10 ryan/marissa episodes (in no particular order): 3x01 the aftermath

“You’re not alone this time.”


one aidan & josh scene per episode (dead) girls just wanna have fun


Chuck: I was a coward running away again. But everywhere I went, you caught up with me, so I had to come back.

Blair: I want to believe you, but I can’t. You’ve hurt me too many times.

Chuck: You can believe me this time.

Blair: That’s it?

Chuck: I love you, too.

The Bonds of Family

As a fan of Arrow, I watch the show for Oliver Queen, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak.  The core trio saved this show for me in Season 1 and kept me watching. They added a heightened dynamic that was previously missing on the show and changed thetempo and levity of the series.  Generally, I can ignore things that are peripheral to the main story, but it’s more difficult to ignore those things that you don’t enjoy when they are put front and center.  It was easy to ignore Laurel previously because she was on the periphery.  But last night’s episode was supposed to be about Laurel, putting her front and center.  This was going to be a bit harder to ignore.  Ignoring her meant ignoring about 35% of the episode and so I watched it the whole thing this morning without using my fast-forward button. You’re welcome.

I’m not going to lie, my personal opinion is that this was one of the worst episodes this season.  Some of it had to do with Laurel, the delivery of those terrible lines and my inability to accept that in less than two months she can suddenly take down criminals like the Count.  However, most of it had to do with the feelings of anger that permeated each and every scene involving Oliver and everyone else (except Thea).  I’m accustomed to Arrow being dark and gritty with elements of rage and frustration, it’s why I like the show. Truth be told, the grittier the better, in my opinion.  But this was a new level of anger and all directed at Oliver. It would appear to be the natural fallout over his death and return, and his desire to walk in like nothing happened.  I get that and understand it. But it certainly affected the mood of the show and thus my mood while viewing. So props to Roy and Felicity for really bringing the rage and making me feel it.

I thought for sure I wouldn’t have a favorite moment, and yet I did.  

The moment I saw Oliver approach Thea in Verdant, I knew he was telling her. The expression on his face, the hesitation, the fear in his eyes – SA can do more with his face in 20 seconds than most actors can do with words and facial expressions.  The same with WH…you can see the questions flashing through her mind when Oliver opens the basement door and tells her he lied. But she waits and follows him down the stairs.

When Oliver flips on the light, he hesitates and seems to be gathering his courage. You know that Diggle’s words are ringing in his mind…is he going to lose her forever? And he gathers that courage, and flips on the light.

The way Thea wonders across the room, slowly taking everything in, until she reaches the Arrow suit. Her facial expression is achingly beautiful as she realizes her brother is the Arrow. As she realizes how many times her brother has saved her and how many lives, to include Roy’s, he has saved.  

I love how Oliver stands far from her, giving her space.  The nervous way he looks at her and then away and how he clasps his hands behind his back all reflect the level of anxiety he is feeling in this very moment.

The fear on Oliver’s face as she approaches him, a fear of rejection and hatred, made me ache for him. 

And when she says thank you, the heart-felt relief, surprise, and love on his face just breaks my heart.  I never want Diggle to be wrong, but I was very glad in this instance he was…

Willa Holland and Stephen Amell killed it in this scene. Just absolutely killed it here and in every subsequent scene they had from that point forward.  To be frank, this show became about Oliver and Thea’s relationship, their fight, and their relationship with each other and Malcolm Merlyn. It was a fascinating dynamic and truly the best parts of the entire episode.  And because of this, I was able to ignore that which was pushed front and center that I had no interest in. I really did forget that my interest was supposed to be in Laurel’s journey.

Odds ‘n Ends.

- Loved that Roy showed some fire and gumption when standing up for Thea to Oliver. It shows how much he still loves Roy, yet still respects her voice to be heard.

- Diggle…*sighs*….stop putting Diggle in a corner. I get the point was to prove that Laurel can partner the Arrow, but writers, making that point after she is recovering from the effects of Vertigo and having the shit beaten out of her made it fall flat and looked like desperate storytelling. 

- Back to Roy. Loved how he came to Thea’s rescue, only to get his ass handed to him, and then Malcolm came in and saved them both. Sort of. Chase kinda took care of it himself.

- And speaking of Thea needing rescuing. I loved how her fight with Chase showed the progress Thea has made in her training, holding her own, yet still losing to a LOA agent. I don’t think I could have swallow the BS if she had defeated him (see, I’m consistent with my desire for consistency in character development).

- It was sad to see Sara back and portrayed in such a hateful way to taunt Laurel.  And before anyone gets upset, yes, I get it was Laurel’s conscience and the effects of Vertigo showing Laurel what she fears the most. Didn’t mean seeing Sara like that didn’t hurt. Props to Caity Lotz for really bringing her A-game and making Sara appear so hateful and ugly in one moment only to turn into a sorrowful figure lamenting her own death in the next. I will forever miss the fierceness that is Sara’s Canary.

- Shout out to my girl Felicity for referring to Malcolm as Oliver’s new BFF.  Oliver’s expression was just delightful.

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heathzsays asked:

You like season 3 the best? Cool! I've always thought season 4 was the best by far because of the Kim/Ron relationship so I haven't watched the other seasons in a while. What makes you like s3 so much? (Love the blog by the way :))

I actually will have to say I love season 3 and 4 fairly equally, but in very different ways. With season 3, it feels like this world is really developed and there’s so much consistency, and it’s like the masterpiece really comes together. Also, you have to include So the Drama as part of it, which is easily my favorite of all Kim Possible moments ever. I like that season 3 feels like a build-up to that, like even the smallest moments or seemingly insignificant episodes are vital to all the development that we get in So the Drama. And then there’s a pretty big (or bigger) emphasis on Drakken and Shego’s relationship as companions (platonically or romantically, it’s up to you). Episodes like Rappin Drakken, Bad Boy, Dimension Twist, all so important to me.

hermdoggydog replied to your post “hermdoggydog replied to your post “Lance Corporal Levi (obviously),…”

Blonde dude getting the gold treatment was season 1, everything else was season 2. Do catch up when you have time, because season 3 has my absolute favorite moment.

it’s not that i dont have the time per sayy…its more that the stars are simply not in the position to watch that show. one day ill marathon it on netflix. today is not that day.

hookskraken asked:

One of my favorite cs moments is the kiss at the end of season 3 :)

I don’t think I’ve ever fangirled so hard than after I watched that kiss on TV. My mother was in the room and was very, very worried about me…

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