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i love your neighbour aus so much so can you do one for minhyuk when you have time to?

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), kihyun (here) , shownu (here) & im (here)

  • adorable boy whose known by literally everyone because if you see him in the elevator or getting the mail he has a funny joke to tell or does something just to get you to smile,,,,
  • his personality is so warm and inviting it’s hard to miss him
  • because he’s probably laughing out loud, walking with a skip in his step, or just being cute with the neighborhood kids or the puppy waiting for their owner outside of the store
  • his apartment reflects his cuteness, but also his messiness
  • like he choose cute pink and blue bed sheets and covered his laptop keyboard in stickers ??? probably has plushies that sit on his windowsill and fairy lights over his headboard
  • but also,,,,,,dishes piled up in the sink and candy wrappers on his bedroom floor
  • changkyun, kihyun, and jooheon once came over to play video games and when they asked for minhyuk to give them some slippers he only had one pair + one slipper from a missing pair??
  • this is how he lives his life 
  • but it’s fine he manages to leave his house looking fluffy and cute everyday
  • and when his brother visits he’s like “everyone kept telling me to say hi to you??? how do you know the mailman??” and minhyuk is like oH because i told him that joke about the chicken
  • and literally like,,,,,minhyuk brightens up the neighborhood he really does
  • fun fact: couldn’t keep the plant shownu got him alive longer than a week so he replaced it before shownu came over again and said “look how it’s grown,,,,,i take care of it like my own child :’)”
  • shownu: i bought you an orchid,,,,that’s a carnation 
  • you’re minhyuk’s neighbor and ofc you know him and he’s told you countless jokes and you always like seeing him because he cheers you up no matter what
  • but you’re not like,,,,,,friends
  • mostly because he seems to have soOOO many of them????? you once even bumped into mark, someone you knew from work, who also knew minhyuk like wOW he’s a popular guy???
  • and it’s the weekend so you see minhyuk hauling huGE bags from the party store to his apartment and you’re like oooo he must be celebrating with his friends
  • but come like ten pm,,,,you hear a knock on your door and you open it to see minhyuk there,,,,party hat on his head but a very??? sad look on his face
  • and you’re like “??? is everything ok???” and minhyuk’s like “you’re the only other person on this floor who is close to my age,,,and i literally have a pinata in my apartment,,,,but no one to break it with because all of my friends CANCELED ON ME
  • and you’re like omfg why??? and minhyuk shrugs and says something about one of them having to go to see his significant other instead and then everyone else just deciding to bail or be lazy and stay home
  • and you’re like,,,im sorry
  • and minhyuk is like !!! don’t be,,,,,,im over it but ,,,,,,,here 
  • and he passes you a party hat and with a smile he takes your hand and he’s like “let’s go break that pinata?”
  • and that’s how you end up blindfolded, a bat in hand, minhyuk’s voice guiding you through his living room
  • and he keeps saying left left but you end up bumping into a wall and you’re like im sorry!! to the wall which leaves minhyuk cackling
  • and you’re like diD YOU LEAD ME in the wRONG DirECtiOn on PURPOSE
  • and minhyuk is like mAYBE,,,,,
  • but then he walks over and you feel his hands on your shoulders and he’s like “let me help you for real this time!!” 
  • and you’re like ok,,,,but also his hands,,,,are so warm and big
  • and he’s moving you gently toward the pinata and he’s like ok it’s right there - swing!
  • and he says it against your ear and you swallow but you swing and you feel your bat hit something and minhyuk’s clapping
  • and when you open it you see the candy spilling out and you turn to minhyuk and grin and you both sit down and pick your favorites
  • and you’re going to take a chocolate bar, but minhyuk gets it first and you pout because,,,it’s your favorite kind of candy,,
  • but minhyuk notices and before you pick another one up, he takes you by the wrist and drops the candy in your palm with a smile
  • and minhyuk shows you the bubble machine he bought and you guys turn it on and see who can pop more of the bubbles ,,,,, laughing the whole time and you eat all the snacks he bought
  • mixing the chips, the candy, the soda, and minhyuk takes out the beer but you’re like,,,,, i wISh i have work tomorrow!!! and minhyuk is like i understand i understand
  • but then the karaoke machine comes out and you both end up standing up on his sofa spilling out all your strength into singing along to your favorite songs
  • and as you’re singing, minhyuk gets off the sofa and pulls you down too and starts moving you,,,dancing with you and  you’re giggling, dropping the mic
  • until minhyuk snags himself against the coffee table and he topples over with you ontop of him but you’re still both laughing and minhyuk goes “this is,,,,,,,a great date,,,,,”
  • and you stop, almost choking on your laugh because da???te????
  • and minhyuk is like H sorry,,,i just,,,,i felt like that’s what it turned into,,,,
  • you wanna open your mouth but you know ,,,, you’re still like literally sitting on his hips and you get off,,,, looking around embarrassingly and minhyuk is like aH I ,,, made this awkward
  • but you don’t want him to just think you’re not interesting so you’re like “ac,,,,actually this,,,,could be a first date,,,,but will there be a second one,,,?
  • and you see the bright smile return to minhyuk’s face and he coyly like takes a chip off the table and shrugs and you’re like kghfjsed don’t leave me hanging
  • but he leans over suddenly and is like “second date,,,,,,,,,,,,how about the movies?” 

