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Hey Michelle you're a movie buff can you recommend me a good war film from the perspective of civilians??? I'm looking for something like Snowpiercer except as a critique of imperialism instead of capitalism (or both). I'm sick of all these war films about how soldiers get PTSD from murdering people

Come and See. It’s from the perspective of a child taken into military service against his and his mother’s will trying to survive during the Nazi occupation of the BSSR. It’s very much about the toll that war takes on the people who aren’t actively fighting in it, and some of the scenes are absolutely heartbreaking. It’s maybe my favorite war film after The Thin Red Line. Also there’s a scene involving an artillery bombing which is genuinely terrifying and incredible, awe-inspiring really.

Pen pal wanted! /(*^*/)

Hi guys! 

Name: Chiara 

Age: 17 turning 18

Country: Italy 

Interest: I love drawings and reading. My favorites writers are J.K. Rowling and V.M. Manfredi (an Italian writer) and my favorites genres are historical and fantasy. I love Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. My favorites film are -including Disney, Marvel and Star Wars- those of Ghibli Studios. I watch a lot of anime and i love Noragami, Bleach, FullMetal Alchemist, Katekyo Hitman Reborn etc, etc i have an infinity list! I read also manga and i’m a cosplayer - I’m not weird and i don’t eat anyone, i’m a good girl! - I like music and my favorite groups are Imagine Dragons and Skillet but i listen every kind of music! I love playing videogames and i have a 3ds and an xbox360 but i want to buy a ps4 because it has a lot of beautiful videogames -KH my baby ;___; - I love also tv series but i have already seen only Once Upon a Time and Sherlock but i’m watching The Flash. 

Perfect Penpal: Everyone! Both genders! Every age! I don’t mind! Who wants to write me, can do it!

Where you can find me?

kik ScorpioNoKardia

email chiarapalmieri97@gmail.com

tumblr scorpio-no-kardia.tumblr.com

i can also do snail mail but i prefer emails because are faster

i can speak English -even if it isn’t perfect- and Italian!

Hwajeong - Week 13

Hwajeong – Week 13

So this week’s episodes get us into the middle of a battlefield, which was like, gah, child’s play. Of course it’s unrealistic to expect something grand like *insert your favorite war film here*, but ugh, I was vastly underwhelmed.

As I watched the scenes unfold leading to the battle, I was facepalming half the time because everyone keeps asking Jung-myeong to leave the battlefield, and that…

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“Fury” is probably one of my favorite war films so far. It was released in October 2013, directed by David Ayer, and features some popular great actors like Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. In my opinion, this movie doesn’t really romanticize war. What I learned about war in this film, that we don’t often see in other movies, is the fear and sadness that soldiers face. We can get little glimpses of that in other movies but there is much more of that in this movie. This medium differs from songs and articles because here a visual is created for me. With news articles and songs, I have to imagine an image for myself and that can make it more difficult for me to picture the reality of war.