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I love how this episode finally showed us how much of an unreliable narrator Yuri has been like… The first ep we saw showed him last year chickening out in front of Victor and running away, thinking he’d spoiled his chance to meet his idol. Then this episode comes out and it’s like…. boy no you got drunk, had a dance off that included mostly-nude pole dancing, then begged Victor to coach you as he flat out fell for you like Russian Icarus getting too close to the light in your eyes


tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 

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I can't get over how jongin looks at kyungsoo??? It's like he's the only person he looks at like that.

I know Nini looks at other too, BUT the way he looks at Soo is smth entirely different!! Soo could literally just be standing there doing nth, and Nini would still be staring at him. His eyes are a lot more intense and there’s this little glint in them ;_; and if you look up “heart eyes” in the dictionary you’d find a pick of Nini’s eyes when he’s casting loving looks at Soo T__________T


^we know nini.. we know

^he gotta stare at his hyung so hard that he looks behind everyone else xD

^that time nini flirted with soo like crazy and got told off xD aka “kicked puppy love stares”

^totally normal bro stares 

I have a tag for nini and his “heart eyes” here ->> (x)

But there’s A LOT MORE under the cut 

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Fallout 2 - warm up portraits.

Oh man, i really enjoyed this set. Not only one of my favorite games ever and forever, but also so many various face types in there, it was a real pleasure.

Added captions for those, since not all characters had their in-game portraits.

Cheers <3

PS.: I still remember all the feels i had during the talk with President Richardson. The moment when he talks about Vaults and FEV might be the exact moment i fell in love with video games. Thank You, Interplay <3


I stared at him wordlessly.
“What?” he whispered.
I shook my head in awe. “Nothing,” I mouthed.


— Like God, you mean? That might be pleasurable in its own way, but unfortunately I’m not into being an umpire or a referee, as I can’t genuinely enjoy the game unless I’m part of it. And I love this game that people call “life” from the bottom of my heart. That’s why I’d like to continue to participate in it as a player, forever and ever.
10 requests. #08 - Psycho Pass + Favorite Episode asked by @theshipthatneversetsail

Royai Fanfic Masterpost

Hey guys! So I asked if y’all would be interested in a masterpost of all my Royai in chronological order, and you said yes! It’s not necessarily the order in which I posted them, but the order in which they happen in the FMAB timeline :) 

I’ll update this list as I add more things to it, but for now, here’s all my Royai in order! The bolded items are the major plot points or events that happen either in my headcanons or in Mangahood :)

Stars - Royai Week 2016

J/10. Teach me how to play?

Warmth (first part)

AE/31. In awe, the first time you realized it

the call 

Roy goes to the military academy

Roy comes back, Berthold dies, and Riza gives Roy flame alchemy

Roy and Riza meet in Ishval

Ishval war ends


Hughes’ death

i will try to fix you

Transfer to Central

O/15. Loud, so everyone can hear.




Lab Three incident, Roy kills Lust

Could you write some Royai?

Bradley reassigns Riza

V/22. Muffled, from the other side of the door

Pride is revealed

call to arms

Promised Day

“You’re worth any fight”

7) “Oh gosh, no, I didn’t mean that. Forgive me, please.”

some nights


Warmth (second half)

Roy gets his eyesight back

Royai some type of sweet surprise?

AI/35. You heard me. Take. It. Off.

stay with me for the-cookie-alchemist

Y/25. In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep

Roy and Riza get married

at last

Mistletoe for kahasyn

“Thank you for always being here for me”

Roy is elected as Fuhrer

N/14. Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.




supernatural aesthetics: castiel

“You don’t have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom. And I still believe that’s something worth fighting for.”


[ Never Ending List of Favorite Characters ] The Heroes of Olympus (2010) -

“Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means that you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed.”

Counting Sheep [Binwoo Fluff]

Group: ASTRO
Pairing: Binwoo/Soap (Moonbin and Eunwoo)
Genre: Fluffiest fluff there ever was
Length: Oneshot; 805 words

Summary: Sleepy Bin is a stubborn Bin. 

A/N: i was thinking about this last night and thought about it too hard that i couldn’t keep it in my head so now it’s down in writing - can you tell im actually dying because of soap these two are just too cute ugh
its just straight up fluff. fluffy soap for those late night feels
also read it on ao3 here!

Lying down has never felt so good, Moonbin thought to himself as he crashed among the stuffed animals and blankets on the bed, his skin still tingling from the sensation of a hot shower after a long day. He reveled in the feeling of relief for some time, relaxing his muscles and stretching as far as he could across the sheets. Practice went later than usual today, and they had only gotten back to the dorms half an hour ago, which, according to Sanha, had been 2:46 in the morning (“Thank god this rice cooker has a glowing clock!”). They had pushed themselves harder than usual, going through their new dance routine on repeat for the last two hours until the words of the song blurred together in their heads.  At that point the dance was practically committed to muscle memory, but their choreographer had made them run through it five more times before they were allowed to end for the night. Everything had to be perfect – of course, they all understood that – but at this point Moonbin didn’t know if he’d be able to feel his limbs in the morning.

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