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I love the concept that keith has the physical compulsion to tickle lance like he NEEDS to. Imagine if he pissed shiro off somehow, or he screwed up a mission, and shiro decides to punish him by tying him up to a chair and forcing him to watch him tickling lance but he can't join in (and he cant even touch himself lol). And lance loves it so it's no punishment for him he can stand it for hours he gets off on it. Slightly evil shiro is my favourire thing.

resilient needy lee lance is my jAM and keith’s fingers literally TWITCH with the need to tickle him sometimes and shiro knows this is the perfect punishment for keith, and lance doesn’t even need to be tied up he just stretches across shiro’s lap and he’s giggling and teasing keith when he can catch his breath like “my ribs are suPER ticklish today, more than usual  - ah, i bet you wish you could help shiro, huh?” and shiro rolls his eyes and ties lance up anyways for being a provoking little shit and decides to punsih both of them at once

and keith’s like “shiro i could… i could help you, cmon, fuck i cant stand just watching im going to explode” and he’s all sweaty and shaking and his eyes are fixed on shiro’s fingers scraping down the curve of lance’s waist and keith sees lance shiver and giggle and hes just dying oh god

and shiros just smiling all sweet and Evil cause he has both of these boys exactly where he wants them ehe

Day 3- Your favorite male character (G1).

Spinner and Craig. I really felt for these two characters. When we first met Craig and his dad was abusive, I remember being really upset and sad for him. And as we got to see his character grow, I probably felt every emotion towards him. I’ve been mad at this character, I’ve  been sad for him, upset, happy, betrayed… everything. That’s why he is my favourite though. You don’t have to like everything about the character, but you’ve stayed with them the whole way because you knew they would find their way. 

And the same goes for Spinner. He has been through everything. Probably the toughest parts for me to watch him go through was when he told Jimmy that it was his fault that he got shot, and the aftermath of the that. And also when he started fighting after he found out he had cancer. His character, like Craig’s, has made me feel every emotion towards him. I’ve agreed with some of his choices, and I’ve hated him at times for other ones, but in the end, he was okay… and that’s why he is my favourite.