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“You want to help? Keep the car running.”



Underrated Character Appreciation: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Soul Eater)

I have a friend who has helped me realize something. He’s helped me see that a Camellia does have a fragrance!

I love Tsubaki, she is definitely in my top five fave anime girls. Considering she didn’t get a huge amount of development in the 51 episode anime, I feel like that says alot about the development she did get. I love that her pushover nature is explored and we get to see why she puts up with Black*Star’s huge ego. These episodes were definitely some of my favorites. It was refreshing seeing Black*Star act so mature and selfless—the way he stood watch over her body while she was in the sword! Plus it was when I started shipping Black*Star x Tsubaki, I mean when he said she could wait and tell him about her relationship with the Enchanted Sword when she was ready :3 that was sooo sweet and how he told her about his family *drowning in feels* Besides, I can really relate to Tsubaki, we both hold a lot of our feelings in and try to deal with our problems without asking our friends for help in fear of bothering them and I was glad that Tsubaki realized it was okay to ask for help and that her being shy and overly helpful and concerned for others wasn’t a bad thing. I was happy to see her finally stand up to her brother because I know how it feels to be treated badly by those you love and never say anything for fear of hurting them. 

Always remember that
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Since this upcoming Thursday marks the one year anniversary of the episode “Eternal scouts” and since it is Earl Harlan Week, I decided to upload this part of the episode, which I personally find rather sad.

I really hope that we will get to hear some more about him (or from him, we can never know) in the new episode!

this is an unhinged structureless ramble but i’ve still got Bismuth On My Mind

the far-fetched thought that i can’t get out of my head is what if rose and bismuth’s argument was about more than just the Breaking Point. or wasn’t about that at all. what if that was just the…well, breaking point of a deeper conflict.

i don’t have any evidence for this besides the fact that the Breaking Point is really, really, really strategically unsound???? it seems like rose the brilliant strategist would’ve had the foresight to be like ‘yknow this thing is really elegant in its simplicity bis…what the hell are we gonna do when homeworld reverse engineers it’ and then the worst thing that would’ve happened was some ‘whoops didn’t think about that’ wounded pride on bismuth’s part 

idk maybe not maybe there’s a factor i don’t know about but it seems like bismuth’s a wayyyyy better social theorist than she is a battle strategist and that could actually be kind of a cool character thing, like, for her to be the Political Thinker of the team once she’s UNBUBBLED AS SHE RIGHTFULLY SHOULD BE more than an actual warrior just b/c like. she’s huge and butch and it would be a stereotype breaker for her to be their Idea Gem mainly (and also make swords and stuff)

but that also seems like it could be a key to talking her around, i feel like the only reason she acted like she did (besides HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE WRITING CHOICES) is because she’d put all her hope in what she thought would work and once she knows it won’t she’d be open to plan B and then they can get to talking and come to an understanding

HOW did I forget how much I adore the beginning of Crucible of Gold???

Hammond running from the bunyips and literally falling off a cliff to land at the feet of ~hot outback rancher Laurence~ who literally sternly lectures the bunyips into submission and then pulls him up with one hand

and meanwhile hammond is just thinking ‘laurence??? beard????' 

anonymous asked:

Is it considered erasure if I consider a character as LGBT in my novel, but don't mention it text because it doesn't matter in the context of the story? Because I know a lot of people give JK Rowling a hard time about it, but I mean Dumbledore's sexuality really didn't matter in the context of the story? So, I was wondering what different opinions on this were.

Yes, it is erasure. Proper representation is visible. If you don’t put that your character is lgbt+ in the actual text, there is no representation. If JK Rowling had not told us through Word of God that Dumbledore was gay, we would have all kept believing he was straight because, unfortunately, characters are assumed straight until proven otherwise.

And as for not mattering in the context of the story, I have three things to say:

  • The favorite sports teams of secondary characters didn’t matter in the context of the story, but we learned about that anyway.
  • Dumbledore having romantic feelings for Grindelwald, whom he later had to defeat, is pretty damn important if you ask me. If that little factoid had made it into the books, the whole thing surrounding Grindelwald and Dumbledore would have been a bit more interesting and more conflicting.
  • By the logic of “it doesn’t matter therefore we should leave it out”, writers are 1) erasing marginalized people by promoting the use of white/straight/etc as the default for characters and 2) promoting the idea that marginalized characters can only be seen if the part of them that is marginalized is directly related to the plot.

If you have trouble showing that a character is lgbt+ without a plot that directly relates to that here are two posts to help.

Valvrave Week 8/17
Favourite Character / A character that deserves more love

haruto / otamaya!!

>haruto, take a pic with me!


Brother Bear is a truly heart-warming tale that for *ahem* “unknown” reasons tends to be forgotten by the masses. It’s time to spread the word about this stunning film as far as we can get soooooo mark your calenders Disney fans! Brother Bear appreciation week officially begins on July 13th through the 19th! Express your love of this completely underrated film through gifsets, edits, and text posts all week.

As with all appreciation weeks you’re free to show your support in any way you’d like, but if you’d like some guidance I’ve selected some prompts you can do each day!

