my favorite thing ever is when people sarcastically say ‘i’m sure harry rly appreciates u defending him from a post on the internet’ to justify their nasty actions like??? do u know how stupid u sound?? i’m sure harry rly appreciates u making gross posts about him under the guise of being a fan and making a joke right

111 Questions
  • 001: What is your biggest dream?
  • 002: What is the bravest thing you've ever done?
  • 003: Is it hard for you to show your feelings?
  • 004: What is your dream job? What was your dream job when you were little?
  • 005: What is your favorite sound?
  • 006: Would you rather be in front of the camera or behind it?
  • 007: What do you notice first when you meet a new person? (Both in real and on the internet)
  • 008: Is there anybody you *fully* trust?
  • 009: Do you like / love someone? If yes, who?
  • 010: Have you ever received / sent hate? How do you deal with it?
  • 011: What are you going to spend money on next?
  • 012: What are three things you never leave your house without?
  • 013: What is your favorite place?
  • 014: Do you sing and/or dance in front of people?
  • 015: Have you ever cheated on a test?
  • 016: What is your current desktop background?
  • 017: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
  • 018: What does make you happy?
  • 019: What time were you born?
  • 020: Do you give second chances? Why?
  • 021: Name your biggest turn ons and turn offs.
  • 022: When was the last time you hugged someone?
  • 023: What is your favorite food?
  • 024: Do you save money or spend it right away?
  • 025: Do you have any tattoos? If yes, what are their meanings? If no, would you get any?
  • 026: Name five things you find beautiful.
  • 027: What is your favorite clothing style? (Both in you and others)
  • 028: How do you cheer yourself up?
  • 029: Do you show affection in public?
  • 030: What is one thing you are looking forward to?
  • 031: Have you ever been to other countries? If yes, where?
  • 032: What was the last lie you told and why?
  • 033: Who are the people you can always turn to?
  • 034: Have you ever done drugs? If not, would you ever try them?
  • 035: What is your favorite word?
  • 036: Do you consider yourself a romantic?
  • 037: What are 3 objects that are *very* important to you and why?
  • 038: Have you ever met someone famous? If so, who?
  • 039: What would you like to change, mentally and physically, about yourself?
  • 040: Have you ever won a contest/competition? What for?
  • 041: What is one illegal thing you would do if there were no consequences?
  • 042: Who are your favorite fictional characters?
  • 043: Do you ever wish you were somebody else?
  • 044: What is your favorite store to shop at?
  • 045: Do you want to have children one day? How many? How would you name them?
  • 046: How do you cope with stress? How do you vent your anger?
  • 047: What do you want for your birthday?
  • 048: Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
  • 049: Have you ever said "I love you" even though you didn't mean it?
  • 050: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
  • 051: Do you have any regrets? If yes, what do you regret the most?
  • 052: Do you find tattoos and/or piercings attractive?
  • 053: Do you want to get married? What are your views on marriage?
  • 054: Who are you most comfortable around?
  • 055: What are you wearing right now? What do you wear to bed?
  • 056: When is your birthday?
  • 057: What is love to you?
  • 058: Are you a jealous person?
  • 059: Would you rather go to a party or stay at home?
  • 060: How many relationships have you had?
  • 061: Are you a positive person?
  • 062: What kind of people do you feel attracted to?
  • 063: What is the longest time you've stayed awake?
  • 064: Have you ever been told "I don't want to lose you"?
  • 065: What is your favorite genre when it comes to movies?
  • 066: Do you collect anything?
  • 067: In your opinion, what is your best quality?
  • 068: Have you ever changed for someone?
  • 069: What is your idea of a perfect date?
  • 070: Are you shy or outgoing?
  • 071: In your opinion, what is the secret for a great relationship?
  • 072: Are you the kind of person who breaks rules?
  • 073: Is it hard for you to trust people?
  • 074: What does your dream house look like?
  • 075: Do you feel attracted to people your age, younger or older?
  • 076: How much have you changed over the past year?
  • 077: Longest friendship you've ever had?
  • 078: Do you have pets? If not, what animal would you like to have?
  • 079: Are you left or right handed?
  • 080: What talent do you wish you’d been born with?
  • 081: Where do you get motivation and inspiration?
  • 082: Do you know how to swim? If yes, when did you learn?
  • 083: You are given one wish: What do you wish for?
  • 084: Do you like to give / receive flowers? What is your favorite flower?
  • 085: Would you rather travel to a cold forest or a warm beach?
  • 086: What is one thing you can't forgive, that can destroy a friendship or relationship beyond repair?
  • 087: What is the last thing you purchased?
  • 088: Have you ever broken someone's heart? Ever gotten your heart broken?
  • 089: Have you ever cheated on someone? Ever been cheated on?
  • 090: Do you believe in soulmates?
  • 091: Is there anybody you would do absolutely *anything* for? If yes, who?
  • 092: Share three facts about your life.
  • 093: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 094: Would you date someone who smokes / drinks / does drugs / has a mental illness?
  • 095: You are given 15 minutes of fame: What would you do?
  • 096: How is your dream partner like?
  • 097: Would you rather commit to one person or have several relationships?
  • 098: What are some of your hobbies?
  • 099: What kind of person do you want to be?
  • 100: What did you have for breakfast?
  • 101: What is your Top 3 favorite shows? What was your Top 3 favorite shows when you were a kid?
  • 102: What are three places you *really* would like to visit one day?
  • 103: What was your last meal? What was your last beverage?
  • 104: Who is the last person you had a deep conversation with?
  • 105: What is one thing that made you smile today?
  • 106: Do you like taking photos? If yes, what do you photograph the most?
  • 107: Has anyone ever written a poem or a song dedicated to you? Have you?
  • 108: Do you remember your dreams? If yes, what was the last dream you remember about?
  • 109: If you could go back in the past, would you change anything? If yes, what?
  • 110: If you were given 3 million dollars, what would you do with them?
  • 111: What are a few facts about you that not many people know of?
  • '111 Questions': by Ira V. Simon (priveting)

