sixofcrowsnw challenge (take two) week 2: favorite secondary character guest appearance | nikolai, zoya, and genya

They’ve been told they would be meeting with only two members of the Triumvirate, but three people stood by the pool. Jesper knew the one-eyed girl in the red-and-blue kefta must be Genya Safin, and that meant the shockingly gorgeous girl with the thick fall of ebony hair was Zoya Nazyalensky. They were accompanied by a fox-faced man in his twenties wearing a teal frock coat, brown leather gloves, and an impressive set of Zemeni revolvers slung around his hips.


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two
FEBRUARY 21-27: favorite secondary character

     Jesper turned. “How good is your Kerch really?”
     “Fairly good.”
     “Okay, then I hope you understand exactly what I mean when I say you are definitely more trouble than you’re worth.”
     Kuwei beamed, looking entirely too pleased with himself. “Kaz seems to think I’m worth a great deal now.”
    Jesper rolled his eyes skyward. “You fit right in here.”

―  Leigh Bardugo, Crooked Kingdom


sixofcrowsnw challenge week two: favorite secondary characters

“how’s my land?” she’d ask every day when his father returned from the fields, and later jesper would learn that the farm had been in her name, a wedding gift from his father, who had courted aditi hilli for nearly a year before she’d deigned to give him the time of day. 

“blooming,” he’d say, kissing her cheek.  “just like you, love.”

     - leigh bardugo

I just decided my ranking of the Matsuno brothers after a rewatching of the series. I can’t wait for the next season! 

Jyushimatsu > Karamatsu > Todomatsu > Ichimatsu > Osomatsu > Choromatsu

My otp (KaraTodo and IchiJyushi), brotp (KaraJyushi) and brot3 (IchiKaraJyushi)

Osomatsu is really annoying, but Choromatsu is the worst of them imho.

And a special mention for Dayon, he’s my favorite secondary character. 


15 days of bates motel
 ⤷ day 11: favorite secondary character- dylan massett

“I just really wanna help you get better and you need to trust me, please. I’m your brother and I love you”.

HTTYD ask meme
  • Making this ‘cause why not. Spread and share as you like!
  • 1. How would you handle living on Berk?
  • 2. How do you think you'd be different if you grew up on Berk?
  • 3. Yaks, chicken, or sheep?
  • 4. The chicken is not amused. What did you do wrong?
  • 5. Favorite dragon species?
  • 6. What type of dragon would you like to ride? Is that different from the dragon you'd most likely ride?
  • 7. How would your first flight on a dragon turn out?
  • 8. On a scale of Snotlout to Hiccup, how are your dragon riding skills?
  • 9. Would you get into trouble on Berk?
  • 10. Would you try Astrid's yaknog?
  • 11. Coolest dragon?
  • 12. Scariest dragon?
  • 13. Most unique dragon?
  • 14. Favorite dragon class?
  • 15. Suggest a new dragon species. What does it look like? What are its powers? etc.
  • 16. If YOU were a dragon, what would you be?
  • 17. Any underappreciated dragon species you want to give a callout to?
  • 18. What do you think Stoick does with all his wooden duck carvings?
  • 19. The dragon riders can visit anywhere in the world, any place in history. Where would you suggest they go?
  • 20. You, Hiccup, Snotlout, and Tuffnut are now roommates in an apartment. How well does this work out?
  • 21. You, Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut are now roommates in an apartment. How well does this work out?
  • 22. What do you think the dragon riders are like as old women and men?
  • 23. Which character do you relate the most to?
  • 24. How well do your know your dragon stats?
  • 25. Who would you want to spend a day with? Who would be your best friend?
  • 26. How would you handle the twins' pranks? Loki'd!
  • 27. You and Snotlout are on patrol together. What happens?
  • 28. Which character would you get along with the least?
  • 29. Anyone on Berk you'd date? I hear Bucket is single...
  • 30. Axes, swords, hammers, bows and arrows, or maces?
  • 31. What would your house look like on Dragon's Edge?
  • 32. What is your favorite house on Dragon's Edge?
  • 33. What's your favorite island? (outside of Berk)
  • 34. Favorite villain?
  • 35. How would you handle being kidnapped by the Outcasts?
  • 36. Give the dragon riders superpowers. What can each of them do?
  • 37. Favorite track in the HTTYD or HTTYD 2 OST?
  • 38. Favorite ship?
  • 39. Favorite friendship?
  • 40. Favorite dragon-rider duo?
  • 41. Favorite secondary or background character?
  • 42. Suggest a new pairing. Why would it work?
  • 43. I want these two characters to spend more time together...
  • 44. Come up with a crack pairing.
  • 45. Have any HTTYD OCs?
  • 46. Suggest a new AU (or mention an AU you like).
  • 47. Suggest a new crossover (or mention one you like).
  • 48. List off your top three fandoms. Now combine them with HTTYD. What would the crossover be like?
  • 49. List off any three of your fandoms and combine them with HTTYD for the weirdest crossover you can think of.
  • 50. Do you think any of the dragon riders have children? Have any headcanons about the next generation?
  • 51. Favorite thing about your favorite character?
  • 52. Tell me a character and I'll give you a headcanon.
  • 53. Tell me a character and I'll give you a favorite quote.
  • 54. Tell me a show, movie, or movie short and I'll tell you a favorite scene.
  • 55. Have you read the books? If so, which book is your favorite?
  • 56. Suggest a DreamWorks Dragons episode plot.
  • 57. Who's an underappreciated character and why do you appreciate them?
  • 58. You have to give each of the dragon riders awards. What awards do you give everyone?
  • 59. Who has the best hairstyle?
  • 60. Should Hiccup, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Tuffnut grow beards?
  • 61. Who has the best outfit?
  • 62. How would you react if Snotlout started hitting on you?
  • 63. How would you react if Ruffnut started hitting on you?
  • 64. Do you know all the lyrics in "For the Dancing and the Dreaming?"
  • 65. Let's be mean. How do you think each of the dragon riders will die?
  • 66. How did you enter the HTTYD fandom?
  • 67. When did you enter the HTTYD fandom?
  • 68. What made you fall in love with How to Train Your Dragon?
  • 69. What is something you didn't initially think about but grew to love about HTTYD?
  • 70. What is the BEST thing (to you) about HTTYD and its franchise?

