azraelreaperx  asked:

Say what you will about KR the First, but at least it's better than the garbage horror cash-in the Next was.

We do not talk about The Next.  

There is a decent Kamen Rider movie in there… about 30 minutes worth of one buried in a pretty substandard J-Horror film.  Such a disappointment, especially with it being the introduction of a modern Kamen Rider V3… which they had be a villain to start with.


anonymous asked:

What would the 104th and Vets favorite movies be? Would Eren like corny films?

Mikasa: Leon- The Professional
Reiner: Three Kings 
Bertholdt: Jaws
Annie: American Beauty
Eren: Toy Story
Armin: Alien
Jean: Deadpool
Marco: Singin in the rain
Sasha: Poltergeist
Connie: Grease
Historia: Snow white and the seven dwarfs
Ymir: Mulan
Levi: The Baseball Diaries
Mike: Titanic
Erwin: Captain America: First Avenger
Nanaba: The Lover
Moblit: Psycho
Hanji: Mary Poppins
Kenny: The Babadook