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[DS9 Season 7, Badda Bing, Badda Bang]

my favorite Star Trek Event is any moment where u can see that spock desperately wants to look directly into the camera like he’s on the office but vulcan culture doesnt allow for existential performatory reactions to nonsense so he simply Raises The Eyebrow

5 Favorite DaForge Moments

Data and Geordi playing Sherlock in the holodeck

Data throwing Geordi when he got electrocuted and then touching his back

Geordi touching Data’s hand in part 1 of “Birthright”

Geordi smiling as he talks about the time Data fell into a lake in part 2 of “Descent”

Also from “Descent” Data telling Geordi their friendship means more to him then having emotion (the one thing he wanted the entire series)


One of my favorite Garak moments

Garak was probably my favorite character on Star Trek DS9, and this is one of my favorite moments with him. It’s not my absolute favorite, mind you – that would be that scene with Quark, in the bar, as they discuss the prospects of being rescued by the Federation in the face of an impending Klingon assault – but none the less this is an awesome moment.


One of my favorite Garak moments. He was always my favorite.