I was tagged by @deananscas thank youuu! :)

Relationship status- i have a bf of 3 years

Favorite color- light green

Pets- i have a cat named Tom and actually another cat named Mary but she’s living with my dad so i don’t get to see her often :’(

Last song I listened to- 10 years today - bullet for my valentine

Favorite TV shows- Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Sherlock <3 oh and Bones, yeah that’s about it

First fandom I joined- uhm puuuh…i guess the HIM-fandom, but first one for a series was spn

Favorite book- you want me to name ONE favorite book? uh nuhno you can’t have that. my favorite books are all from Gillian Flynn (she’s awesome btw) so yeah those 3 three

Worst thing ive ever eaten- uhm…shrimps, just ugh

Book I’m currently reading- you’re never weird on the internet (almost) -felicia day :)

Favorite place to be- my bed i guess….but hey at a lonely lakeside sounds pleasing too, surrounded by a forest :)

9 people that I would like to get to know better- @derherrderringe93 @soulless-puppy-dog @lucifersdaugther @panic-at-the-horizon17 @kiss-the-angel @magimadpie @lsularak @castiels-pumpkin @nicct

(I’m sorry if you don’t dig tag games, I just see you all in my notes sometimes and would like to get to know you better. so just ignore this if you don’t want to do it ;) oh and for those who don’t know this blog: my sideblog is @bae-in-a-trenchcoat)


but, i’m getting ahead of myself. ahem. let’s take a look at a little gif that’s been floating around the internet recently, one of my favorites, actually.

That whole “favorite” thing was sarcasm. Don’t know if I communicated that directly.

I fucking despise this gif. It’s so god damn simple. The fucking head shape has to morph like 3x to transition to each character. It’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen try and validate the similarities in today’s cartoons, because it’s a BASIC FUCKING HEADSHAPE. THAT MOST CHARACTERS HAVE. Yet somehow, it’s kind of a centerpiece to this anti-CalArts sentiment that’s spreading. So uh, let’s break it down, shall we?


The Amazing World of Gumball was created by Ben Bocquelet, who didn’t go to CalArts because he lives in the UK, fuck you. Like, i’m not even gonna make an argument for this.

also have you seen the fucking plethora of creative designs on this show in a fucking multitude of mediums? why is this even in this gif

Steven Universe

Steven Universe was created by Rebecca Sugar, who went to the School of Visual Arts in New York, fuck you.

also, uh remember the fucking pilot?

oh man so simplistic and generic

wOW tHe FuCK?? ? they A L L  LOok the SAme


jesus okay, how about the 3 shows from this gif actually made by CalArts grads, Gravity Falls, Clarence, and SvTFOE.

you ever considered that CalArts grads (or art student grads in general) don’t just come out the school tassel to the left, directly to the studio, and sit down at a table and draw for nine months until the show is born, with the show looking exactly the same way as the first sketch? ever considered that studios, simplify design for appeal or due to constraints? That maybe some studios have a style that no matter the initial design the creator has to adhere to? That maybe some execs MAKE the creators draw in a way that’s similar to other shows, in order to bring in an audience?

also have you considered the plethora of cartoons that exist not spearheaded by calarts alums? cause there’s a lot.

