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What anime would you recommend (romantic$

My favorite romance animes are

Kimi ni todoke
Gekkan shoujo nozaki kun (though this is more comedy than romance)
ore monogatari
Clannad and Clannad Afterstory

But other generally good romance animes include:
shigatsu wa kimi no uso
special a
nagi no asukara
inu x boku ss
kyoukai no kanata
Kaichou wa maidsama

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1. Favorite Anime? Hunter x Hunter, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Death Note, Parasyte and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

2. Your Worst Anime? Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul root A (it’s really nothing like the manga, plus the censorship :/)

3. Do you read the Manga that go with the Anime you watch? uhh i really don’t understand this question lol but i guess i read the manga only after i’ve finished watching the anime

4. Favorite Genres? Psychological, Mecha, and Ecchi (not as much tho)

5. Least Favorite Genres? Romance, and comedy/gag

6. Favorite Character?
 Kurapika, Gon Freecss, Asuka Langley, and Kyon

7. Least Favorite Character? Hisoka, Shinji Ikari (don’t send me hate for this)

8. Qualities you like in a Character? Compassion, Forgiveness, and Loyalty 

9. Short or Long anime? Long. I usually don’t like watching short animes

10. Anime or Manga? Manga… i really don’t have time to watch anime tbh

11. How do you choose the anime you watch? by googling ‘top ten animes’ etc or asking someone to recommend me something

12. Skip or listen to Intros/Outros? Listen

13. How do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime? its not a big deal but none of my siblings or irl friends watch anime… so its kinda upsetting that i have no one to talk about it with tbh

14. Do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it? No. i’ll finish the episode anyway if i don’t like it… i don’t like stopping midway… but i won’t finish the series

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Kao returns with movie complaints :))

  • The girl at the ticket counter looked at Kao, who was alone, and then to the lovey dovey couples together. She asked “just one ticket?” and then gave Kao a funny look when he said yes.
  • Kao completely forgot its senior citizen day so they get to watch free movies and so Kao was in an almost full theater with a bunch of old people.
  • When the protagonist, a humble girl working to earn money for her family, tells her love interest that her favorite romance story is “Romeo and Juliet.” Kao instantly knew that the movie was going to be bad.
  • Well, it wasn’t bad per se, but it felt like something a 13 year old would write? Angst riddled and love triangles and all those different tropes? Or maybe Kao’s just really used to writing fluff so he felt really grossed out watching the whole thing lmao.
  • It…. It wasn’t good =)) The cinematography was fantastic though, but the content of the movie was a 4/10 =)))

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1. Favorite band? My Chemical Romance

2. Are you a gamer, if so what is your favorite video game? No I’m really not lol.

3. Favorite YouTubers? Dan and phil, crankthatfrank

4. Dog or cat? Ummm… both?

5. Do you play Pokemon Go, if so what team did you join? I haven’t gotten it yet…

6. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

7. Do you play instruments, if so what you play? Guitar

8. What fandoms are you in? Lots of bandoms lol. Mcrmy, skeleton clique, etc…

9. Favorite song lyric? “Man I really love taco Bell…”

10. What/who is your spirit animal? Cat idk

11. What is the craziest thing that has happened to you? I got tackled by two football players in middle school.

My questions…

1. Favourite color?

2. Scariest movie you’ve ever watched

3. If you could be in one band, which would you pick and why?

4. What song describes how you feel at the moment?

5. Most inspirational quote from a musician you like

6. How old were you when you first discovered bands?

7. Favorite animal?

8. Favorite candy?

9. Movie that makes you cry

10. First word that comes to your mind (I’m running out of questions)

11. What makes you the happiest?

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Don’t Touch ME!!!!!! I am so emotional right now I can hardly breathe, OMFUCKINGGOD! what does this mean??!!!!!!!!!!!

“Our hearts pump the notes we play in life”

Prompt 73

Person A is prone to having nightmares and suffers from insomnia. Person B on the other hand is a deep sleeper and early riser.

Person B doesn’t want Person A to feel lonely during the night but also can’t keep their eyes open past 11 pm, so what they do is record themselves ranting, singing lullabies, reciting poetry, *reading steamy fanfiction*, and just rambling on how great Person A is.

Even if Person A may fall asleep that night, at least they have this warm feeling inside knowing that Person B loves them–and that feeling is almost better than actually sleeping.

Angel 30 Days Challenge

Day 3: FAVORITE ROMANCE - Cangel (is that even a surprise)

I’m a HUGE Cangel shipper and would die for them! Here’s why:

Angel and Cordelia were so perfect for each other. No one would ever even think about those two completely different people becoming best friends and eventually falling in love when they were still in Sunnydale. But they did.

And it was beautiful.

