Ayyyyyy! I thought I might post this too on here. Had it on my Twitter and wag favorited it. I was really happy. (Still am)
This is one my good arts. I could’ve done better but oh well. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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I saw this on a confession blog "neymar is my favorite WAG he's so supportive and genuinely happy around leo" and screamed



1. Well, Vanja studied marketing and management so I think that it deals with matters of contracts and marketing. I remember that when Luka came to Real Madrid, the media wrote about the fact that Vanja was careful to everything related to the contract went well. Even though there is information that Vanja is a sports agent of Luka but we know that Nikky Vuksan is his agent :)
And I think that Luka is a very popular player in Spain :) A lot of people liked him, not only Madridistas. But he and Vanja really care about their privacy, which is why we know so little about their family.

2. Carlota is also my favorite WAG :)

3. Believe me, I didn’t reply to messages with the theories of false pregnancy because it doesn’t completely make sense :) If people believe in it, ok, that’s their business. But they have to find another place, because my blog is no place for such ridiculous things :) Thank you for your opinion!

4. Everyone likes someone else :) Sofia is fanastic woman!

5. And they are wonderful crazy family :)

6. To be honest I haven’t seen even a bad comment about Clarice :)

7. I think that the fight for the title of the Most Favorite WAG will be between Carlota and Clarice :D

8. I try to respond to most, but sometimes people are so rude or ridiculous that … well, I always say that my blog is not a basket on hatred or silly theories about someone’s life. So I remove …  it’s better.
And … I created this blog for fun :) I wanted to learn more about women which give happiness my favorite players. Maybe more or less but I like them all. Why not about the players? Because here there are thousands of fantastic blogs about Real Madrid. I wanted something else :)

9. It changes a lot :) I didn’t say that they shouldn’t wear such clothes, but according to me should CHOOSE something less tight-fitting. After that, it’s my opinion, I haven’t offended anyone :)

Have a nice day guys :)

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Which nhl team wags hangs out the most and the least out with each other? Least favorite wag and why? Favorite wag and why?

the islanders wags seem to hang out together a lot

25 Fun Hockey Questions
  • 1. What's your go-to hockey analysis show/station/etc.?
  • 2. Do you regret liking any players?
  • 3. Have you ever hated a player then turned around and loved them the next year?
  • 4. What hockey player's anthem is probably "All Star" by Smash Mouth?
  • 5. What do you think your favorite hockey player would be doing if they weren't a hockey player?
  • 6. Have you ever met any players?
  • 7. What would you say if you ever met any players?
  • 8. Fav celly?
  • 9. Who is your favorite WAG?
  • 10. Would you have a hockey themed Wedding? In what manner would it be themed that way?
  • 11. What do you think of the salary cap?
  • 12. Favorite hockey gif?
  • 13. Who is the weirdest goalie - hands down?
  • 14. What do you think the cutest hockey player habit is?
  • 15. Which hockey player would you want to sit in the front row of your wedding?
  • 16. Best hockey joke?
  • 17. Thoughts on Doc Emrick?
  • 18. What player do you refuse to like because of the team they're on?
  • 19. Worst goal horn?
  • 20. What do you think of the goaltender interference rule?
  • 21. Funniest way you've seen a goal go in?
  • 22. Best hockey hairstyle?
  • 23. Favorite hockey league besides the NHL?
  • 24. Do you despise any player off the ice?
  • 25. What NHLer probably has the worst taste in music?

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6+7+8 :)

6. Favorite wag: Shakira, the queen.. Or rather, Pique? Who’s the WAG in this situation?

7. Favorite son: Thiago Messi, definitely!

8. Favorite football blog: My own :))))

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3, 6, 13!

Thank you Joey 💛

3. Favorite national team: Talent wise it’s the Spain and Germany NT, but I love my very own Philippines NT to the death 🇵🇭

6. Favorite WAG: Victoria Beckham 🙌🏻 I also like Sara Carbonero a lot because career-wise I want mine to be like that, although I dislike it when some of her opinions tend to annoy me idk

13. A footballer I’d love to date: Calum Chambers you know this drill gurl 😏

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6 9 17

6. Favorite wag; Nagore Aramburu

9. Ugliest player: i can’t think about anyone uglier than Bale atm

17. Player I’d like to get drunk with: PIQUE he’s a party animal

6) favorite wag: i like puyol’s wife she seems sweet
7) favorite son: vincent ibrahimovic
13) footballer I’d like to date: honestly honestly I’d date lucas silva or someone like him because he’s a super devout christian and if I got pregnant I’d have my life solved forever

i was crying the at back of the bar and he serenaded me with one of my favorite songs: Wag Ka Nang Umiyak

i almost died.

God, please give me someone who is as romantic as Ebe at kasing galing kumanta at magsulat ni Ebe.

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ALL Questions - send me a number → football edition

Lets do this!
1) Favorite team : Borussia Dortmund
2) Favorite footballer : Marco Reus
3) Favorite national team : Germany NT
4) Football crush : Marco Reus, Erik Durm, Antoine Griezmann, Mario gotze, Fernando Torres, Robert Lewandowski (and A LOT more)
5) Best player in the world : Lionel Messi
6) Favorite Wag : Mario Gotze…. lmao i ship gotzeus too much. Um Antonella Messi
7) Favorite son : Lukas Pododlski’s
8) Favorite football blog : hmm. Mine 😂 and reusbooty dork-reus sunnyandwoody
9) Ugliest footballer in the world : idk wayne rooney?
10) Sexiest footballer in the world : Marco Reus and Erik Durm
11) A footballer I hate : No one, yet
12) A football team i can’t stand : I hate this question bc i cant think of any team. 😧
13) A footballer I’d love to date : Erik Durm or Antoine Griezmann
14) A footballer I’d love to be friends with : Thomas Muller
15) A footballer I’d love to watch a match with : Bastian Schweinsteiger
16) A footballer I’d love to meet : Antoine Griezmann or Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo
17) A footballer I’d love to get drunk with : Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mitch Weiser, Christoph Kramer, Thomas Muller, Marco Reus, or Manuel Neuer
18) My top 5 footballers: Marco Reus, Antoine Griezmann, Erik Durm, Mario Gotze, andddddddd Lionel Messi
Thanks so much Jenny! 😊 :*

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I loves melis style and how she can wear expensive clothing but wears cheaper ones. she seems so sweet and normal

Yes she is one of my favorite wags, I really like her!