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I was tagged by the wonderful kat-from-minasmorgul. Thanks xx


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Their questions:

  1. What kind of weather would you be? I’m very moody so I’d probably be the slightly cloudy weather when it just rains on and off randomly all day 
  2. Who is your favourite celebrity and why? uhh..no one in particular
  3. How many plants do you have in your room? None in my room but there’s jasmine, tulsi and aloe vera plants in the backyard
  4. Do you have a favourite song to dance to? Bollywood mashups <3
  5. How would you describe yourself in three words? asocial, obsessive, moody
  6. Do you prefer living in a city or in a village? City
  7. What’s your favourite childhood book? The wizard of Oz 
  8. Do you have pets? How many? No pets :( want kitty
  9. What’s your first memory? Ok, I have no idea what my first memory is o.O Lots of vague early memories but no idea which is the first
  10. Would you consider yourself an organized person? When it comes to books and study notes, I’m pretty organized. Not so much for other things
  11. Are you doing any sports? haha…hahahhaa no

My Questions:

  1. Describe current mood with a song title.
  2. Do you annotate your (fictional) books? Do you write in them or use sticky notes?
  3. Which book got you really into reading?
  4. Favorite mythological creature?
  5. Favorite book to movie/tv show adaptation? 
  6. Bookish pet peeves?
  7. Marvel or DC?
  8. If you could un-read one book or un-see one movie/show, which one would it be?
  9. The AU or cliche that every fandom needs written?
  10. Any guilty pleasures?
  11. Fictional boyfriend/girlfriend?

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waltz-of-the-flowers asked:

1, 11, 21, 31 :)

1. Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie. OK, So I have several favorites but the main one is Perks Of Being A Wallflower. If I’m not mistaken I saw gifs of it on here and was like “ok I couldn’t get into the book but I’ll try the movie” so I went and bought it. I watched it and cried multiple times throughout it, most notably at the end bc wow! Emotions. And then also I happy cried at the part where Sam’s monologue about wanting the first person to kiss Charlie to be someone who really loves him. Bc like how could you not cry at that point? I personally haven’t kissed anyone yet, but if that’s how my first kiss was prefaced I think I would just die then and there and coils do so happily bc that’s like the sweetest thing ever. And also I love the fact that the movies end it neat, but isn’t like a perfectly happy ending. It’s messy and not everyone is 100% OK but that life for you, and the movie is true to reality and I love that.
11. Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had. I don’t really remember any of my amazingly good dreams so let me tell you about one that had like a year/ year and a half ago that I should’ve taken as a warning sign bc it was so sassy and shocking. Ok so I can’t remember details but here’s the gist of it all: I’m talking to Drew and I end up telling him how I felt and he was talking as if he was about to say that he felt the same and there’s the stereotypical “moment”. Like eyes meet and we both lean it kinda moment. But right as our lips are about to touch he pulls back and laughs in the most condescending way and goes “not even in your dreams” and grins. Then I woke up and was pissed at him all day but could explain why 😂
21. Talk about a time you had to turn someone down. Ummm, like date wise? I don’t thing I ever have. I mean there’s a guy who I think has feelings for me but won’t say anything, and if he does finally man up and say something, he’s gonna get turned down. Which sounds a bit catty, but he’s the type to say things like “I’ve done so much for her and what did she do? She friend zoned me” so I have no remorse bc there’s a difference between being upset that this little fantasy in your head won’t actually happen, and expecting something for being a decent human. And he fits into the second category.
31. Talk about what you think death is like. Well the Bible says something to the extent of “to be absent from the body is to be present with God” so I’m not really in the mindset of a white light or purgatory or whatever. However you go, I think as soon as you take your last breath on earth, you take your next one in eternity. Now beyond that, what Heaven is like I know that the Bible describes it but I haven’t read those passages in a while so in detail idk, but in general: more glorious and beautiful than anything I could EVER fathom.

hxneycraftarchive asked:

( Holy shit nerd, we share the same headcanon?? About Snape enjoying movies.) A follow up on the movie question -- Is Circus Sneps a film hoe? If someone gifted him with a camera, do you think he'd be into film? What are some of his favorite movies? Do you think he'd like Mamma Mia? DO YOU THINK HE'D LIKE BIG HERO 6?

talking to you on skype reminded me i had yet to answer these wonderful questions ( obvi tagging you at honeycrafts ) but, ok, first – i’m very into the fact we share this headcanon because it’s important to me that snape took part in & enjoyed certain muggle activities given he was raised in a predominantly muggle community, but OK:

1. is he a film hoe ? a little bit, actually, yeah ; i see him utilizing going to the movies ( when he had the money, at any rate – the average cost of a movie ticket in 1970 was $1.55 usd, which would come out to around $9 usd today taking the inflation into account, so, not too terrible ) as a way to get out of his house during the summer months. he certainly dedicated plenty of his time during holiday to studying, but the snape house was obviously unpleasant and abusive and if there was an opportunity to get out for a few hours - ? he’d take it. if we’re looking at it historically, not a lot of homes were equipped with air conditioning at the time, and the use of magic & any subsequent cooling charms ( or whatever there might be ) in the snape household was likely frowned upon, but the movie theaters had that & it’s an obvious choice for someone who is hot and bored. i think he would see that as his escape for the aforementioned reasons & then wind up enjoying the experience because he’s … a voyeur & also because he thrives on being intellectually stimulated. i also think that, after he and lily stopped being friends, his attendance would’ve gone up, or as much as he could’ve made it because, really, he had nothing to do, at all, save sit in his room & kill flies. i would say this all STOPPED after he turned 18 & decided to join voldemort, but it’s most certainly part of my canon for him before that point. i also think it was something he retained to a degree. in any modern verse, or non-magical verse, it persists. he’s very into film.

2. if he had a camera would he be into film ? YEAH, HE ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY would be ; i’d never considered it but it took me two seconds to decide. being a filmmaker is, ultimately, voyeuristic in its own way, and snape is very much a voyeur, like i already said. he likes to observe others without them knowing his presence or not acknowledging it. i think he would find a lot of satisfaction in this. i don’t see him having a lot of artistic leanings, but film as a document - ? certainly.

3. what are some of his favorite movies ? i haven’t decided on them all, but the exorcist, rosemary’s baby, and star wars ( i am not :|| kidding ) would be up there. i also think he’d be very into stanley kubrick. he’d appreciate psychological horror & anything cerebral, really. star wars is in there because, lbr, it blew everyone’s minds at the time.

4. would he like mamma mia ? he would absolutely hate it.

5. would he like big hero 6 ? NOT A WHOLE LOT ; he’s the sort of arrogant where he’d likely dismiss a lot of animation if it wasn’t underground. i think he would’ve read the reviews, decided to watch it, and then be the jerk who runs around saying it was overrated. 

anonymous asked:

4, 13, 47 &amp; 50 :-))

4: Were you a part of any “clique” in high school? no lmao

13: Name one movie that made you cry. ok so last summer i watched a walk to remember and i was v emo about it and i was crying rlly hard and i also got caught crying so it was p embarrassing. 

47: What is your favorite series of books? i can’t choose tbh. there are too many

50: 5 random facts about yourself: ahh shit ok

1. i can hoola hoop rlly well 

2. i hate the sound of birds

3. i love the smell of amber

4. i’m having trouble choosing what book to read next

5. my fav play is an inspector calls, and if i ever had to act i would want to play sheila birling. this is probs the most random fact about me.