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1. Your dream job? 

2. Your ancestory/nationality? 

3. Top 5 favorite movies?

4. Top 5 favorite franchises? 

5. Biggest pet peeve?

6. A quote you find inspiring? 

7. A character from anything that reminds you of yourself? 

8. Worst fear?

9. Least favorite movie/book, and why? 

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11. A random fact about yourself?

12. An important lesson you once learned? 

13. Advice to those who want to be like you? 

14. Name 5 friends on tumblr and say why you like them! 

15. A movie line you find particularly funny? 

16. Favorite superhero/villain of anything?

17. Biggest fictional crush?

18. All time favorite tumblr post? 

19. past hobby you tried and failed at? 

20. Favorite restaurant? 

21. favorite song?

22. Tag a song lyric and tell us why it means something to you! 

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24. Embarassing fact about yourself? 

25. If you could live in any time period decade, which would it be, and why? 

26. Favorite moment in history? 

27. favorite subject in school? 

28. what are your best/worst qualities?

29. what inspires you? 

30. favorite season? 

Over and over and over and over and over and over and..

Albums I can listen to anytime, the entire thing first to last track. I’ve probably heard each on this list a minimum of 100 times in entirety. For me, these are “perfect” albums.

Part One…

“Among the Living” Anthrax

“Sandinista” The Clash

“Fear of Music” Talking Heads

“La Sexorcisto-Devil Music Vol 1” White Zombie

“Louder than Love” Soundgarden

“The Royal Scam” Steely Dan

“Script for a Jester’s Tear” Marillion

“Scary Monsters” David Bowie

“This Means War” Tank

“Catholic Boy" The Jim Carroll Band

“Amnesty” Zoetrope

“Zen Arcade” Hüsker Dü

“Leave Home” Ramones

“More Fun in the New World” X

“Double Nickels on the Dime” The Minutemen

“Turn of a Friendly Card” Alan Parsons Project

“Morbid Tales/Emperor’s Return” Celtic Frost

“Beg to Differ” Prong

“Shine (EP)” Mother Love Bone

“Ritual de lo Habitual” Jane’s Addiction

“Daydream Nation” Sonic Youth

“First and Last and Always” Sisters of Mercy

“Breakfast in America” Supertramp

“Alphabetical” Phoenix

“Swoon” Silversun Pickups

“Another Perfect Day” Motörhead

“Couldn’t Stand the Weather” Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

“Bites” Skinny Puppy

“Cure for Sanity” Pop Will Eat Itself

“Dopes to Infinity” Monster Magnet

“Death to Traitors” Paw

“Pretty Hate Machine” Nine Inch Nails

“This is the Sea” The Waterboys

“Caustic Grip” Front Line Assembly

“Midnite Dynamite” Kix

“Self Destruction Blues” Hanoi Rocks

“Too Dark Park” Skinny Puppy

“Signals” Rush

“Treat Her Right” Treat Her Right

“Rock Til You Drop” Raven

“Gentleman” Afghan Whigs

“Guero” Beck

“Boys and Girls” Alabama Shakes

“High Violet” The National

“Animals" Pink Floyd

“The Flat Earth” Thomas Dolby

“Kings of the Wild Frontier” Adam and the Ants

“Houdini” Melvins

“Raw Power” Iggy and the Stooges

“Peter Gabriel 1” Peter Gabriel

“Welcome to My Dream” MC900 Ft Jesus with DJ Zero

“South of Heaven” Slayer

“Noctourniquet” The Mars Volta

“The Yes Album” Yes

“Pink World” Planet P Project

“Neck of the Woods” Silversun Pickups

“Dig Your Own Hole” The Chemical Brothers

“Overkill” Motörhead

“Foreign Affairs” Tom Waits

“Powerage” AC/DC

“Killers” Iron Maiden

“Earth Rocker” Clutch

“Seventeen Seconds” The Cure

“Peace Sells..But Who’s Buying?” Megadeth

“Spooky” Lush

“The Suburbs” Arcade Fire

That’s…enough for now. If you haven’t noticed, I listen to ALOTTA music.


Battles ft. Yamantaka Eye - Sundome


We don’t need our bodies anymore,

We don’t remember what they’re for.