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What's your favourite dessert? What's your favourite meal to make? (sorry, I have food on the brain)

Favorite dessert:   Coconut Sheet Cake  (It’s a poke cake?  Where you poke the top of a yellow sheet cake and then pour coconut cream over the top while it’s still warm…and then you frost it with whipped cream and shredded coconut.  It’s super rich, but omg, it’s fave.)

Favorite meal to make:  I make this pretzel breaded chicken breast that’s SO YUMMY OMG.  

Okay but Newts Mom was a Ravenclaw, Newts Dad was a Slytherin, Newts brother was a Gryffindor and when Newt sat down on that stood the Sorting Hat smiles and said “I know just where to put you”.

fictionkin emoji asks!

send me an emoji (or two) and ill answer:

🔥- on a scale of 1-10 how attractive were you in canon?

💐- were you a likable person among your canonmates or did they hate you?

💀- has a canonmate of yours died? and if yes how did you react?

💍- your relationship with a cc in canon vs your personal memories?

🔫- have you ever killed anyone?

🍔- favorite meal?

📚- were you smart / made great decisions?

🎮- if you could change 1 moment that happened in canon what would you change and why?

💵- do you have any merchandise of yourself or a cc?

🎥- favorite moment in canon that you can’t stop rewatching?

🎩- favorite outfit?

👶- did you have a nice childhood?

💘- what do u like the most about your cc?

💭 - favorite memory?

The Signs as Things You Need to Treat Yourself
  • Aries: Hot Cocoa, Peppermint, and chocolates with oversized sweaters.
  • Cancer: A new book, maybe a mani pedi. New sheets and a reliable set of slippers.
  • Taurus: a sweet smelling lotion or body butter. Cleansing facial mask. Bubble tea.
  • Gemini: A soft wool blanket. Sweats. Flowers from the farmer's market.
  • Leo: Chapsticks, new shoes and a good series found on Netflix. A leather bound journal.
  • Virgo: Putting on an oversized sweater or sweatshirt. Lighting candles and reading a book.
  • Libra: Taking risqué pictures for body positivity. Buying little pastries. Meeting a friend for lunch.
  • Scorpio: Buying patterned paper for projects. Having get-togethers with friends. Finding a neat magazine.
  • Sagittarius: Getting new pencils for sketching. Maybe even a new art pad. Making your favorite meal/food.
  • Capricorn: Going to a small cafe. Meeting an old friend. Buying a new perfume or scent.
  • Aquarius: A backpack or bag. New lingerie sets. Lacey clothing. Going to an old library.
  • Pisces: Cozy pj's and a hot soup. A new coffee mug or going out to a coffee shop. Pampering yourself with a bath bomb and a soft bath.

The Oceanic Whitetip shark lives in the open ocean, far from land in tropical water. Their large pectoral fins allow them to glide through the water and take a break between tail beats, helping to conserve energy. Oceanic Whitetips are bold, opportunistic hunters; largely solitary animals, but are scavengers and will group together in a feeding frenzy if an opportunity of a meal presents itself. These sharks are known to follow pilot whales, researches believe this is because pilot whales are keen at finding squid, a favorite meal for these sharks. Although Oceanic Whitetips tend to lead lonely lives, they often don’t mind the company of pilot fish and remoras. The sharks protect the fish from predators and, in return, the fish clean parasites off the sharks’ skin.

Send "Blank mind" for a situation where my muse doesn't remember anything.

They don’t remember your muse, nor who they are. They can’t recall what happened, what’s their favorite meal or special abilities that they have (if they have any).

How you’re muse will help them to remember? Or maybe they will use it as an opportunity to get benefit from my muse?
Watch my muse discovering themselves and the world anew.

P. S. This is great for first interactions. (It’s a completely fresh start + you can develop a strong bond between muses).

RFA HEADCANONS: When You're Upset~

(Hey! This wasn’t a request, but i haven’t posted any headcanons today, and this is the only thing I have idea’s for. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll take a request or two tonight, and it’ll be done either tonight or tomorrow! :D
What they do when your upset~)

• The moment he see’s you even slightly down, he’s already engulfing you into a tight hug.
• He’ll start saying any words of comfort that he can think of, wanting you to brighten up.
• He also makes you your favorite meal, doing his best to make it absolutely perfect for you.
• If you want to be left alone for a bit, he’ll give you your space.
• And when you’re ready to talk, he’s completely ready to listen to you, and help
you in whatever way he can.

• He’ll put his work down for you if he has to, rushing over to be by your side.
• He starts cracking some of his best jokes, trying to get you to smile again.
• If that doesn’t work, he’ll start to soften up, pulling you close to him.
• He runs his hands through your hair, as he attempts to get you to tell him what’s wrong.
• Even if you say you want to be left alone, he’s not going to. After all, when he was upset, you never left him alone.
• He’s 100% willing to do anything for you, so if he has to, he’ll do whatever he can do to get you feeling better.

• If you seem a little down throughout the day, he doesn’t really know what to do, so he just quietly wraps his arms around you, pulling your head into his chest, as he rubs his hand on your back.
• He doesn’t push you to tell him immediately, but after a while, he will want you to tell him what’s been troubling you so he can try and fix it.
• He buys you both a fancy dinner to share together, and even a cute little dessert, not breaking his eyes from your face as you eat. (Creepy? Well, he’s just concerned~)

• At first, he instantly asks who he needs to beat up..but as a joke..kinda?
• He’ll start reciting a few of his more “lovey” or “romantic” lines from past musicals.
• He keeps you close to him, letting you have his shoulder to cry on when you need it.
• Will literally do anything for you.
• no, seriously. Anything.
• Get hungry? He’s rushing to get whatever it is you want.
• Get cold? He’ll wrap you both in a fluffy blanket, making sure you’re as comfortable as possible.
• And when you finally tell him what’s wrong, he’s there for you. He will support you.

