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Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 


Star Wars Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor by Ryder Windham and Adam Bray

Foreword by John Boyega

The first time I went on set for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was in Abu Dhabi to shoot the scenes for Jakku. The sets were real; the archway was there; the creatures moved; the droids rolled by—and I remember thinking this is too much! We’re on a planet, a real planet. It was so surreal and amazing.

To be a Star Wars fan, getting cast to be part of the galaxy far, far away is an experience like no other. When J. J. called and asked me to meet him and I heard the words “You’re going to star in the next Star Wars,” everything froze. After a lifetime of fandom and seven months of auditions … YES! It was real.

My first introduction to Star Wars was when The Phantom Menace was released (yes, I am a child of the ’90s). The characters, the ships, the lightsabers, and the whole galaxy captivated me. As I got older and learned about story and character development, I delved into the original trilogy. I came to appreciate the worlds and truly became a fan. I dug into the comics and video games. In taking on the role of Finn, the first stormtrooper we would get to know as an individual, it was a chance to explore a character in a way that had never been done before in the saga.

Stormtroopers, from the history of the franchise and in comics, all look the same, wear the same armor and helmets. They do the same thing and follow orders. They are just one of many. And here’s a character who questions that. It’s such an important part of Finn’s journey that he questions that uniformity and investigates what that means to him. He has a complicated history of how he came to be a stormtrooper, and as he comes to question how he got to be where he is, it creates an interesting dilemma for Finn.

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100 EXO Questions: send me an ask.
  1. Favorite EXO album?
  2. Favorite title song?
  3. Best Era?
  4. Favorite b-side song?
  5. Who’s your bias?
  6. Who’s your bias wrecker?
  7. Favorite choreography?
  8. Favorite MV?
  9. Favorite EXO Showtime episode?
  10. EXO K or EXO M?
  11. OT12 or OT9?
  12. Dance-line or Vocal-line?
  13. Vocal-line or Rap-line?
  14. Favorite Vocalist?
  15. Favorite Dancer?
  16. Favorite Rapper?
  17. EXO First Box or Second Box?
  18. Miracles in December or Sing For You?
  19. Wolf or Growl?
  20. Is EXO your bias group?
  21. MAMA superpowers or WOLF werewolves?
  22. Favorite Friendship?
  23. Favorite Ship?
  24. Favorite China-line member?
  25. Aegyo Xiumin or Abs Xiumin?
  26. Do you own the EXO Lightsick?
  27. Lucky One or Monster?
  28. XOXO or EXODUS?
  29. EXODUS or EX’ACT?
  30. Favorite OT12 moment?
  31. Call Me Baby or Love Me Right?
  32. Favorite EXODUS song?
  33. Favorite Beagle-line member?
  34. Favorite EXO superpower?
  35. As vocalists, Luhan or Chen?
  36. Drop That or Lightsaber?
  37. EXOLU’XION or The Lost Planet?
  38. How long did it take you to learn all their names?
  39. Favorite ballad?
  40. El Dorado or Black Pearl?
  41. Least favorite ship?
  42. Kai or Jongin?
  43. Favorite EXOMENTARY video?
  44. Favorite EXO K member?
  45. Favorite EXO M member?
  46. As vocalists, D.O. or Baekhyun?
  47. As rappers, Sehun or Tao?
  48. Do you actually like Wolf?
  49. Favorite OTP moment?
  50. Have you ever seen EXO live?
  51. Moment that made you cry?
  52. Most handsome member?
  53. Do you still watch EXO Showtime occasionally?
  54. Cutest member?
  55. First bias?
  56. Favorite XOXO song?
  57. Favorite Baekhyun era?
  58. SatanSoo or SquishySoo?
  59. Xiuhan or Hunhan?
  60. Favorite EXO photocard?
  61. Sehun’s eyebrows or Sehun’s legs?
  62. Favorite EXO pet?
  63. Hyung-line or Maknae-line?
  64. Favorite EXODUS song?
  65. Favorite movie with an EXO member in it?
  66. How did you get into EXO?
  67. Mom!Suho or Sexy!Suho?
  68. Promise or Heaven?
  69. Tao’s Z.TAO or Luhan’s Reloaded?
  70. Favorite EX’ACT song?
  71. Xiumin bun or Luhan bun?
  72. Have you ever not liked a member?
  73. Favorite Chen solo song?
  74. Baekyeol or Baekyeon?
  75. Cold city guy Kris or Dorky Kris?
  76. Favorite EXO Cover song?
  77. Did you cry when listening to Promise?
  78. EXO song that you do not like?
  79. Favorite Couple Talk (from EXO first box)?
  80. Favorite Kai era?
  81. As dancers, Kai, Sehun, or Lay?
  82. Baekhyun’s (ft. Suzy) Dream or Baekhyun’s (ft. K. Will) The Day?
  83. Favorite EXO member IG account?
  84. Favorite award performance?
  85. If you could get any of the MID gifts, what would you get?
  86. Kaisoo or TaeKai?
  87. Favorite Chanyeol gif?
  88. MAMA or History?
  89. Favorite lyrics?
  90. Favorite Suho era?
  91. Red haired D.O., yes or no?
  92. Favorite Chanyeol Rap?
  93. Favorite fanfiction?
  94. Lay’s Go, Fighting! Or Luhan’s Running Man?
  95. Pathcodes or Wolf Drama?
  96. Taohun or Taoris?
  97. EXO Showtime or EXO Next Door?
  98. Most significant song for you?
  99. Who are your top 3 members?
  100. Why do you like EXO?

