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anonymous asked:

Any opinion about the cultural appropriation? Personally, as an asian, I agree with this post. It's curated and designed by chinese members of the art and fashion community, so the even itself is just a celebration of it.. diggingandfluff(.)tumblr(.)com/post/117946570719/people-are-saying-the-met-ball-is-culturally

I follow fashion and I always look forward to the Met Gala cause I always love seeing what people wear to accommodate the theme and I am so glad a lot of people opted out on NOT following the theme. I was a bit cautious about the exhibition but I knew ahead of time that there were Asians behind the scenes putting together the gala so I knew it couldn’t have been too bad… But I’ve always been against the theme because a culture is NOT a theme.

I was more concerned about the attendees because this years theme is different from all the other themes, they usually celebrate designers or have themes like “Punk” (which is one of my favorites) and “Superheroes” and this years was a culture. The gala is well known for it’s themes and attendees. People who aren’t interested in the gala are more interested in the celebrities that go than the exhibition. So making the theme “China” was a red flag because that gave people an excuse to wear appropriative/stereotypical formal wear and having white media deem it “fashionable” with a lack of understanding the culture.

Also another thing that bothers me is that J.Lo’s dragon dress, Georgie May Jagger’s silk robe, and Grace Coddington’s silk pajamas all made it onto a best dressed list but they leave out Fan Bingbing in Chinese designer Christopher Bu’s designs or Maggie Q who was killing it imo? 

Non-Asians are likely to be credited for doing things Asians have been doing for a long time. They’ll call Justin Bieber’s jacket tonight “trendsetting” or silk robes “the next big thing”. I mean have you guys seen those Taco Bell Sriracha commercials? That’s been around for as long as I can remember and probably even longer than that but to all my American friends it’s this brand new thing that just came out??? It’s just frustrating because this all could have been avoided. If they wanted to “honor” a culture they should have known that making the “aesthetics” of Chinese culture a theme would have been insensitive and controversial. 

Also S/O to Alexander Wang for not dressing up @ the Met Gala pajama party.

If you’re ever wondering whether you should ask me for relationship advice, just know that I broke up with my first “boyfriend” in Kindergarten because I wanted to be my favorite superhero, Flash, and Flash didn’t have a boyfriend.

merckiller asked:

I just had to watch my favorite superhero die again! *sobs*

Oh sweetie. I’m sorry.. It really is awful. *hugs you tightly* I’m here for cuddles and support 😊


Chris, you fucking meatball.