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“I swear, I’m not scared.”

One of Jasmine’s favorite parts about the fall was the amount of scary movies they were able to watch, often watching a different one with Anthony at every chance that she got. Anthony wasn’t the biggest fan, but knowing how excited she was about it made him want to put on a brave face, hoping that he just didn’t get too scared.

The movie Jasmine had chosen for after the show had been The Conjuring, a movie that Anthony had heard was incredibly scary and also one that was based on a true story. He got changed out of the clothes he wore to the theater and made his way back to his living room, Jasmine clicking through the menu so they could start the movie.

Jasmine was totally into the movie and the plot line, looking over at Anthony, who was buried under the blankets, only his eyes just barely peeking out from the blanket closest to his face. “Do you want me to turn this off?” Jasmine questioned, concerned that this one might just be too scary for him, especially because she had been jumpy at some parts.

Anthony glanced over at his girlfriend’s voice in the room, shaking his head. “But you look like you’re scared. It’s fine if you are, this one is pretty scary,” She mumbled, Anthony sighing as he glanced up from where he had been checking his phone.

“It’s okay, we can keep watching. I swear, I’m not scared,” He tried to convince both himself and Jasmine, Jasmine just giving him an uneasy nod as she sighed, turning her attention back on the TV in front of her. She only glanced over at Anthony a handful of times, worrying that this was too much for them to sit through this late at night after a long day.

Anthony loved seeing his girlfriend so happy about something as simple as watching horror movies most nights, but as he watches her expressions and how much she got into the movies he knew that he could put aside his fears just to make sure that he got to see how invested she was in the movies, and happy they made her to just be watching them by his side.

my favorite part of the deadpool movie is when he calls the cab driver cute. that made me so happy. the cab driver’s like “my cousin’s a lot more attractive than me” and deadpool’s like “nah dont worry abt it i think you’re pretty cute” and im just that was so nice and pure and deadpool is pansexual and i am alive


The Spectacular Now

“ Compared to other kids, I haven’t had that many hardships… not really. Shit’s… Stuff’s happened, sure, but stuff always happens right? But the real challenge of my life, the real hardship is me. It’s always been me.