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from the movie, “Paprika”

Note: Atsuko and Paprika are the same character, but Atsuko exists in reality while Paprika exists in dreams. The character study will be based off of the real world.

Capricorn Rising

Atsuko’s expression is often very solemn and serious. There is a powerful, responsible aura that comes from Atsuko, and many of the other characters in the movie do not dare to disrespect her. Atsuko is only seen to be wearing monochrome, plain, but practical clothing. Atsuko’s facial expressions are often hard to read, for there isn’t much emotion shown on her face.

Scorpio Sun

Not much is known about Atsuko due to her mysterious nature. Atsuko is very much focused on her work as a psychotherapist, often only talking about business due to having a strong, passionate focus on the mind. Control is something Atsuko values, and she can be manipulative and intimidating when something doesn’t go her way. Paprika is also manipulative, often talking sweetly, but honestly to get her way.

Sagittarius Moon

When Atsuko is feeling distressed, she often doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Therefore, she often “runs” from her feelings by focusing on her work. However, Paprika often confronts Atsuko about her feelings, telling her to loosen and cheer up and to also face the truth. Atsuko usually dismisses her with the impression that Paprika is overly naive and optimistic, even though Atsuko is secretly naive herself.

Scorpio Mercury

Atsuko speaks with a very strong intention of her words, for she doesn’t like to waste her words. Atsuko often speaks with a calm composure, yet her intentions are anything but that. Throughout the movie, it can be seen that both Paprika and Atsuko have a very strong, blunt, and truthful edge to their words, which often makes some of the other characters uncomfortable. Both Paprika and Atsuko speak to provoke others.

Virgo Venus

For the majority of the movie, Atsuko doesn’t express her love very grandly. If anything, Atsuko expresses her love in a very nagging, but caring way. Atsuko’s expression of love is often hidden and suppressed, but her expression most strongly shows when she takes note of very minute details of the people she cares about. She often thinks of them, analyzing how she can her loved ones can better people.

Capricorn Mars

Atsuko throughout the movie strongly focuses on her work and only her work. One can gain the impression that Atsuko is a workaholic. When Atsuko is angered, she often remains poised and cool, but also very intimidating, since she likes to stay in control. She often tries to control the majority of the business operations, often being a leader that is not to be disrespected.

seeing Beauty and the Beast in hyper-realistic CGI has forced me to re-evaluate the entire concept of the movie. Like the whole “talking furniture” thing was adorable & COOL in animated-form, but in reality it’s like a fuckin horror movie. You’re trapped in a place where cups have EYES and literally anything could’ve been an ex-person. That spoon you just licked clean? A person. That chair you’ve been sitting on? Practically someone’s LAP. That toilet in your bathroom? Oh-ho-hooo bOY DO I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU.  

one of the subtle things i like about Lance and Keith’s interactions is Lance explaining stuff he’s talking about after realizing Keith is a bit out of the loop with the mainstream

eventually Lance just explains stuff so Keith gets the reference

i just think thats so nice tbh. i appreciate Lance helping Keith understand mainstream references

American spells are silent.
American spells are silent- one of the only people to use verbal spells in the WHOLE movie was Newt. The British guy.
American spells are silent- their country was colonized by Puritans. America, from the time of its colonization, persecuted witches. They taught silent spells so they didn’t draw attention to wizardkind.


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