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I just rewatched the pumpkin cookies video and I was reminded that one of my favorite Phil moments ever is when he says "well done, just all over the oven" after dan cracks the egg. I truly love him

phil is full of SO MANY gems in that video what the fuck.

  • the mock outrage at dan calling him a minion
  • the god damn kitchen exercises
  • ‘that is very dan. i like it’ and the up down up down eyeing up of dan’s whole body ahaha
  • the savage way he rolls his eyes while dan talks about the video being on his channel this year which means ‘strippers, swearing, hard drugs’ 
  • the blatant sarcasm when he’s like ‘oh my god u said pumpkin twice what does this mean?’
  • singredients 
  • his inclusion of ‘1 cactus’ during the ingredients and his lil smile :( pure
  • ‘i’m like the stephen spielberg of baking …….. or am i the michael bay of baking’ and then forcing dan to add in the explosion effect in editing lmao 
  • if that was cocaine u could be rich 
  • dragging dan for using cloves 
  • resting the bowl of dry ingreds on like the literal ceiling just to fuck with dan 
  • this is the big daddy
  • when dan asks him to mix the butter and the sugar and he just tosses it around sdfjsdkfljsdklfdf king of comedy
  • when he can’t figure out the letters to spell out ‘pspc’ and then dan drags him for having an Entire english language degree
  • when he insists on helping dan to stir and just absolutely goes nuts and then spills it all over dans arm lmao 
  • ‘touch wood’ then him truly smacking dan in the eyeball ahahahaha 
  • the way he looks completely thrilled when dan taps him on the dick w his whisk like he BEAMS at dan what the fuck is love like
  • ‘this is sprinkling not an avalanche’ when dan puts a fuck ton of flour on the counter for them to roll out the dough
  • let’s parchment it up yo *throws parchment box right at the camera*
  • his total inability to make a pumpkin shaped cookie .. p much all of his attempts turned into big circular blobs sdfkljsdf ahahah
  • spatula me up dan
  • those are some erect eyes
  • his lil spiderweb cookie w the lil spider on it :( 
  • his pumpkin naming prowess: cyclops joe, pumpkin steve, pumpkin 3 
  • the WHOLE BIT where he’s eaten half the marshmallows and dans just screeching at him for it and he’s just cute and embarrassed and scrunches up his eyes all tight and then goes ooooOO with wide eyes when he sees the new bags JESUS CHRISt
  • is that a boob

fuckkkkk. pumpkin spice pumpkin cookies is my all time fav bake. im going to say that every time it’s mentioned bc it deserves all of the hype and is just so completely iconic ahhhh