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Solangelo fic recs?

There are so many I enjoy, so I’m just going to name a few of my favorites

  • and then they come unstuck by cappers (x
  • Romeo and Juliet - Staring Will Solace and Nico di Angelo by jsuislfrost (x)
  • Staccatto by thereshaegoes (x)
  • water splashing and sun shinin’ by Rosyredlipstick (x)
  • L’aura e tua messaggera by Rosyredlipstick (x)

These were the first fics that came to mind. Enjoy! (if anyone on this list wants to be removed, contact me and let me know)

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What is your one of your favorite art pieces by Hewlett? I recognize the art that you did as his M16 Assault Lolly. I personally like his Honey X Erotica posters and his Trisha art.

Oh man, where to start….

I absolutelly LOVE his Tarot Designs he did and exposed at the Woodward Gallery in NYC (The exposition was called ‘The Suggestionists’)

My favorite pieces definitely are La Force and Le Monde

I also REALLY admire his work with edition and photography. It’s absolutely gorgeous and inspiring.

Here are some of my favorites

And finally, his sketches. OH GOD his sketches. They are tremendously professional; clean, precise and god-like. 

So yeah, if I were to pick my favorite artist that would definitely be Jamie Hewlett. AND NOT ONLY BECAUSE HE IS THE CO-CREATOR OF THE GORILLAZ. He is MUCH MORE than that. Please, everyone, acknowledge his art in general! Not always Gorillaz-related stuff!

(Plus, almost every beautiful piece can be found at his instagram! He is pretty active there! -Way more than Damon *laughs*-) 

so anyway, i made another one of my tequila-and-juice drinks and i was watching the princess bride and i realized

of all the princesses in the princess genre, buttercup is one of my freakin favorites

and like

i know there are whole essays written about her and how she’s so passive and damsel in distress and yada yada

i know that

but shh


yes she is kind of passive

and yes she spends most of the movie as a damsel who is in distress

but listen


loses the love of her life

swears to never love again

is chosen to be a prince’s bride and made a princess, a position she was not born to and the book says she had to spend MONTHS studying and preparing for with the etiquette and the politics–her parents were probably rich and landed gentry, but she grew up in the COUNTRY on a FARM ok it’s a high stress situation and she doesn’t even have the benefit of loving the dude she’s going to be married to AND she seems to have been chosen purely because she is beautiful and beloved by the people (WHO IT SEEMS SHE IS TOTALLY ISOLATED FROM) (AND we as the audience know that humperdink chose her PURELY because he could EASILY MURDER HER and people would be OUTRAGED enough to go to WAR)

THEN she’s kidnapped

nearly eaten by eels

dragged up a terrifyingly high cliff on the back of a giant

and so on

so like, people say she was too passive and should have fought back or whatever (SHE DOVE OFF A BOAT INTO EEL-INFESTED WATERS WHILE MILES FROM SHORE AND ONLY A VAGUE SUGGESTION THAT MAYBE THE MYSTERIOUS SHIP FOLLOWING THEM MIGHT BE TRYING TO RESCUE HER AND I THINK ALSO HER HANDS WERE TIED AND SHE WAS IN A REALLY LONG AND GENERALLY ENCUMBERING DRESS WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT) but like, where would she have gotten the training the knowledge or even the simple ABILITY to fight of a GIANT (even a really nice rhyming one) and a MASTER SWORDSMAN (even a really nice one)

so no

buttercup is not an idiot. she knows she has no hope of escape on her own and her job is to be rescued. that is the roll given to her by her situation and by the narrative. yes, she in a damsel, yes, she is in distress, yes, she would like to be rescued

but you know what else buttercup is?

