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Remember, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware: Anger, fear, aggression - the dark side, are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Luke… Luke… do not… Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor…or suffer your father’s fate you will. Luke… when gone am I, the last of the Jedi, will you be. Luke… the Force runs strong in your family. Pass on what you have learned. Luke…There… is… another…Sk… Sky..walker.

So now here are my serious thoughts on the Han Solo movie drama. Believe it or not, I think that Lucasfilm taking steps to fix a broken project is more reassuring than anything, and I trust their judgement. They haven’t let me down yet, and when they made a similarly late in the game move to fix Rogue One’s problems, it resulted in my favorite Star Wars film of all. (Reminder that RO succeeded in large part because of the the reshoots, not in spite of them.)

I never really trusted that the style of Lord and Miller would work for Star Wars. They are good at comedy but I don’t think they can balance it well with the sincere mythology that Star Wars also needs. And knowing now that their primary creative conflict was with Lawrence Kasdan, I’m thinking Lucasfilm made the right move. Kasdan really gets Solo. He wrote Empire and ROTJ. He felt that Lord and Miller were misreading Han’s character and I would definitely trust Kasdan over them.

Lucasfilm wouldn’t have made this risky a move if there wasn’t a serious problem that needed fixing. And Lucasfilm has higher standards for quality and the integrity of the Star Wars canon than other studios. That’s why they have story group. Making moves to fix movies is something more studios should do imo.

So while I’m still not particularly invested in this film, I’m interested in seeing how this plays out and if it makes the film better. But based on Lucasfilm’s past decisions in the new canon, I trust that this was a necessary move made for good reason.

I know it’s the end of the semester and I’m exhausted when I’m seriously considering having “write a 500-word essay about your favorite Star Wars film and/or character” as an extra credit option.

(They’re totally getting trivia extra credit for May 4th.)


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Warning this post is VERY long but I really feel the need to address this now in words so here we go.

I feel that one of the reasons there are many anti-jyns saying that she has no depth or dimension to her character is because of the lack of scenes that actually show us what is really happening in her head and the moment she bonded with her team.

I strongly feel that she is actually one of the most developed characters in rogue one along with Cassian and Bodhi. From being a girl who has lost all faith and doesn’t care a thing in the world, focusing only on how to survive day after day to being the one that leads the team to fight with her regained sense of rightousness and doing the right thing regardless of her own life.

I believe that if there were more time to potrait this development, have some glimpse of the turning point when she started to have faith again and show her moments of weakness in their journey it would have been a much more intimate and raw film with characters that we can easily relate to and can’t help but cheer on, not just another Star wars film. (Despite already being the most emotional and darkest of the franchise)

The scenes that I strongly wish could have been there/portraited with more depth are

1. The moment after she saw her father’s hologram for the first time after believing him dead for the past decade. She had always believed that her father was a coward and the one who abandoned her to her fate, but by seeing this hologram her world is turned upside down. Every negative thoughts that she had about her father came crashing down and the guilt of it was probably THE turning point for her.
If her interactions afterwards with Cassian was more raw and emotional, showing her vulnerability and her despiration, it would help to better explain her sudden drive to do good and it might have shade more light to this important point and make us audience truly believe her to be the one who can carry others with her faith towards the end.

2. More insights on her bonding with Bodhi, Chirrut, Baze, Kaytoo and especially Cassain. I fell robbed of the beautiful moments they started to connect to finally have the utmost trust in each other.

3. The MISSING SCENE AFTER THE SHOUTING WITH CASSIAN AND HOW THEY COME TO AN UNDERSTANDING BEFORE LANDING AT YAVIN 4. Seriously man, it would have easily been one of the most memorable and heartfelt moments of the film. You don’t simply have a fight as emotionally intense like that without some closure before going on a suicide mission together. You just don’t.

4. In the novelization version it was shown that Cassian WAS actually in that debriefing room too but went out early to gather the volunteers for the mission. It would have been wonderful to see the moment when Jyn relayed the same messege he had told her at the begining of their journey, showing how far Jyn has came. Displaying Cassian’s little recognition at her words would have been GOLD.

Yeah I’m finally finished with my ranting. Lol But all in all I think Rogue One did a very decent job considering the limited time and expectation as a Star Wars film. I enjoyed it throughly and loved every character in it. The messege of HOPE is strong in this film and I greatly enjoyed the action and fighting scenes, they were very well done, as critics say “it put ‘WAR’ back into Star Wars”. And it has easily became my most favorite Star Wars film to date. And yes I did cry my eyeballs out with its ending no matter how many times I go to see it.

I just think that it has the potential to be much much more and thus the possibility of greatness is what keeps bugging me from the very firt time I saw it. No wonder we have fanfictions. Lol

Tell me of your thoughts. Cheers!

The Phantom Menace will always be one of my favorite Star Wars films, for the simple reason that one of the main characters is a fourteen year old queen.

Yes, the fact that she’s a democratically elected child queen is pretty stupid when you grow older and think about it even a little bit, and you realise that she actually made some really idiotic decisions such as the Vote Of No Confidence, plus both Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley play the role pretty flat,  

but to my ten year old brain she was just the most utterly fascinating being. She wasn’t just a princess but an actual queen. She ruled a whole planet and didn’t let anything scare her, from the Trade Federation to droids to Jedi to Gungans. She turned to other means to save her people when the Senate utterly failed her. She made new alliances where old ones fell apart and led her troops from the front. 