TL;DR stop demonizing CalArts (and its alums). It did nothing to you. It was sitting across the schoolyard minding it’s own business and you threw a dodgeball at it’s head. Now apologize or you can go stand on the wall for 5 more minutes.


Project for Awesome 2016 - Submit Your Favorite Moments!

The livestream has ended, and in true P4A fashion, it was full of some of the most beautifully ridiculous things to ever appear on the internet. Hank will be making his annual recap video, and we want to make sure it includes your favorite moments! Submit the parts of the stream you loved the most using this form



Summing Up Sunshine Relationship in One Single Vine

“Are you angry? Sorry!!” (MARUYAMA, Ryuhei)


50 questions
  • 1. least favorite song?
  • 2. favorite type of dog?
  • 3. least favorite scent?
  • 4. mustard or mayonnaise?
  • 5. hotdogs or burgers?
  • 6. favorite type of melon?
  • 7. ever eaten playdough?
  • 8. what was one weird thing you ate as a kid?
  • 9. favorite number?
  • 10. favorite dwarf from snow white?
  • 11. what do you think is/would be the hardest language to learn?
  • 12. strangest word you can think of?
  • 13. four jobs you would never want?
  • 14. which color do you never wear?
  • 15. what's your least favorite thing to go shopping for?
  • 16. what's you favorite body part?
  • 17. any weird traditions in your family?
  • 18. what is your most irrational fear?
  • 19. favorite internet friend?
  • 20. dumbest movie you've ever seen?
  • 21. favorite season?
  • 22. worst grade you've ever gotten?
  • 23. What's your (full) name?
  • 24. highest floor you've ever been on?
  • 25. what's the longest you've gone without sleep?
  • 26. what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • 27. what's the longest you've ever grown your hair?
  • 28. favorite toast topping?
  • 29. most disgusting food combination?
  • 30. left or right handed?
  • 31. ever accidentally injured someone else?
  • 32. most embarrassing thing you've done/said when you were drunk?
  • 33. favorite foreign food?
  • 34. ever been banned from a public place?
  • 35. ever destroyed a library book?
  • 36. most money you've ever had in your bank account?
  • 37. most jumps on a pogo stick?
  • 38. favorite fastfood chain?
  • 39. favorite german/french/whatever term?
  • 40. are you a hat person?
  • 41. how much did you weigh at birth?
  • 42. least favorite boys name?
  • 43. least favorite girls name?
  • 44. favorite boys name?
  • 45. favorite girls name?
  • 46. do you know what bread pudding is? have you ever tried it? what's your opinion on it?
  • 47. if you could change your ethnicity/where you were born, what would you change it to?
  • 48. have you ever stolen anything?
  • 49. would you rather be cremated or buried?
  • 50. have you ever donated to a charity? if so, how much? what charity?

Being aroace is so weird sometimes.  On one hand, I’m a hopeless romantic.  I ship my OTPs hardcore.  I will dig through the deepest pits of the Internet to find the best fanfictions, the loveliest fanart, the coolest aus and headcanons and etc. because I love those pairings so much.  I want my favorite characters to fall in love and have fluffy scenes full of laughter and nose kisses and falling asleep on each others’ shoulders.  I want my friends to find love and to be happy.  Seeing couples makes me so giddy inside because I love love and seeing cute romance is the best thing ever.

And on the other hand romance is everywhere and I’m sick of it.  It’s in almost every novel, show, movie, etc.  The biggest gossip is which celebrity is dating which celebrity.  These new popular dystopian worlds are full of love triangles and unnecessary romantic drama that doesn’t fit into the main plots at all.  I live for single main characters that don’t have a lover and are kick-butt on their own.  When I hear about rag-tag groups of friends that stick together/move in together/throw romance out the window and focus on their platonic relationships the most it makes me so happy!

