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I admire its purity.  A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. 

Not sure this one has a story or I’m just comparing Krennic to Xenomorphs honestly, haha!  Either way, hadn’t done Alien(s) and it’s a classic modern monster/horror movie so totally suiting my Ben-aesthetic theme for the month.

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Dream Job: housewife that does art lol
Dream Trip: Rome
Favorite Food: Enchiladas
Nationality: ‘murican

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vodkaaklebold  asked:

So I was listening to Siamese Dream earlier on and I can't stop thinking about how Luna from that album would be you and Dyl's song. Could you possibly write a little something about that? Thank you so much! <3

so i’d never actually listened to the song before this but it really is beautiful!

-who decides who’s crazy? who rights wrongs where others cling?-

You weren’t all that sure you’d like him when you first met him. He was quiet, but the awkward quiet, the does-he-just-hate-me quiet. He was a little eccentric too, and seemed more than happy to keep to himself. It took you three months to accept that a lot of your preconceived notions of him were false, and let yourself fall in love.

-i’ll sing for you/if you want me to-

You learned quickly that he was incredibly selfless when it came to you. He’d let the world fall on his shoulders so long as no blood landed on you. You wondered privately how you had ever doubted him, how you hadn’t seen the loving, gentle man behind the defensive mask.

-i go along to be with you-

He was your constant companion, the shoulder you cried on during the blue periods, the ray of happiness and pride when all was yellow. He didn’t like to be alone for long, for a lot of reasons, but that suited you just fine. It didn’t take a genius to realize he never wanted to let you go, but that was just fine with you.

-and it’s a chance i’ll have to take/and it’s a chance i’ll have to break-

Sometimes it got rough. Sometimes he shut down on himself, retreated back into the shell of a man he was before he met you. It was to be expected, you supposed, so you were there, always there, to welcome him back with a steady hand and loving arms.

-i’m in love with you/so in love-

He perked up from his slouch besides you, the first sign of life all prom night. Dylan held out his hand to you; “c’mon, beautiful, they’re playing our song”, and you danced the night away to the fading strands of luna.