favorites costumes

sugawaracrowshi  asked:

Just wanted to say that your fem!suga is amazing! I absolutely love the makeup you did for it. I think you did a fantastic job capturing his essence with the locker room shoot. I really admire you as a cosplayer both for your skill and how much fun you seem to have doing it. Hope things are 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Whehhh thank you so much!! I have so much fun cosplaying Fem!Suga, it’s one of my favorite costumes~

And thank you for the kind words too!! <3

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


” You must know that such love is impossible.”
“ Impossible loves, I’m very much afraid they can become an addiction. “

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  1. A nickname of mine
  2. An embarrassing story.
  3. A turn-on
  4. A turn-off
  5. Something I look for in a partner
  6. About my best friend
  7. About my worst enemy
  8. About someone I think is cute
  9. About someone I think is smart
  10. About someone I think is funny
  11. About my crush
  12. About my parents
  13. About my siblings
  14. Something I like about my body
  15. Something I dislike about my body
  16. Something I like about my personality
  17. Something I dislike about my personality
  18. A quote I live by
  19. My favorite book
  20. My favorite movie
  21. My favorite food
  22. My favorite drink
  23. A talent I have
  24. An unusual talent I have
  25. One of my favorite followers
  26. A fictional character I relate to
  27. My favorite book I read for school
  28. My favorite play
  29. A childhood memory
  30. My best birthday
  31. An embarrassing secret
  32. A little known fact
  33. A time I made a mistake
  34. I time I succeeded
  35. My favorite sport
  36. My favorite video game
  37. My favorite non-video game
  38. My favorite band.
  39. My favorite song.
  40. My favorite animal.
  41. I pet I have.
  42. My favorite Halloween costume.
  43. My favorite piece of clothing
  44. My favorite TV Show
  45. Who I want to hug
  46. Who I want to kiss
  47. Who I want to punch
  48. Something I want to do before I die
  49. Something great I’ve already accomplished
  50. Anything! Make up your own 

Headcanon: Ask teenaged Damian about Batman Inc. and Brucie Wayne’s relationship with Batman and you’ll always receive a different answer.


“What is your father’s relationship with Batman?“
"They’re lovers.”

“Unrequited love. Father adores him, but Batman has only one passion: JUSTICE.“

"Childhood friends. Met at summer camp. My father stumbled into the woods and noticed a rather fat bat in the tree. Back then he was a little overweight, and also known as Batboy.”

“I am here to deliver the truth, and the truth shall set this city free. X-Men are real. He’s a mutant! They’re all mutants!”

“Total weebs. They were really into Inuyasha in high school. You know that one episode with the bat demons? Huge inspiration.”

“My father cares a great deal about animals, as I’m sure you are aware. Batman is half bat. That’s why he covers his face. He has bat eyes.“

"It’s a torrid affair. Batman’s secret headquarters are under Gotham harbor. My father has always had a thing about romance surrounded by fish. Sometimes he’ll get Batman to sing sea shanties.”


“Here’s the thing: Batman is actually not a man. The figure is made up of small cobbler elves. That’s why the Kevlar fits so tight.”

I can’t decide what my favorite thing about Rogue One is: that Darth Vader makes dad jokes, that Darth Vader’s lava castle is canon again, or that Darth Vader turned off the lights his chest to make his entrance more Dramatic™