  • [SUNDAY 07/13] Fave main character - show your love for any of the major characters (yes I understand there aren’t that many that would be classified as major just take your pick from the few that would be)
  • [MONDAY 07/14] Fave minor character - pretty self explanatory I’d say! Pick your favorite secondary character and show your love
  • [TUESDAY 07/15] Fave quote(s) - this film is full of silly, sad, and/or inspirational lines. Pick your favorite(s) and show us!
  • [WEDNESDAY 07/16] Fave scene - a scene in the film that never fails to move you in some way
  • [THURSDAY 07/17] Fave pairing (friendship, family, romantic, etc) - which 2 people in this film have a bond you aspire to have? 
  • [FRIDAY 07/18] Fave thing about or in the film - do you love the message Brother Bear tells, the music? Or physically do you love the drawings on the caves, Koda’s smile, the fish at the salmon run? Of all the things in the film, what tickles your fancy the most?
  • [SATURDAY 07/19] Anything you want! - anything you’re just dying to share? Share it! The more the merrier!

Finally, we don’t want your voice not to be heard! Tag all your posts and track #brother bear appreciation week so you don’t miss any of it! (If you tag your posts be sure to put the above tag within the first 5 tags or it won’t show up in the tag!) And if you are doing a gifset or edit be sure to tag #disneyedit and #brotherbearedit (is that a thing? i’m not actually sure let’s make it a thing)

Also Hux is literally a space Nazi imperialist asshole hes not a cute innocent dude he helped destroy 5 fucking planets??? I dont think hes gonna be getting a redemption arc at all and idk it just makes me a bit uncomfortable that hes become a fan favorite when hes a secondary character and also horrible 

Casefile Monday

We so rarely come across a casefile that also doubles as part of the mytharc that when we stumble into one that’s so well-written, we get really excited to share it with you.

Today’s casefile features some of our favorite secondary characters as well, namely Skinner and Krychek, and Krychek features prominently enough that we actually came to kind of dig him in this story.  His motivations become clearer, as does an obvious thing he’s been harboring for Scully.  Which, surprisingly, isn’t as creepy as it sounds and is actually kinda sweet.

Also, Mulder and Scully’s UST resolves pretty amazingly and it’s…well the relationship is incredibly on point in this fic.

Title:  Above Rubies Part I / Part II / Part III

Author: Rachel Howard

Rating: NC-17

Length: 335K / word count:  171,000+

Synopsis:   Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys galore,
Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Spoilers:  Through S5

Possible Triggers:  Some pretty brutal murder, some torture, and some general mayhem.  The bad guys are some seriously messed up dudes.

anonymous asked:

other than saitama genos and sonic who is ur fav opm character?

Licenseless Rider!

I mean, C’MON!! Despite being a C-Class hero, he goes headfirst into a demon level threat because he knows it’s the right thing to do.

He’s also the first one to show Saitama any support, other then Genos.

So yeah. Licenseless Rider is definitely my favorite secondary character.

He’s also fucking hilarious.

I just hope we get to see a lot more of him.

Hello fellow KamiAso fans! Have you rewatched the anime over and over? Can you sing along to the character songs by heart? Just getting started in the fandom and need somewhere to vent the feels? Or vent the frustration from lack of updates on Infinite?

Congratulations! This challenge is for you!

Do a little, do a lot, do 1 day or do all 30! It’s up to you and it’s all about sharing the KamiAso love.

Have fun!

Day 1: How did you discover Kamigami no Asobi?
Day 2: Who’s your favorite character?
Day 3: Who’s your favorite secondary character?
Day 4: Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian – What’s your favorite mythology group?
Day 5: Talk fashion to me, out of all the outfits the characters wear, do you have a favorite?
Day 6: How about a favorite god form outfit?
Day 7: Would you want to be on the Student Council? Or in one of the clubs?
Day 8: Do you ship anyone? What’s your OTP?
Day 9: …OT3?
Day 10: What’s your favorite scene?
Day 11: What is the funniest scene?
Day 12: Did you prefer the Fate Ends? Or Romance Ends? Or both?
Day 13: What was your favorite Romance End?
Day 14: What was your favorite Fate End?
Day 15: What was the saddest scene?
Day 16: Do you have a favorite character song?
Day 17: What’s your favorite BGM?
Day 18: Favorite quote?
Day 19: Favorite Hades pun?
Day 20: Favorite Thoth kabe-don?
Day 21: Favorite “where’s Anubis” scene?
Day 22: Who needs a good slap?
Day 23: Who’s the most badass?
Day 24: What about our resident human? What’s your favorite Yui scene?
Day 25: What would you do if you were Humanity’s Representative? Would we be saved? Doomed?
Day 26: What would you like to see happen in Kamigami no Asobi Infinite?
Day 27: What other gods/mythologies would you like to see in the Miniature Garden?
Day 28: Are you active in the fandom at all? Strut your stuff! Fanart/fanfic/etc.
Day 29: Seen other people being active? Give us your fandom recs!
Day 30: “Love is ______” ?