In the beginning of season 1 it was fairly obvious Angel was annoyed with Cordelia at times (Rm w/ a Vu), but when Doyle asked him about her he would describe her with this cute smile on his face. And after Doyle died Angel and Cordelia were the ones left behind and they grew closer. Of course Wesley joined them, but they had a stronger bond. And this is how it stayed - them being closer to one another than anyone else. By the end of the season 1 Angel saw Cordelia as his dearest friend and he knew he needed her and that she’s very important to him. 

They took care for each other like no one else did. No one cared for Cordy like Angel did and no one cared for Angel like Cordy did. This is portrayed very well in Epiphany when Cordelia gets a vision and Angel catches her before she falls and then she asks Wesley and Gunn, who were standing in front of her like always, why is she not on the floor this time - implicating they never caught her when Angel was not around. 

They also made each other smile and laugh and they lit up the room sometimes. Cordelia was a natural when it came to making Angel smile like an idiot. No one did that as well as she did. He became broody quickly when she wasn’t around - season 5 - he didn’t smile as much anymore. And if it weren’t for You’re Welcome, I don’t know if I’d have noticed it so quickly. The moment he saw her, his smile lit up his whole face. And he hugged her so tightly! And even did a teeny-tiny dance! He got his energy and will back immediately. He was so happy with her by his side. And so was she. She always stood beside him. 

Angel and Cordelia trusted each other and believed in each other perpetually. This was very obvious at a lot of occasions. Starting with Somnambulist. Ending with You’re Welcome. He was often worried about how others would accept his past and the things he’s done and if they’d distinguish him from Angelus. But there was Cordy who could always make him feel better and re-assured him she sees his good side and that that side dominates when it comes to her perception. 

They always saw each other’s better sides, no matter what. And they always stood by each other’s sides. Angel never left her side when she was in coma and was always so amazingly happy when she woke up! They needed each other really badly and that was evident in so many cases. He said it like a million of times and he meant it every single time. Their personalities were so different at first - she was carefree, had the brightest smile in the whole LA. He was this serious, broody kind of a guy. And they had such a big influence on one another - she realized they all share a mission and that she is a HUGE part of it, and his smile could lit up a city. 

We also saw what would happen to Angel without Cordelia. He would have gone insane after Doyle’s death because he would have been all alone. And he would inherit the visions which would make him completely incapable to be in the outside world whatsoever. She was his link to humanity, she showed him the importance of fighting for the good in this world. And she also learnt that her place was with him, fighting, and so she accepted the visions and became a part-demon.

Even the PTB saw the importance of Cordelia for Angel when they sent her to him in You’re Welcome.

They grew close to each other and at the end of season 3 it was obvious even to a blind man that they were in love and that it was very mutual. The whole season 3 was a Cangel dream! All moments with them and Connor (especially at the beginning and end of Provider) made them even more connected. They felt so comfortable with each other and that was very evident in Benediction when Angel was telling her about Connor’s skills in the bar fight - and the way he was sitting and the way she was lying on his bed were more of an intimate nature. Like two people who feel completely comfortable around each other. Angel was very well aware of his feelings for Cordelia - if it weren’t for Lorne and Fred he would never be. Cordy, on the other hand, didn’t see Angel as someone she would be in love with, even though it was very clear she was. In Benediction when Angel leaves, she tries to get him to stay, and then when she’s closing up she sees a man and convinced it’s Angel, she happily runs to him, with a LOT of love reflecting in her voice when she says that she’s so happy he stayed, only to see it’s actually Groo, and the dissapointment was so obvious, I felt sorry for poor Groo for a second. 

I loved the scene where both Groo and Lorne were proving Angel and Cordelia that they are really in love and that is mutual. It was so perfectly put together. 

Their relationship (whether is was platonic or romantically colored) was full of mutual respect. And I think this is one of the most important things in any relationship.

But sadly, they never got their happily-ever-after ending (no one did as a matter of fact). In season 4 a lot of things were going on and Angel saw that the woman who looked like Cordy wasn’t truly her and he never held any grudge for the things “Cordelia” did. 

The way he wanted to take care of her in season 4 is so heartcrushing. He remembered all those small details about her likings and he always made sure she had everything she needed. It crushed him when she didn’t know who he was. He wanted her to remember him, everything they shared and his effort was so sweet and cute. Especially when he took her up to her room and she saw the shoes she was wearing in the Waiting in the Wings and he immediately told her something about that night - that they went to a ballet and that they had such an amazing night and that he wishes she could remember that night. And when they almost kissed, but didn’t - it crushed my heart. He missed her so much and loved her so much and he wished she could remember him, but she didn’t and he had to give her her space and let her be alone. 

They had this really big question they both wanted answered - were they in love - and he only knew for himself which he admitted immediately, but then they had to figure out if she felt the same way and when she got her memory back and they got the answer … It was really really sad. Angel looked so torn, so sad. 

Their love was so great, but they never got to experience it. They never had what they both wanted so badly. 

(Plus Cangel was the only ship from the Bangel/Cangel/Spuffy ships that was shipped by both actors)