Quick Eric Harris Trivia

Eric’s middle name: David
Eric was born in Wichita, Kansas
Eric loved dogs, his was named Sparky. Sparky was a Yorkie and died a year after Eric
Eric wrote a letter to ID software with ideas for DooM 3 (im sure his would have been a better game)
Eric’s favorite body part on a women was her legs
His favorite soda was Mountain Dew
He was born on the 9th of April, star sign Aries
He drove an automatic
His favorite sport was soccer.
His dream car was a Hummer.
His favorite season was summer.
His favorite day of the week was Friday.
Eric bought the letters for natural selection at hobby lobby
He loved pepperoni and green pepper pizza
Eric was born with a congenial leg problem that required numerous doctor’s visits when he was a baby.
Eric smoked kamel reds

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