• I'm torn between shipping Ezria and being skeptical of it because it's so obvious that Aria does love Ezra, and despite Jake, she would still choose him I think. (Despite that he could be A). But the thing is, I have my doubts on that too. And Ezra does seem to actually have legitimate feelings for Aria and I think he did from the start and so I don't actually think he does want to hurt Aria, but of course the writers are probably going to whip something out and make me cry but regardless, I fucking love Ezra personally and I hope that he and Aria will get back together. Ezria was the first ship I liked, so I hope it patches back together. That's just me.

For yesterday: Star Wars Challenge (Day 6) - Favorite Type of Ship or Specific Ship: BARC Speeder Bike

Although it’s not technically a ship, it is a mode of transportation and it’s always been my favorite vehicle in the Star Wars Saga. I spend plenty of time riding my bike so if I were part of the Star Wars Universe, this is what I’d be riding #starwars #30daychallenge #favoriteship #speederbike