she is proud and she is brave (compared to SOME, vizzini, OOH BURN) and though she is frightened (as anyone fucking would be) she doesn’t let her kidnappers see it she quips back and she holds her head high and yeah she goes along with them placidly enough but ALWAYS with this fantastic ATTITUDE that tells them EXACTLY what she thinks of them (she thinks they’re scum and vizzini is an asshole)


right? she gets the love of her life back, like back from the DEAD, and after years of living with the trauma of losing him she finally allows herself to FEEL ACTUAL EMOTIONS again. HE is the one who she will let see her frightened and vulnerable and yeah she’ll follow him into the fire swamp even though doesn’t think they’ll ever survive and yeah she’ll rally from getting SET ON FIRE and falling into a DEATH TRAP and fighting off GIANT FUCKING RODENTS. and the love of her life is gonna crack wise through it all, sure, fine, she’s hopelessly in love with a lunatic, ok, whatever.

agreeing to go back with humperdink was, admittedly, a lapse in judgement.

but she’s still not an idiot, ok? she knows EXACTLY what humperdink will do to wesley if she refuses, and at this point she still believes in the prince’s honor enough to think he’ll actually let wesley go.

i don’t really think she can be blamed for that. she does’t ever see humperdink’s true nature until the day before their wedding, when she realizes he never sent the messengers like he promised, and she tears him down so completely and so ruthlessly that he snaps and loses his cool in front of her for the first time ever and drags her off (presumably to lock her in her room, keep her out of the way until the wedding)

so now

buttercup finds herself trapped. she is being forced to marry a powerful man she has no means of fighting against, and if she doesn’t believe her true love to be dead she must strongly suspect that he’s been prevented from coming for her somehow because she can’t conceive of any situation where he simply WOULDN’T come if he could (he came back from the DEAD for her, practically, why would he fail to come NOW, so soon after they’ve been reunited)

to say nothing of the murder war conspiracy plot against HER that she knows nothing about.

she still doesn’t falter. she doesn’t cry, or beg, or anything like that. she has stated her terms very plainly, either humperdink brings wesley back to her or she’ll kill herself, and that is exactly what she’s prepared to do.

so yeah.

buttercup knows that she is not very smart or very strong. she’s not a battle princess or anything like that–i’d wager she barely thinks of herself as a princess at all because, again, it’s not a position she was born to or properly prepared for. she seems to spend most of her life feeling in over her head and everyone, even wesley, underestimates her.

but i still love her

because she holds her head high and doesn’t ever let her enemies believe that she is cowed or afraid, even when she’s at their mercy


this has been an overly long ramble about the princess bride

thank you

six hundred and twenty five: thirteen of thirty

One time, a boy checked out a book from the library for me
because I wanted to read it. Half a year later,
after he had paid for my dinners and whispered against my mouth,
I asked him if he loved me. When he said no, I hung up the phone
and sat in the growing darkness of my living room.

One guy used to read all of my poetry. He picked out his favorites
and told me, enthusiastically which pieces were not my best.
In the winter, he told me I looked too sad and poked the space
of my dimples until I laughed. In the spring, he glanced at me quickly,
in passing, the way we all look at our shadows.

I dated someone who cried when I cried. He hated my nightmares
and wanted me to sleep in his bed. At night, when he jerked awake,
I’d kiss the dip of his collarbone. When the sun started rising earlier,
he told me I could keep his comforter. And I burrowed myself,
like bear, eyes too tender to see the light.

The summer I was single, someone told me how hot I was.
I was falling out of love like I was losing my baby fat.
By that I mean, it’s never one season for too long.
By that I mean, if you look closely,  you can still see it on my face.
Hey – if you don’t see me, you’re not looking. I am not fading into anything.

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Slices of life - Sammy Kane chatfic

So this is 4K of IGAL chatfic snippets featuring:

- Sam Kane’s feelings about dogs
- Sam Kane’s feelings about babies
- Sam Kane and his father making ice cream
- Kaner being a proprietary mofo about his hotass husband
- Sam Kane encounters curry
- J Toews loses a bet but comes out ahead ~sexually~ speaking
- Bicks undermining 1988’s parenting
- Sam Kane is awful at being sick
- Spoilers for a major character in IGAL-verse epilogues that will be clearly marked if you don’t want to read them

(Disclaimer: our chatfics tend to be really ridic and full of feelings about domestic hockey players and dogs and babies. You know what you’re in for if you click)

Keep reading