a logo, so they did it. There’s not a good reason for that logo to be there, plotwise, so I can’t take it seriously. 

2) “Memory Blank” basically rewrote the origin story, so from that episode onwards, every time we hear the opening, well… that’s not how it really happened, isn’t it? The DP  logo is proof that the origin we all know and love is canon no more.

3) “Memory blank” send to garbage every headcanon about Danny’s power level growth, because he became halfa at least months after his “first time”. So every time he gets better with his powers, it’s just him learning how to use powers he already has. It may be not that bad for someone, but I looove those headcanons about powers growth :( 

Aaaand this is it. All my pointless pettyness explained. Every time i draw a logoless Danny, you all know that he is from an AU where “Memory blank” never happened and I’m happy v.v

@claudiahimsa literally ALL the time, from day 1 like….Steve is literally like “I don’t need a partner or a team thanks governor” and then he mEETS DANIEL AND HE’S LIKE “on second thought, i will take the job but only if he’s with me” AND BY THE END OF THE FIRST EPISODE HE’S FUCKIN….PAYING FOR DANNY AND GRACE TO STAY IN A NICE HOTEL SO SHE CAN SWIM WITH DOLPHINS. I have to lie down they’re too much in S1E1 alone, let alone the next 7 seasons.

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Your arc ranking?

Mmm, that’s a tough question, but I’d say

  1. Campania arc (my absolute favourite arc)
  2. Curry arc (I miss Agni and Soma… (T_T))
  3. Circus arc
  4. Weston arc
  5. Jack the Ripper arc
  6. Green Witch arc (it had some thriliing moments but the overall pacing was so slow (*_*))
  7. Murder arc
  8. Kidnapping arc

I left out the current arc because it’s not finished yet, but if the 2CT gets revealed in this arc, then it will probably rank 3rd in my ranking! (≧▽≦)

Happy Miss Marple Monday Everyone!

Joan as Miss Marple in A Pocketful Of Rye (1985)