Alrightiee, after 1,000 years having an arguement with myself about what my favorite photo(s) are

And hours of chosing like you’re a kid and your mom says “1 toy”.

I was able to negotiate with myself and I rounded it down to 25.

I made a pretty thoughtful response to this question here: 


(this is not by best to worst.) 

*Question asked by @foreversharontate. Go follow him/her!* 

So here we gooooo.  I’m going to discuss what I love about each photo I chose and just some plain commentary.

*each sentence may start out as ‘I love’ so apologies in adavance*

1. I dearly love this photo, I love her makeup in this photo. The lightning is perfect.

2. I love how her features are present in this photo. She was very early in her pregnancy and was glowing as always.

3. No makeup, natural hair and care-free Sharon at the beach in Cannes. 

4. This is my favorite screencap of VOTD, she looks so happy.

5 Honestly this photo looks like it could’ve been tooken in the ‘90s or early ‘00s. So modern. 

6. She looks so natural in this. I think she’s wearing very little make-up in this.

7. Roman is also in this photo, I love her cheeky little smile. She has so many different smiles and I love every single one.

8. I love this photo but I HATE this outfit, me and @simply-sharon-tate were discussing how bad it is last night. 

9. This was shot during the short documentary ‘All Eyes on Sharon Tate’. 

10. One of my favorite profile shots of her. If you’re wondering what that scar is from on her cheek, from falling on a piece of corrugated tin when she was a child.

11. This was one of the first photos I stumbled across of Sharon. I was 12 or 13 at the time, I instanlty fell into research and joined the ‘fandom’ that I love and adore. 😊❤️

12. This is one of my favotie ‘off-guard’ photos of Sharon. If it’s not, I love her ‘listening’ or ‘concentrating’ face. I stick my tounge out as well when I’m really focused. 

13. This is during her ‘starlet’ years. I love the photography skills used in this photo.

14. You CANNOT forget her baby photo! Seriously, she was such an adorable baby, I’ve always wondered what her children would look like. 

15. Sharon was such an animal and baby lover. Her and animals make me smile. We have a lot in common.

16. I love how her hair and makeup were styled. 

17. This was another of her ‘smiles’. She’s such a cutie. (is that werid to say?But is true ) 

18. I love her messy hair, shades and the tongue. She’s such a goof.

19. Her smile…. I love it so much, I can’t wait to get my braces off. She’s so lucky that she didnt have braces (if they were a thing.) Her teeth are so perfect.

20. This is one of my favorite ‘natural’ photos of her. 

21. Hatami was a marvelous photographer. This is one of my favorites of her that he took. 

22. My favorite photo from her wedding. It shows off her hair and signature eye makeup really well.

23. I really love how we can see her earings. I rarely see photos of her with earrings in.

24. I love her ‘before fame photos’. She looks so happy and proud. 

25. Last but definitely not least. I cannot include this photo, It’s so special and sentimental. Her make-up free face, very pregnant belly and the flowy butterfly Pucci dress or ‘kimono’ as I like to call it. It makes me smile and so happy.

Thank you for reading my top 25 favorites, I have way more than 25 favorites so I’ll have to another one of these in the future! 

I’m posting something very special tomorrow so stay tuned! 

Much Love, 

Mad. 💕