“Because Sarah is always on the run, her style must be versatile and functional. To complement her iconic black leather jacket, Sarah has now adopted this thigh-length black trench coat by Diesel, with plenty of pockets for stashing cell phones, weapons, and whatever else she might need. In tonight’s episode, she pairs the trench with her favorite All Saints pants and a necklace from The Bay.”

InStyle: Our Favorite Fashion Moments from Orphan Black Season 3

Hey original groupies! Since we haven’t had an event in a while we thought we’d host The Originals Season 2 Appreciation Week. If you want to participate you can make graphics/gifs/drabbles or write a post talking about each category. You don’t have to be a member of this blog to participate anyone can! Lets start the hiatus with a bang!

Please tag: #originalsblognetwork #The Originals s2aw

Day 1: (May 25) Favorite s2 Episode

Day 2: (May 26) Favorite s2 Scene

Day 3: (May 27) Favorite s2 Quote

Day 4: (May 28) Favorite s2 Badass Scene

Day 5: (May 29) Favorite s2 Heartbreaking Scene

Day 6: (May 30) Favorite s2 Happy Moment

Day 7: (May 31) Hopes/wishes for season 3.

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59 - Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

Tonight, Matt and Robbie are discussing Episode 8F23, Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?, the 24th and final episode of Season Three. They talk about baby talk, Herb as a bum, and washing machine and dryer races.

Listener Question of the Week - What is your favorite moment from Season 3, and why?

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