Sometimes it gets confusing being so into romance and so sick of it at the same time.  I get caught up in the fluff and start wondering about what it would be like to have a partner.  I imagine us making pancakes in our pajamas, throwing flour at each other as we giggle and act way too immature for our age, jumping up on the counter to turn and kiss-

and then UGH GROSS because that’s hella disgusting, why would I want those slimy pink worm things on your face to touch my lips because that sounds unsanitary and weird.  The whole image is shattered as I realize that while making pancakes and acting silly does sound fun, I don’t feel any romance behind it.  I also want the person to leave afterwards because I need the house to myself for a few hours after having all that fun.  I don’t want any romantic commitment behind anything because it’s confusing and sounds tiring and the only person I want to live with is a dog.

It’s just a big confusing mess of feelings, but I’m okay with it. :)

@youmusthavedemonpox tagged me to do this, so thanks for tagging me bud. This is like the second tag thing I’m doing this week, because apparently I like to overshare on the internet 

Name: Nicholas 
Nickname: Nick I guess is my nickname but no one ever calls me Nicholas anyway
Gender: male
Star sign: libra, tho I have no idea what this means 
Sexual orientation: ~bisexual~
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, but I think most people who follow me know this by now
Favorite color: Green. I’m boring
Favorite animal: Dragons. I know they’re not real. The answer is still dragons
Average hours of sleep: like. 4-10 and anywhere in between
Cat or dog: i have allergies
Favorite fictional characters: uh. The entire cast of the Raven Cycle, the Foxhole Court, HP, and many more  
Number of blankets:
1. It’s never cold where I live and sometimes even one is too much
Favorite singer/band: I’ve been staring at this question for five minutes. shit man i don’t know
Dream trip:  Logically, I know it should probably be Germany because I actually speak german, but Japan would be cool? Like. Tokyo or Kyoto?
Dream job: someone pay me to watch netflix and read
When was this blog created: at like. The tail end of 2015. So it’s been about a year.
Current number of followers: too many for whatever you want to call the shit show I have going down on my blog. you’re all great though. 
What made you decide to make a tumblr: well. you see. I’ve been on tumblr since 2010? I think? But I was an embarrassing preteen then and I’d like to imagine that it didn’t happen. I made this blog when I found out there was such a thing as book blogs. The End. 

I tag @somniumregis @totoroing-fangirl @thebookwormadventurer @sparklypatroldragon @youthbookreview @bookstacksonstacks @storiesaremylife  


So, I decided there were not enough screenshots of Barb Wire on the internet. So here. Have a few I decided to take. (#6 is my favorite, and I bet you all thought I was joking when I said Tem on the crane was the Most Fives Thing Ever.)


I was tagged by @that-one-internet-lover to answer her ten questions and make ten more! Thanks!

1. Favorite video game? Final Fantasy X

2. What’s your current obsession? Critical Role (Bet you never could have guessed this one!)

3. Favorite drink? Water

4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Invisibility

5. *Hagrid voice* Yeh ever have anythin’ happen to yeh, anythin’ yeh couldn’t explain? There were a few instances as a baby where physics didn’t seem to work quite right in my favor, and since then there were a few instances where I heard things that weren’t there. I’d rather not get into the details.

6. Do you know any other languages? Not really. I’ve studied bits and pieces of several different languages, but I don’t remember most of it.

7. Any phobias? I’m not fond of heights.

8. What’s your favorite book? I’m currently rereading and loving Beanstalk by E. Jade Lomax so I can work up to reading Remember the Dust. And I love the Mrs. Pollifax books by Dorothy Gilman. And The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. And the Harry Potter books, or course. And Child of a Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold. And Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and The Giver by Lois Lowry, and The Phantom Tolbooth by Norton Juster, and the Melendy Quartet by Elizabeth Enright, and… *drops dead from the impossibility of this question*

9. What’s a song you would kill to hear live? Light in the Hallway by Pentatonix, but I HAVE heard it live, so I guess I’m lucky.

10. What do you want your followers to know about you? I always try to do my best. It often isn’t enough, but I’m always trying.

Now for my ten questions!

1. What is your favorite kind of ceiling?

2. What do your favorite pair of socks look like?

3. Water, Earth, Fire, or Air?

4. What is your opinion on dragons?

5. If you were put in charge of naming a star, what would you name it?

6. Do you have an object that you always take with you for good luck, as a reminder of something/someone, or just because you like to carry it wherever you go?

