I’m really interested to know what the people I follow are listening to. So I figured if I share my favorite song of the week every Friday hopefully you guys will do it too and we can make it a thing. Let’s call it #FavoriteSongFridays - For my first one, I’ve been listening to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” (feat. Bruno Mars) all day every day since it came out. You’re missing out on some history being made if you haven’t heard it yet. YOUR TURN. GO.💃

Wow. I’m SO behind on uploading my work. So sorry about that. I just finished finals at the end of last week, and I’m still getting settled in at home and helping out with stuff around the house, so life has been hectic the last few days.

Here is the belated #favoritesongfridays tune from the 13th. It’s “Room With No Windows” by The Maine. 

I chose this song for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this song comes from The Maine’s new acoustic EP Imaginary Numbers that came out Tuesday the 10th of this month. So I wanted to do a song from that EP and this song was my favorite from it. Not to mention, this past Friday was my birthday, so what better way to celebrate my Friday the 13th birthday than to chose a song by my favorite band from today?


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuc-VrSXknA)

Favorite Song Friday!!! James Bay: Wait in Line

I love this song because I can relate to the lyrics a lot.


This is the first in a series that I will be continuing hopefully through the end of the year. This project is called #FavoriteSongFridays. Every Friday I will pick a favorite song of mine, illustrate it, color it, and post it! This is a way for me to combine many of my favorite things: illustration, hand typography, coloring, and music. Maybe this can also become a way for those that keep up with my artwork to discover some amazing songs and artists! This particular illustration is for the song “When I’m Gone” by A Rocket to the Moon. The artist featured is their lead singer Nick Santino. This was created with a fine tipped artist pen, and watercolor pencils.


This week’s #FavoriteSongFridays tune is “Time” by Pink Floyd. It is made with watercolors and colored pencil. I did watercolors for the background, trying to create a space/nebula feel and then drew the type on top with color pencil. My main inspiration for this came from seeing the Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” laser show this past Saturday night at my local planetarium. I wanted to create an eerie feel that still held to the feel of the song, and maybe reminisced the theme as well.

This week’s tune is “Wicked Game” by The Technicolors. This has quickly become one of my most played songs as of late. The song is so gorgeous sounding and I wanted to play with making typography that gave the same feeling  I had when listening to it. Definitely give it a listen if you haven’t yet. 
I made this initially in my sketchbook with sharpie pen, then digitalized it on the computer and added color.