5 Favorite DaForge Moments

Data and Geordi playing Sherlock in the holodeck

Data throwing Geordi when he got electrocuted and then touching his back

Geordi touching Data’s hand in part 1 of “Birthright”

Geordi smiling as he talks about the time Data fell into a lake in part 2 of “Descent”

Also from “Descent” Data telling Geordi their friendship means more to him then having emotion (the one thing he wanted the entire series)

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🌈 Favorite Color?

This was already answered, but the answer is teal!

🎧 Favorite Song at the moment?

I’ve had Caroline by Aminé stuck in my head all day, so probably that one!

🐼 Favorite Animal?

Dogs if we’re talking pets, wolves if we’re talking non-pets (though TECHNICALLY dogs were once wolves so you CAN have wolves as pets, but ya know)

🎬 Favorite Movie at the moment?

Can I answer the new Star Trek franchise? Because I’m literally obsessed with those movies rn

👗 What’s your clothing style?

Who even knows anymore. I just like looking good but also being comfortable simultaneously

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Favorite Nyota Uhura Moments

In no particular order.

  • Listening to half a dozen Asian and European languages in “Assignment Earth” and understanding every word.
  • Responding to Kirk being surprised at her jumping at the opportunity to take shore leave in “The Trouble With Tribbles” with “And how often do I get shore leave?”. Did you get that ever-so-subtle hint, Kirk?
  • Being adorable in “The Trouble With Tribbles” and being responsible for the great Tribble outbreak. (I’m guessing that she didn’t get terribly much shore leave for a while after that.)
  • The “you’re going to sit in the closet” scene in “The Search for Spock”. Yeah, you better be glad she’s on your side, McCoy!
  • Flirting with Spock in “The Man Trap” and “Charlie X”. You go, girl! Get you some of that hot half-Vulcan!
  • Every time she proves that she is one of the most versatile members of the entire crew by taking over at the science station, navigation, etc.
  • “So naturally when I’m lonely I think of you.”
  • Being brave enough to look her captain in the eye and admit she’s afraid in “Plato’s Stepchildren” and “Mirror, Mirror”.
  • The whole episode “Mirror, Mirror”. Need I say more?
  • Successfully rewiring the entire communications array in “Who Mourns for Adonais?”
  • Being the only non-Vulcan seen playing the Vulcan lyre and singing “Beyond Antares” beautifully.
  • Recovering from having her memory wiped in just a matter of weeks.
  • Coming up with the idea of how to locate the Bird-of-Prey in “The Undiscovered Country”. “The thing’s gotta have a tailpipe.”
  • The death glare she gave Galt during the entire episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion”, just like the one she gave the augment in “Space Seed”.
  • Faking out the android in “I, Mudd”, as well as that incredibly graceful slap she gives Chekov.
  • Every single time she ever appeared on screen.

Imagine if AI turned out to like experiencing human entertainment like humans do, like watching movies and reading books, the same way humans do. They wouldn’t just download the book/movie into their memory and go “ah yes, quite, I enjoyed the second act quite a bit” in three nanoseconds after processing - they would sit down with a book and read it, page after page, or sit down and watch the movie from start to finish with their own eyes.

Because books and movies and, more importantly, stories, have pacing. What would be the point of the hair-raising suspense of a dramatic story and its twists and turns, or even simply a slow but steady buildup, if you took it in all at once? What would be the point of a mystery novel if the very moment you started it you’d already know the solution?

I think one of my favorite moments in Star Trek was the (comical) moment of Data sitting at his desk, staring at a blank screen, when Geordi walks in. Data explains that he’s reading ancient Doosodarian poetry, where long periods of silence were intentional.

Data could have just downloaded a database with all of Doosodarian poetry into his brain and performed it perfectly, but he wants to understand it. He wants to experience it. He does a similar thing as he plays the violin in a later episode, and Picard mentions how he appreciates the little imperfections in individual violin masters’ performances, since they give the artists character. Even Data ends up developing his little violin quirks over time, because he physically practices, instead of simply downloading a bunch of information and reproducing it perfectly.

my favorite Star Trek Event is any moment where u can see that spock desperately wants to look directly into the camera like he’s on the office but vulcan culture doesnt allow for existential performatory reactions to nonsense so he simply Raises The Eyebrow


One of my favorite Garak moments

Garak was probably my favorite character on Star Trek DS9, and this is one of my favorite moments with him. It’s not my absolute favorite, mind you – that would be that scene with Quark, in the bar, as they discuss the prospects of being rescued by the Federation in the face of an impending Klingon assault – but none the less this is an awesome moment.