Mark your calendars, July 17 - 23 is Lolirock Appreciation Week! An event centered around creating fanworks to show the staff how much we love Lolirock and appreciate all their hard work! The themes for each day are:

  • day one - favorite female character
  • day two - favorite male character
  • day three - favorite secondary character (Missy, Doug, Ellen, etc)
  • day four - favorite episode
  • day five - favorite piece of lore or hc
  • day six - favorite ship (m/f, f/f, m/m, ot3)
  • day seven - free choice!

This is open to everyone, just label what day/prompt you’re doing and tag the post as #lrappreciationweek. This is a positivity event so no ship bashing, character hate or being rude to each other. Please keep it PG-13 and below and no reposting other people’s work. Most importantly, have fun!


Favorite Secondary Characters → Shaeva, A Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir

↳“I am not an efrit,” she says after settling herself across from me. “They are weaker creatures, born of the lower elements. Sand or shadow. Clay, wind, or water.”
“Then what are you?” I say. “Or”—I take in her deceptively human form, save for those ageless eyes—“what were you?”
“I was a girl, once.” The Soul Catcher looks down at the speckled pattern cast upon her hands by one of the Tribal lamps. She sounds almost thoughtful. “A foolish girl who did one foolish thing. But that led to another foolish thing. Foolish became disastrous, disastrous became murderous, and murderous became damned.” She sighs. “Now here I am, chained to this place, paying for my crimes by escorting ghosts from one realm to the next.”

Once Upon a Time: Details on potential vignette episode

Hoping for answers about your favorite secondary characters before Once Upon a Time‘s sixth season ends? Well, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

EW can reveal that there were very early plans to do a vignette-style episode that would have provided an update, or even some closure, on secondary characters whose stories haven’t been touched upon in a while.

Rumor has it, the idea was to open on Henry (Jared Gilmore) and a storybook as he recounted tales about Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Lily (Agnes Bruckner), Will (Michael Socha) and Anastasia (Emma Rigby), and others. Alas, the hour didn’t make it into the lineup this year.

“We mulled it, and we hope someday we get to it,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells EW.

Executive producer Adam Horowitz explains that the problem with dedicating an entire hour to these secondary characters is that it takes away from the main storyline. “It ultimately comes down to: Where do you want to spend your time?” Horowitz says. “There’s so much we want to explore with our core characters. While we would love to tell you what’s going on with Kathryn [Anastasia Griffith] or the Red Queen, if we can find ways to slip in bits of it, or to tell you what’s going on with Lily, we’ll do it, but to give over a whole episode to it — as much as we love the idea on a conceptual level — it’s such precious real estate. Not that we don’t love the minor characters, but we have to honor our main cast.”

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The X-Files Graphic Novels: A Visual Guide

Okay, in order to avoid confusion, let me explain a little bit about the graphic novels, what the hell is happening in each one, and why this Audible adaptation is going to be so awesome (in my humble opinion).

