favourite 4eva

Information about Brendon Urie (from his own words) gathered from the SiriusXM Hits 1 Twitter Q and A (29/06/2016):

• His favourite superhero is: Iron Man
His Hogwarts house is: Slytherin
He loves Game Of Thrones
His favourite Weezer song is: Say It Aint So 4eva
His favourite pizza topping is: Pepperoni
His favourite cereal is: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
His favourite Beatles member is: Paul
He wishes he had written “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen
His favourite SiriusXM station (apart from SiriusXM Hits 1) is: Alt Nation or Seriously Sinatra
This Is Gospel is one of his favourite music videos he has made
His favourite junk food to eat on tour is: Pirates Booty
He finds touring with Weezer “unbelievable” and “a dream come true”
If he was a dinosaur he would be: a Stegosaurus or a T-Rex
His favourite drink is: Beer
When asked about writing a book, he said “maybe in 10 years” where he has more stories to tell
His favourite part about travelling is waking up in a new city and playing a show
The most vocally straining song on the album Death Of A Bachelor is: Emperor’s New Clothes
His favourite meme is: Dat Boi
Touring with Weezer is by far his favourite tour so far
If he wasn’t a musician he would be playing in the streets
His favourite instrument to play is the drums as he gets energy out with it
His favourite song to perform live is: Death Of A Bachelor
He is proud to have recorded a studio version of the band’s Bohemian Rhapsody