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Who's your favorite anthropomorphic animal superhero? Captain Carrot? Hoppy the Marvel Bunny? Spider-Ham? Super Goof? Darkwing Duck? ... Wait. Is it Krypto? The guy had word balloons so I think he counts. It's Krypto. He's everyone's favorite. - Jeff Reid

I don’t know if Krypto counts, or at least it seems like he doesn’t. Krypto is the best though. Do Tawky Tawny or Howard the Duck count? Because Tawky’s great and I’m having a blast drawing Howard right now. This is difficult.

Beyond honored to be painted by the prolific @teachr1 and shared with the streets. LOVE-MAN! Brother you killed it! LOVE! , ART-Man based on my favorite big shot Polaroid shot by @beautyisboring_ #repost
My favorite superhero is #loveman. This guy spreads so much love and good energy. In a day of movies banking on fake superheroes - this guy is the real deal. Go see the revealing of his newest amazing piece in laurel canyon today at the Pace restaurant on the appropriately named #lovestreet because #lovewins #teachr


Chris, you fucking meatball.