They are making the adaptation from The X-Files Season 10, written by Joe Harris.  That’s this series, published by IDW in 2013, which takes place sometime after IWTB.  That’s all I’m going to say about a timeline, because when it was first published, the actual Revival (Season 10 of the television series) wasn’t even being talked about, so IWTB is our only frame of reference in terms of when these events happened.  In it, Mulder and Scully are still living under assumed names, but they’re living together.  Scully is a doctor, Mulder is still kind of a homebody, and then something happens that brings them back into the search for the Truth.  Quite a few of our old favorite monsters, villains, and secondary characters make a comeback, including the Flukeman, the Peacocks, the Long Gunmen, and Gibson Praise.  And again, let me stress…Mulder and Scully are STILL TOGETHER ROMANTICALLY: 

The above series is NOT to be confused with The X-Files, which is also written by Joe Harris and was published by IDW in 2016.  The X-Files, pictured below, is a completely different storyline from the one pictured above.  It’s a Revival-era series which takes place sometime after the My Struggle I, meaning that it includes the estrangement.  This is a story about Revival-era Mulder and Scully, and encompasses the whole breakup and all that jazz, and THIS is the series that Scully has started to see someone else:

Bookish Asks: Character Edition
  1. Who is the first character you remember connecting with?
  2. Which character would you want to be best friends with?
  3. If you were a character in your favorite book, what kind of future would you hope the author would write for you?
  4. Which character do you hate but the world loves?
  5. Which character do you love but the world hates?
  6. What aspect of yourself do you wish you saw more often in literature?
  7. Who is your favorite couple/OTP?
  8. Who is your least favorite/NoTP?
  9. Which character reminds you of your best qualities? Your worst?
  10. What do you envision your favorite character doing after the end of their book?
  11. The book you’re reading right now is being adapted. Who would you cast?
  12. Would you ever name a child or pet after a character?
  13. Is there a character name that will stop you from reading a book?
  14. Which character would be your ideal personal trainer?
  15. Which character would be your ideal roommate?
  16. Which character do you wish you could follow on social media?
  17. Which character do you think would have similar reading tastes to you?
  18. You want to throw yourself an awesome birthday party. Which character do you ask to plan the festivities?
  19. Make a literary family! Pick two parents and two siblings.
  20. Kiss, Marry, Kill: Pick a character for each from your favorite book or series.
  21. Share a personal headcanon about your favorite character.
  22. What is a trait you can’t stand in a character?
  23. What is a trait you love in a character?
  24. What literary family would you want to spend holidays with?
  25. What character would you want to go out and party with?
  26. What character is taking care of you after you party too hard?
  27. What is the last character death that you cried over?
  28. Which character’s death hit you the hardest?
  29. You’re making a mixtape for your favorite character. What three songs must be on it?
  30. Which character do you think is underrated?
  31. Who is your favorite secondary character?
  32. Which character would you like to cosplay as?
  33. What are your favorite character names?
  34. If you had to switch names with a character, who would you choose?
  35. Who is your favorite villain?
  36. What is your favorite fictional monster?
  37. You’re getting married! Which characters would you want in your wedding party?
  38. Who is the first character you had a crush on?
  39. Which side character deserves their own book or series?
  40. Sort your favorite character into a Hogwarts house.

Pride and Prejudice Meme: Favorite secondary character
↳  Charlotte Lucas

HOW did I forget how much I adore the beginning of Crucible of Gold???

Hammond running from the bunyips and literally falling off a cliff to land at the feet of ~hot outback rancher Laurence~ who literally sternly lectures the bunyips into submission and then pulls him up with one hand

and meanwhile hammond is just thinking ‘laurence??? beard????' 

Relationships Week Meme

You can always explain your answers ;)

And of course you can reply to them all at once or in an ask!

  1. Favorite friendship in the entire trilogy?
  2. Favorite friendship among the Normandy crew (Shepard not included)? 
  3. Top 5 friendship moments (all friendships)?
  4. Top 5 relationships moments (all relationships)?
  5. Favorite relationship between secondary/background characters?
  6. Favorite family (biological or created) in the entire trilogy? 
  7. Favorite romantic relationship (canon, or not canon)? 
  8. Talk about your non-Shepard OCs if you have them and their relationships with others (friendship, romance, family)?
  9. Describe your own relationship to the characters (are they your bffs? your family? everything?)
  10. Most complicated relationship in the trilogy?
  11. Most “what a slow burn but it was all worth it” relationship in the trilogy?
  12. Most frustrating relationship in the trilogy? 
  13. Is there one relationship that you feel deserved a different end? 
  14. Favorite cute in a low key way relationship in the trilogy (they’re not your fav ship/friendship/family but you still think “aaaaw” when you think about them)? 
  15. Most epic relationship in the trilogy? 
  16. Talk about the friends you made in the Mass Effect fandom since discovering the trilogy :)