30 Day T.O.P Challenge!

Day 16: Favorite T.O.P picture

Will make a TOP 10 for this because there’s no way I’m gonna choose just one picture lol, I have too many favorites.
In no particular order:











It’s some fashion show event… There’s gonna be free booze and snacks.” 

       — “What’s th’ catch?”

“You’ll hafta wear a jacket from the designer I’m repping… And smile for pictures with me.”

       — “What’s my reward?”

“My lack of a gag reflex.”

       — “Well then…. jus’ call me Ken.”

Photographer Jonathan Winchester and his date Jaxon Sawyer at the #FadeToLight Fashion Show in Columbia, SC representing ALNCO Design’s new line of men’s outerwear. 

mainhoonemily  asked:

Top 3 BigBang songs and Top 3 favorite pictures of TOP

BigBang songs:
1 - Let’s not fall in love
2 - Love song
3 - Bad boy

3 favorite pics of Tabi (you will make me go through hell! thanks man! And how the fuck should I choose 3 out of 8139565?! This was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. J E E Z .)

Number 1 ..

Number 2 ..

Number 3 ..

Now excuse me while I kill myself. 

Edit: im sorry I had to repost this the first one is a giant clumped up mess I’m tumblr mobile bound and it fucked the format up and won’t let me fix it

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Tagged by @beserkerjewel thank you! I haven’t been tagged in something in like 20 years

Name: Jennie

Nicknames: I don’t have one

Gender: *shrugs*

Height: 5′7"

Hogwarts House: no clue my dudes I’m not into Harry Potter

Favorite Color: baby pink, sky blue, and black

Average hours of sleep: 6 I think??

Lucky Number: don’t have one

Last thing I googled: cow chop because I was trying to find this stupid picture of aleks

Favorite characters: too many to think of off the top of my head

How many blankets I sleep with: 1 unless it’s super cold

Favorite Artists/Bands: Block B, seventeen, marina and the diamonds, the 1975, mamamoo, sky ferreira, etc…

Dream trip: ??? I don’t think I have one

Dream job: again I don’t think I have one I just wanna make good money

Outfit right now: tshirt and sweat pants

How many people I’m following: 561

How many posts I have: I don’t know I’m on mobile I can’t check

When my blog hit its peak: this blog hasn’t had a peak lmao but my old blogs peak was late 2014/early 2015

Do I get asks on a daily basis: I don’t even get asks on a monthly basis my guy

When my blog was made: My original blog was made in December 2011 but this one was made in July 2015

Reason for my URL: I love and would die for lee taeil

I’m tagging @zorosgf @yerisbff @chngsbs @teelaeil @reisgf @strawberryjelo @gayukwon @sortawonderful @kassytundra @onlyblockb @chirpybirdy @harus-hetero @fuckmybiaslist @hoya666 @uverhaxornoba @sasahara-sohei @nacseo-scrawl

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Kpop ask #3,12, and 22!!

3: Favorite OTP?
gyuhao everyone. gyuhao pls. i need more gyuhao ;n; i love the whole best friends + bickering + flirting + sweet moments relationship, and they fit this criteria so nicely♥ basically though, i just ship minghao with most of the members! but the whole shipping thing began with bts….so i like minor ships, for example minrap (yes..jimin as top…don’t judge ;n;)

12:Favorite picture(s) of your bias(es)
i already did this in the previous ask but i’ll add in a few more pictures cause they are love <3

22: Favorite performance?
i’ve already answered this too but since there are so many great performances, i can’t just pick one (*ノωノ) so this time, i’m going to say kai’s solo performance called deep breath. the first time i watched it, i got goosebumps because of the energy of his movement and the expressions he made. it was just…mind blowing…

thank you for the questions :D

anonymous asked:

Top 3 favorite Seungri pictures!

here are the ones from my phone:

look at how godly handsome he is in black and white?? i knoooow!

don’t judge me for this.

gotta love his right side profile tho.




damn it this was really hard!! i was literally struggling right here. how am i allowed to choose just 3???

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