A few of my favorite things...

I like ordering new things off the menu.
Exploring hidden places and cafes.
Trying new blends of coffee.
Shopping around for the perfect planner for the upcoming year.
Smiling at strangers who I make eye contact with.
Helping the elderly get on the bus.
Waking up before the sun rises.
Riding the bus everyday with the same passengers.
Eating my mom’s home-cooked meal.
Calling my dad everyday and greeting him when he comes home after 2 weeks.
Making plans with my friends to visit new places.
Knowing the answer to a question which none of my other classmates know the answer to.
Being greeted by my dog when I come home.
The fresh smell of clean laundry.
Making rice.
Listening to new music and falling in love with it.
Crying because of a movie.
Pretending that I’m an Iron Chef while making food.
That feeling I get after riding the Tower of Terror. Not a sick feeling but a “damn I actually rode it!”
Hearing my sister telling me that she misses me and that she loves me.
Being told that someone is grateful to have me as their friend.
The smell of fried chicken whenever I pass by Pico & La Brea.
This week’s weather.

A felicidade vem pela manhã
Estou tão feliz por você continuar me apaixonando
Eu não quero mais morrer
Eu não quero mais morrer
De qualquer forma, você deve saber que eu sou naturalmente triste
Ah, isso é um milagre
—  Phillip Long