HAYLIJAH APPRECIATION WEEK ▹ Day 1: Favorite Season 3 Moment

I just loved how they didn’t say a word during this entire scene. They just expressed everything through looks and actions. And this was when they pretty much admitted how they felt. Not in words, but the way Hayley comforted him. then waited for him to kiss her forehead. How they held each other. This gave me the season 1 Haylijah feels that I had been missing for so long.


Haylijah Appreciation Week ► Day 1: Favorite Season 3 Moment 

Balcony bonding time after a date night in A Walk on the Wild Side. After a season of distance between them, it was nice to have a scene of them having a meaningful conversation. It reminded me of when they used to tell each other everything in season 1. I missed that.

“Always and Forever”