7. What is a song/piece of music that changed your life?

8. If you accidentally stumbled into a magical world, had adventures and made friends, and then were given the option to stay, would you stay there or come back to this reality?

9. What is something good that’s happened to you within the last week?

10. What impossible thing have you always wanted to do? (Like be a spy)

I tag: @kinzemory, @blueberryattack, @mypinkandyellowrose, @kiss-the-rain-that-ends-each-day, @swiftfootedachilles, @petmacaque, @tangolikeelk, @hunterdynastystuff, @blujayonthewing, @hamboj, @azbedel, @samspeigel, @iwouldbemerry, @grand-inquisitor-of-feels

As usual, don’t feel obligated to do this just because I tagged you. If you want to do this and I didn’t tag you, feel free to do it!

The Story of Captain Thorne and Damsel Darnel

Words: 2,898
Characters: Thorne, Cress
Theme: @tlcshipweeks ‘Childhood’
From: Once Upon The Internet, Ch. 17 (can also be read as a standalone)

“Oh please, tell me another story!”

The boy shone his flashlight at the little girl across from him in the blanket fort. Her eyes were bright with anticipation as she stopped petting Boots and propped her arms up on the pillows.

“What kind of story? We’ve already read two books tonight.”

“Not a book one. I want to hear another one about Captain Thorne. He’s my favorite.”

The boy grinned knowingly and drew himself up, holding the flashlight under his chin to light up his face for effect. “Of course. Captain Thorne, the greatest spaceship captain to ever navigate the skies!”

The girl giggled. “I thought Captain Thorne was a pirate who sailed the seas with his crew!”

“Not today, young miss,” he said, using the announcer voice he’d heard on his mother’s favorite game show. “Today Captain Thorne has a spaceship.” He paused. “Space is much cooler than the water, anyway, don’t you think?”

She nodded, eyes still bright. “The planetarium was my favorite. Mom and Dad took me there once when I was good.” Her eyes dropped. “I don’t think I’ve been good lately, because they haven’t taken me anywhere.”

The boy studied the little girl, watching the way her lashes dipped down to her cheeks when she wasn’t happy. She did it often.

“Captain Thorne doesn’t allow parents on his spaceship. They’re boring.”


“And on his spaceship, there’s no need for planetariums because you can see the whole galaxy from the cockpit.” He waved the flashlight across the top of the blanket roof. “Stars everywhere, can you imagine? And shooting stars too, the kind you make wishes on.”


“I can see one even now,” he continued, making the flashlight shake so the light would scramble. “You should make a wish before it’s too late.”

She sucked in a breath. “Any wish?”

“The galaxy’s the limit! But hurry.”

The girl scrunched up her face in concentration. Boots jumped up and began to paw at the moving light. He laughed and tried to shoo her away.

The girl thought for a long time, until his hand started getting tired from shaking the flashlight. Finally, she said, “I want go on the spaceship with Captain Thorne. So my wish is to be a captain too.”

“Hmm. There can only be one captain or things get confusing.”


“But,” he said dramatically, before she could get too disappointed, “every captain needs a girl at his side.” He smiled the way he did when he was about to tell her something really cool, like yesterday when he’d discovered a squirrel’s nest in his treehouse and she had come over to watch the animal carry nuts in and out.

Her eyes became saucers. “Really?” she breathed. “What for?”

The boy frowned. “Hmm. I’m not really sure. Maybe to help him.”

“So, a helper.”

He frowned again. “No, that sounds like a maid. They’re always vacuuming, like Janette. I don’t think spaceships need to be vacuumed, because outer space is like its own vacuum. So we wouldn’t need a maid. The girl would probably be more like a partner. It’s a lot of work, captaining a ship, don’t you think?”

She nodded solemnly.

“A partner, then.”

“That’s boring.”

Boots purred in agreement.

“You’re right. She should have a cooler name if she’s going to play such a big part in Captain Thorne’s life. How about…” He thought hard, pressing his mouth against the flashlight a few times. “How about a Damsel? We’ve read about them in some of the books.”

“I like that,” she said.

“Then we’re agreed.”

“Do you think"—she paused and tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear—"I would make a good Damsel?”

He turned his flashlight onto her face. She squinted and he lowered it to her chin. “Let’s see. A Damsel should be pretty, that’s for sure. And you’re pretty.”

