I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.


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Common misconception about the X-Men. Everyone thinks their favorite sport is baseball. 

But actually, every single X-men’s favorite sport is definitely Canadian bowling. 

Throwing Wolverine at the bad guys. 

How do we emerge victorious from the quagmire
Leave the battlefield waving Robbie Rotten’s hat higher?

Favorite German Words

Der Muskelkater = literally “muscle tomcat”. :D Der Muskel = (singular) muscle. Der Kater = male cat/tomcat. Einen Kater haben = slang for “to have a hangover” after drinking, partying… Muskelkater haben = to have a muscle hangover aka sore limbs after doing sports or other physical activity. Der Muskelkater.

February 17, 1995

Unwilling to be part of an inferior product placed on the field and as a show of support for his players, Tigers manager Sparky Anderson is suspended without pay when he refuses to manage replacement players in spring training during the 1995 work stoppage. Anderson will resume his duties when the strike is resolved, but will ‘retire’, some believe not voluntarily, at the end of the season.

viveleyumikurietlegale  asked:

Hi mama ! I was just wondering, what are the favorite sports of the 104 and the vets please ? Btw, kisses from France !

Mikasa: Boxing
Reiner: Wrestling
Bertholdt: Tennis
Annie: Kickboxing
Eren: Soccer
Jean: Basketball
Marco: Badminton
Sasha: Archery
Connie: Dancing
Historia: Gymnastics
Armin: Table tennis
Ymir: Snowboarding
Levi: Squash
Hanji: Free climbing 
Erwin: Swimming
Nanaba: Figure skating
Mike: Baseball
Moblit: Jogging

anonymous asked:

Any general or random Bundy facts?

- He was left handed.

- He loved all animals and would often brought rescued animals to Liz home.

- He was very athletic and his favorite sport was skiing. 

- He loved pizzas, hamburgers and a good steak accompanied with a glass of wine. Also, his favorite beer was Mickey’s.

- His first car was a 1933 Plymouth Coupe.

- He bought his first VW in 1966, the ‘58 model.

- Graduates Bachelor of Science in psychology in 1972. He was one of the top student according to one of his former professor, Ronald Smith. He studied the following courses : animal learning, deviant development, deviant personality physiological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and statistical methods.

- According to Carol Booth, he was obsessed with cleaning.