Voltron Art School Headcanons

Hunk is The Clay and Ceramics Guy, he sometimes even engineers them  to have moving parts and freak out the freshmen when random parts of pots start to jiggle

Keith is the angst king who spends fifteen hours staring at a fifteen ft blank canvas before covering himself in black and red paint and just throwing himself at it like a human dart board (”it’s art”)

Pidge is the digital art major who hasn’t slept since last tuesday and lives off coffee, doodling and the ever present fear of loosing their tablet pen (which they do)

Lance just started in art school to meet ‘art babes’ but stayed for the in-depth pencil and charcoal still life’s, as well as moody boys who won’t give give him the time of day and he swears he will beat at the local art fair anyway

Shiro is the make up and fashion design artist who is a little too into The Little Black dress design, but does on-point eyeliner. Allura is his favorite model.

Allura is the political science major who wandered into a few art classes and got stuck with a group of artists as friends, she grounds them all to reality as well as rocks a mean fashion weak

Coran is the kooky art professor who makes metaphors no one understands and gets paint in his mustache (no one has the heart to tell him)