my favorite stock room in the whole store has a hidden entrance on the sales floor and it’s straight out of labyrinth

a closer look???

and BAM you can only see the entrance at a certain angle

here we have entered the labyrinth (as an aside: i really want to hang one of those halloween witch decorations in one of the alcoves in here during october just to scare people)

further into the labyrinth (this stock room runs almost the entire length of the store)

near the end, and just like the labyrinth there’s another “hidden” doorway to the right

here’s the doorway from the other side

leads into another room in the stock room

which leads to the exit on the other side


N E V E R   F O R G E T  ❤️

Morning smoothie favorite!
1 cup of frozen mix berries
Half an avocado
2 bananas
1 açaí bar
Water and blend.
#organic #smoothie #avocado #banana #berries #acai #nutribullet #paleo #vegan #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fruit #buzzfeedfood #favorite #recipe #foodphotography #weightloss #healthyeating

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There are a ton of stories from my life that I can never tell anyone, or at least only some very select people.

Not because there’s anything bad in those stories, just… they sound fake.  Like, out-of-a-YA-novel fake.  Even to me, they sound fake, but they’re 100% real, and if I try telling them to the wrong people I’ll sound like one of those “and everybody on the train stood up and clapped” posts.  It stinks, because some of them are really funny, too…