favorites and just this conversation and their dynamic

One of my favorite meta things about this show is the weird little glimpses of the pre-stream dynamics we get from time to time. And yes, the latest Talks Machina had the very cute reveal that Vex and Percy have been kinda crushing since before the show started, but I’m also cracking up over them talking about how Percy latched onto Keyleth from the start like, “Ah yes, finally, a noble and titled individual with whom I can have civilized conversation!” while Keyleth is just nervous-laughing like, “Let’s… let’s not, I swear I’m not associated with this guy, I’m so sorry everyone.”

okay as much as i ADORE slowburn meteorstuck davekat and the much rarer meteorstuck rosemary, i NEED more dave-and-rose-figure-out-how-to-be-siblings.

like. their dynamic in act 6 is just so wonderful and i love it. rose teasing dave about everything. dave butting into all of her conversations and getting away with it. one of my favorite lines from the retjohn timeline is rose’s “Holy Shit. Can someone come push this nerd off the lilypad?” because it’s SUCH a sister thing to say.

look at that. is there anything that screams siblings more than that.

Give me Rose teasing Dave about his suuuuper obviously not-a-bromance, but they both know that she’s really helping him through his Gay Crisis™.

Give me Dave subtly steering Rose off alcohol, because he’s just being too annoying for her to drink in peace. (because i don’t think vriska ‘fixed’ it, as much as her presence got dave and karkat to stop fixating on terezi so they could see Rose needed help.)

give me Dave pulling the “when I was you’re age” card like every damn day.

Give me Rose retaliating by calling dave an ‘old man’ and ‘outdated’ and constantly bugging the crap out of him.

give me actual serious deep conversations late at night between the two of them about addiction and discovering your sexuality and aloof parents and fear of growing up, but it’s all framed in mutual sarcasm and insincerity.


give me dave and rose not knowing what to do with this information at first.

give me dave and rose trying to just continue their friendship as normal.

give me dave and rose sometimes stomping all over the others’ boundaries and sometimes backing off way too quickly, because they haven’t quite figured out where the line is yet.

give me dave and rose slowly realizing that no one will ever understand them quite like the other does, not just because they’re the only humans there, but because they’re on the same wavelength and speak the same language easy as breathing.