From Gastroposter Maria Zychowicz:

We know Asia, Caribbean and British Curry but Africa has the most varied curries in the world ….with of course the exception of India. This is my most cherished vegetarian recipe for curry. The recipe calls for slow cooker but in 30-45 min can be ready on top of the stove. And it’s served in baked eggplant boat.

From Gastroposter Sara Verk:

Lentil curry with mushrooms and onions is a rich and hearty high-fibre vegetarian dish served as a main course makes a very substantial meal best enjoyed with fragrant basmati rice, naan or both #gastropost #favourcurry

From Gastroposter Eileen Fernandez, via Instagram:

Worth the wait. Tender nuggets of beef may look like the bounty in a miners pan but beef rendang delivers payday. 2-3 hours of braising harmonizes beef and spices; add steamed rice and lightly dressed kale to complete this Indonesian style curry

From Gastroposter Sara Verk:

Chickpea curry is a quick and easy dish packed with healthy ingredients. This dish is even better if made in advance, allowing the many layers of flavors to develop

From Gastroposter Janet Malowany:

There are too many curries to try. Innumerable combinations of beans, vegetables and spices. This is what we ate recently: Goan Black Eyed Pea Curry with Coconut and Tomatoes