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So I'm introducing my friend to wrestling and she's a fandom girl that has shipped things before in other fandoms and such so I introduced her to Seth and Dean in FCW and she fell in love with the idea of ambrollins but I want to open her eyes to ambreigns as well (since I ship both) so I'm wondering if you can recommend some matches/moments to show her to make her a lover of ambreigns


I am Ambrollins trash but my love for Ambreigns is on a complete different level. I can link you to sooo many moments from their on-screen time together as well as their RL bond and I am sure your friend won’t be able to resist the power of Ambreigns cuz they are the purest ship I have ever witnessed 😍

Now onto the moments, I made this Gif Fic consisting of my most favorite Ambreigns moments ever. Its a mega post so beware!  

The tale of the greatest love story of WWE aka AMBREIGNS

                                               SPECIAL MENTIONS

Kayfabe Moments

Post Match interview in which Dean just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and we had one of the most hilarious Ambreigns moment take place

That time when The New Day outed Ambreigns & Big E spanked Dean’s ass in the ring while Roman had to watch and his expressions were priceless. Later on Big E tweeted about how Roman wanted to be the one spanking Dean’s ass. Roman also apparently liked the tweet which showcased Roman’s expressions while his baby boy was getting his booty slapped lol. One of my all time favorite moment! Ambreigns fandom had a field day

When a ‘botch’ move was literally Dean falling into Roman’s arms. Right after the very next day of The New Day exposing Ambreigns lmao

When Roman literally carried Dean Post Match

When Roman accidentally speared Dean during a match and Dean acted like such a drama queen over it like ‘MY BEST FRIEND SPEARED ME, I THINK I BROKE MY RIB, DO I LOOK LIKE A TARGET TO YOU’ and then proceeded onto make Roman touch and check if he was actually hurt. Like Dean was such a prissy diva in Shield days lmao

In which Ambreigns had a dom/sub moment on live TV

When Dean was being a problem child on RAW and Roman was indulging him like a good supportive (boy)friend

This HILARIOUS Ambreigns moment where Roman is being his usual papa bear while Seth is showing us why he failed to conquer the Ambooty rights

Even when they are against each other, their love doesn’t crumble Part 1

Even when they are against each other, their love doesn’t crumble Part 2

Roman picking Dean up vs Dean picking Roman up. The struggle was real for poor Dean lol

Roman being Dean’s Savior

Roman taking care of Dean

Roman being defensive of Dean

Royal Rumble Progression of Ambreigns

Roman and his affection for his puppy boy

Shield Days when Dean would come up close and personal in Roman’s personal bubble while acting like a prissy diva cuz he was all up in his feels thanks to Roman’s beauty which was exhausting poor Dean

Roman having his usual ‘I don’t know why I love him, but this is my baby boy even though he’s a fucking child’ moment while Dean is being…well, Dean

When Dean won the best supporting actor for the best Bromance aka Triple ships it :P

When Dean tries to copy his Daddy but only ends up looking like an angry puppy lmao

When Brock murdered brat baby aka Dean Ambrose and Roman spent the whole RAW worrying bout Deano and checking up on him. Later on he was ambushed by Hunter on the same night to join his fallen boyfriend

Actual Best Friends 

This super adorable moment where Dean intimates Roman and show us all how he is the biggest Roman fan out there 

Wizard World Portland Q&A with Roman Reigns in which he mentioned Dean more than a guy would mention his wife. He had someone ask him if Rock was his cousin and his answer? Yes, but I like Dean better. Lol

When Roman won his title and celebrated with his family aka the Usos and his baby boy

Quotes from Dean and Roman bout each other and their friendship



Them gushing over each other


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