She beamed. “I am?”

“‘Course,” he said matter-of-factly. “You’re probably the prettiest girl on our school bus.” She smiled then, a real smile with teeth, and he puffed up proudly. “You’ll have to wear a dress or something, though. I think that’s a requirement.”

“I have dresses.”

“Good. No pajamas.”

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tagged by @arr-jim-lad

Rules: Tag 10 People you would like to get to know better

Relationship Status: absolutely taken and in love ^///^

Favorite Color: pink and blue, yellow and white, and pastel rainbow :D

Last Song I listened to: SHIIIINAAAAYYY (( the animation and facial expressions are too good i cant stop watching ;; ))

Favorite TV Show: def steven universe and bobs burgers!

First Fandom: pokemon is the first thing i can remember drawing fan art for ;u;

Hobbies: drawing, watching cartoons, reading comics/manga and generally bumming around the internets uwu

Books that I’m currently reading: atm im not reading anything bc no time ;;

Favorite Book: i hope comics count bc thats what im remembering atm ;; the new 52 harley quinn, and p much any of clamp’s new stuff! kobato, tsubasa, xxxholic, chobits etc ;u;

Worse Thing You’ve Ever Eaten/Tasted: i had some left over soup from a japanese restaurant i was really looking forward to reheating but it had already spoiled :C when i took that first sip i almost threw up haha
i was so disappointed bc i was really looking forward to that soup u_u

Favorite Place: home ;u;

Pet(s): 3 doggies!


and maya!

im afraid i dont know 10 people to tag haha ;w;
and my buddies have already been tagged so i shall leave this here uwu

Got a Request?

You know one good thing about the internet? You can be one of those weirdos (like me) who likes something and feel like you’re the only one who does. You can feel like you’re completely alone, but with the internet, you can find people who share your interests. Whether it be porn, kid shows, or even bigotry, no one is ever really alone on the internet, I like to think.

Why do I bring this up? Simple. Do you have a request for me? Either pornographic or lime or PG-13 or whatever you want to call it. Do you have a specific fetish you want me to cater to? Do you want a cute thing about your favorite couple? Have a picture you want to see me write a story to?

This is mostly meant for RWBY characters, but I’ll even try original if someone gives me a good enough idea. It could be a sweet little story about love and attraction, it could be a raunchy, sinfest about NTR or tentacles or something.  

I like stretching out my writing muscles and trying new things. I like challenging myself. Besides, writing is fun. I like having fun. Just fill in what you’d like to see below. 

I was tagged by @pureren thank you very much <3

Happy New Year!!! 🎇 List 10 good things that happened in 2k16, then tag 10 people to do the same.


2. I got to meet my internet friend after two years of chatting and facetiming and it was the best day of my life


4. I passed all my classes


6. After years and years of complaining about having long hair and begging my parents to let me cut it all off, I FINALLY HAVE SHORT HAIR


8. I finally started with digital drawing

9. Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman are still alive i stg i’m so happy about this my babies are still alive 

10. I have one more year left of school! does this count?

I tag (guys please don’t feel forced to do this!)  @ackermanss @levicleansyourwindows @koganess @kagekii @perksofbeingawaifu @leviinmodernland @attackonhogwarts @ladykira16 @macithemaci @leviheichouackerman @ereriismyotpdarnit


Tagged by @ignaziosearring thank you so much!!! I spend two solid hours in a slight shock for this 🙈 thank you!

Relationship status: Single (I got 6 men to blame for 😂)
Favorite color: I haven’t found the right shade of Blue, but any shade makes me happy
Pets: None 😭
Last song I listened to: Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae by Il Volo ☺️️❤️
Favorite TV show: Can’t actually decide, Sherlock or Supernatural 
First fandom: Probably Harry Potter (does High School Musical counts??)
Hobbies: Music, Reading, Watching series, Internet (?), Learn Languages (kinda recent), Piano
Favorite book: Persona Normal (Normal Person) by Benito Taibo 
Worst thing I have ever eaten/tasted: Couldn’t say “worst” really but it tasted weird: tequila 
Favorite place: the sofa in my living room, my favorite table in the school’s library ❤️

Again thanks Maria ❤️❤️🙈🙈 Do I have to tag somebody?? Maybe anyone who wants to (?? I’m new in this 😅)