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"Who are these women? Does anyone know? I don’t recognize any of them. I want to see my best friend’s big sister, the girls from the soccer team, my next door neighbor, real women who are smart and pretty and happy to be who they are. These are the women to look up to. Let’s put life back into the magazine. And fun and laughter and silliness. I think we all, I think all of us want to feel something that we’ve forgotten or turned our backs on because maybe we didn’t realize how much we were leaving behind. We need to remember what used to be good. If we don’t, we won’t recognize it even if it hits us between the eyes."

My Top 10 Favourite Movies Of All Time

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1. Interstellar

I have never had such a powerful reaction to watching a movie for the first time than I did when I saw Interstellar. I went in expecting the typical Christopher Nolan storytelling and visual effects, but I didn’t expect to come out of the movie in complete awe and feeling more inspired than I ever had in my life. Several times throughout the movie I thought to myself: “This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.” Not only the best movie I have ever seen, but the greatest visual accomplishment I have ever seen.

2. Garden State

Until Interstellar, Garden State spent 10 years at the top of my favourite movie list. Garden State got me through high school, it taught me that it was okay to be quiet and different because there is still a place out there for me. It left me with many quotes and ideologies that are still with me today.

3. The Harry Potter Series

I have probably put 100’s of hours just into watching these wonderful movies, not counting all the times I have read and re-read the books. A Harry Potter marathon has become my Christmas tradition, and I turn to the movies when I am in need of an emotional boost.

4. De Rouille Et D’Os (Rust and Bone)

I spent the first half of this movie in awe of the performances, and most of the second half with my hand over my mouth, holding back tears. Not a movie to be taken lightly, or to watch at any occasion, this movie will make you feel happier and sadder than you ever have before.

5. Beginners

A huge fan of the main trio of actors, I think this movie tells a very good modern love story in a memorable and important way. 

6. Lord of The Rings Trilogy

Watching the Extended Editions of this trilogy may take over 12 hours, but that isn’t long enough for me. I want more Legolas/Gimli bickering, more Liv Tyler speaking Elvish, and more Gandalf quotes.

7. Inglorious Basterds

This became my favourite Tarantino movie as soon as I first saw it. It mixes a unique combination of history, comedy, and foreign language to create an exciting movie that can take 2-3 viewings to pick up on all the subtleties.

8. In Bruges

This movie is the sole reason I want to go to Belgium. Featuring some amazing performances, In Bruges is a movie you can watch several times and laugh at some of the memorable lines each time.

9. Children of Men

Visually and narratively stunning, this was one of the first movies to really get me into the science-fiction genre. Some of the camera work is truly amazing, and makes you feel like the world they created is not only possible, but inevitable.

10. Drive

A quiet and simple movie with little dialogue and not even a first name for the main character, yet it is thrilling from start to finish. It is the first and (so far) only movie I have watched twice in one day.

Honourable Mentions:

Grand Budapest Hotel, Amelie, Blue Valentine, The Secret Life of Walter MittyAway We Go, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Wall-E.

What do you think? Have a top 10 list of your own? Share your list with me!

I cannot understand the fascination conservative Evangelicals have with the movie American Sniper: The Most Lethal Sniper In U.S. History. Recently, I have witnessed what seems like overt idol worship for the late Chris Kyle, whose killings are highlighted in the film. There is a particular affinity for him and the movie in which he is portrayed in the Bible study I attend for this essay project. This particular congregation, following the lead of their pastor, are quite eager to praise the sniper for his violence. Moreover, they seem insistent on declaring themselves as “sheepdogs”, rather than Christ’s “sheep”. If this is not idolization, I am not quite sure what is. Idolatry, while tantalizing, remains an enormous problem in American Christianity as a whole. Even further troubling is the idolatry of sacred violence, which is blatantly anti-Christ in nature.