And she was only (in universe) a few years older than me.

Plus she got to wear awesome clothes.

I never wanted to be Princess Leia growing up, although to be fair I didn’t really know too much about her. Star Wars was not a big thing, or a thing at all, in our house when I was little. But I longed to be Queen Amidala.

how can ppl say that the force awakens is their favorite star wars film when we have revenge of the sith featuring a beautiful redemption arc and hayden christensen sweaty and shirtless tbh

Why Vader?

I was asked this today in class. “Why Vader?” I was asked this cause both my classes know off the bat that I love Vader. I have chosen him as my subject for a project again and I got asked: “why Vader.” At the time I shrugged and said “cause he’s awesome.” That got me thinking. I don’t ever think I actually answered this question…ever. If you are willing to sit and read through what will be a lengthy, depressing. and perhaps inspiring tale, the I will answer this question for you.

My parents divorced when I was very young. I can’t remember them ever being together in a positive manner. Like most divorce cases involving children, there is always a dispute of who will ‘own’ the child. Since I can remember I felt like a piece of furniture to be fought over. I sat for years in cold rooms talking to lawyers who asked the same questions. No matter how many times I told them how I felt they never listened. It didn’t matter if I was 5 or 14, no one listened.
This made me angry growing up and as my anger began to show, my mother and many therapists told me that anger was a poison, that it would consume me and kill me. I was 7! I didn’t want to die! I grew up angry and scared cause I was told such terrible things about anger and what it would do to me if I continued to feel it. So I kept my anger hidden. I bit my tongue! I kept myself on a leash and I grew angrier and it pleased everyone.
“Oh, look how well behaved she is!”
“What a polite daughter you have! You raised her well!”
“Gosh, I wish my children were as quiet as her!”
These were said to my father mostly as he would take me places with him. I for a time thought I was doing the right thing. I was being praised and what child doesn’t want that, but I was still angry.

I saw Revenge of The Sith. Today it is still my favorite Star Wars film of all. It was a film I was looking forward to. Who didn’t want to know how Anakin became Vader. My curiosity had no bounds! I remember the massive billboards of Vader that lined the highways when the film was teased.
I adored Anakin off the bat as a child. I saw so much of myself in him. He was an angry child, who was told that anger would do such terrible things to him and that such violent emotions needed to be contained and purged. Yoda became my least favorite because of this. When Palpatine told Anakin to give in to his hate and anger, a wall that I had built around my emotions cracked.
To summarize, I became fascinated with Vader. I was never forthcoming about it. I always felt some form of delight if Vader was mentioned or if I saw and heard him. Vader was born out of anger and hate. His emotions, no matter what they may be made him damn strong. So Vader became my favorite Star Wars character, but he was far from being my muse.
I’ll never forget the day Vader did become my muse though. I was 14. I was in a room full of therapists, councilors, and my parents. I sat for hours as about 7 people talked about me as if I wasn’t sitting there and as the clock ticked my anger got stronger.

My father wanted to ship me off to another state to attend a different school. I would live with my grandmother who at the time was the bane of my existence. My mother asked him if he had brought it up with me and asked how I felt.
“Why would I? She’s only a child, she doesn’t know what she wants.”
I was 14.
White Rage. Blinding white rage. That’s how I describe it all the time. It wasn’t a hot burning fiery rage…it was a numb, white, blinding rage. I heard a voice asking me why I was being quiet, and that I should say something. That voice was Vader. I told him they wouldn’t listen. He told me to make them.
I remember very little. I remember the room starring at my dad like he grew two heads, I remember my therapist and mother putting gentle hands on my arms. My mom said that she was afraid I was going to launch out of my seat and murder my father. I probably would have if my vision wasn’t pure white and I had ringing in my ears. After that day I swore never to silence my anger again.

That voice that I identified as Vader has always been with me. It was the voice I fought with for years to remain silent. The voice had no identity but it gained one as years went by. To this day Darth Vader is my Muse of Wrath. He reminds me daily that my emotions are valid, that I have every right to feel them and that if done correctly they will make me stronger! He helped me realize that anger could be a driving force, that it could strengthen my will. That my hatred wasn’t a cancer. He helped me realize how wrong they were! How dare they tell me to not feel anger and hate when they did nothing to sooth such emotions. They were the cause! I look at Vader and I can’t help but feel an immense gratitude.

Vader helps remind me that I was wronged growing up, and that what happened to me was unfair. Vader has helped me with so much more than what I have written. He filled a whole in my life that my father had left, he inspired me to start fencing in highschool, and he taught me that if it isn’t black put it back on the rack.

Anger is not a poison, nor a cancer. It is a human emotion that is meant to be felt and that is ‘why Vader’.

I want to thank you if you reached the end. I know, it was lengthy.


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If you know someone who genuinely loves the Star Wars prequels, don’t be a dick and ruin it for them with the ‘the originals are so much better’ tor anything like that. I’m sure plenty of them know they’re not that great but they enjoy them anyway. Hell, there a plenty of things I like about them, and the third is one of my favorite films.