• She’s there for you.
• You have always been there for her, she really feels like she owe’s you one.
• She’ll get you a cup of your favorite drink, placing it down infront of you, and then sits down beside you.
• She’ll smile, and open her arms widely.
• She’ll ask you to tell her what’s wrong, and won’t drop it unless you’re seriously uncomfortable with her knowing.
• (She’ll probably put in Zen musicals and start having you both recite the lines together, oops.)

• When he noticed you not being yourself, he instantly gets worried about you. He doesn’t want to see you in such a bad position.
• Without saying a word, he picks you up bridal style, and takes you to his bedroom. (nOT FRICKLE FRACKLE, THANK YOU xD)
• He’ll gently lay you on the bed, wrapping you up in the covers. Once that’s done, he’ll pull out your favorite book, and start reading to you until you can peacefully fall asleep to the sound of his voice.
• If you can’t sleep, he’ll get in bed with you, wrapping his arms around you from behind.
• He’ll ask you what’s wrong, but he won’t pressure you. When you want to tell him, he’s still gonna be there.

• He has no idea how to react.
• He feels his heart start to hurt at the sight of you upset, and just?? What is this?
• He’ll quickly go out of the room (only making you feel worse?)
• but, he goes to his brother for advice.
• His brother tells him that he just needs to comfort you, and make sure to do what he can to cheer you up.
• Saeran still has no clue what to do, but, he decides to get you a bowl of ice cream.
• Once he brings the ice cream up to you, he sets it in front of you, before awkwardly hugging you.
• “Hey, (Y/N)…uh, something wrong..?”
• When you tell him, he still doesn’t know what to do, but he knows this time..he can’t just walk out and ask for more advice?
• So, he tells you what he would do, or some awkward words of comfort.
• And maybe they aren’t the greatest, but his cuteness seemed to be able to cheer you up~

Things you probably didn’t know about hockey players (part 1)
  • Part of Jack Eichel’s right ear is plastic, he took a puck to the ear when he was 17.
  • Jack Eichel has always been an introvert and only cared about hockey his entire childhood. He loved skating alone in freezing weather since he was 5 years old; he never used to sleep over at his friends’, he rather came back home early to wake up really soon next morning to go skate; he started lifting and doing pushups when he was 10 years old; he used to spend his evenings improving his shooting and controlling puck in the basement instead of watching TV.

  • Connor McDavid’s parents had to lie about his age when he was 4 years old so he could play actual hockey (only 5y.o.+ kids could play).

  • Auston Matthews’ mother Emma helped her son celebrate his 18th birthday on Sept. 17 by preparing a favorite meal (tortilla soup) for him and his Zurich teammates.

  • Aaron Ekblad’s last name is Swedish, his great-grandfather moved from Sweden to Canada.

  • Thomas Vanek and Leon Draisaitl speak 4 languages: English, German, Czech and Slovak.

  • 4 Czech players: Jakub Voráček, Ondřej Pavelec, Jiří Tlustý and Jakub Kovář starred in ‘Babovřesky 2′ (Old Gossipton 2), a Czech comedy from 2014where they played quite important role through the entire storyline.

  • Evgeny Kuznetsov’s older brother Alexander died of “special circumstance” at event of celebrating May 1st in Chelyabinsk. At the funeral, Evgeny (12) said to the casket: “One day I’ll be a hockey star, earn much money and organize a big hockey tournament named after you.” 

  • Anže Kopitar’s daughter Neža was conceived at the night the Kings won their 2014 Stanley Cup on Friday the 13th and was born exactly 9 months later, also on Friday the 13th.
Waking up in the mornings


  • Up by 4 AM every day to do his hair and go on a jog
  • “An athlete can only be good as his diet lets him be!”
  • No, seriously, he eats almost enough food for the entire Miyagi prefecture every single morning and it’s the most disgusting thing anyone’s ever seen
  • Fuck him, he’s a morning person


  • Grumbles as he forces himself out of bed at 5 to go jogging with Oikawa with sheer willpower
  • Likes to spend his breakfast sipping coffee and reading whatever catches his interest
  • His favorite breakfast meal includes a bowl of rice, two fried eggs, and fish
  • Not a morning person, but 8:30 to him is the regular person’s 10:30 so it’s chill


  • Is an absolute force of bitter death and destruction until he gets a cup of coffee into him
  • Once at the Seijoh Sleepover™, Oikawa hid Makki’s coffee grounds and was consequentially forced onto the ground in a strangle hold until they were given back to him
  • He can function as a human being and deal with people’s (Oikawa’s) shit much better after a cup of coffee as black as his soul
  • Favorite breakfast meal includes toast with sides of butter and jam, boiled eggs, and juice


  • Wakes up almost-late every day
  • Laziest motherfucker on this planet #2
  • Would eat a piece of paper for breakfast and not care in the least
  • His tongue is as dead as Squidward’s hopes and dreams
  • Coffee doesn’t really affect him so he has to suffer through the drowsiness on his own, rip


  • Is the most adorable thing ever waking up
  • Makes tiny yawning and grumbling noises for the first 15-20 minutes of consciousness and is extremely embarrassed that everyone says its the cutest thing in the world
  • Has and will fight you for all the meat on the table during breakfast
  • @ the Seijoh Sleepover™, he stared at Matsun with such intensity that he handed over the last octopus sausage over without argument


  • Will punch you if you try to talk to him when he wakes up
  • Glares at people like they murdered his entire family
  • Yahaba’s cutesy act leaves him speechless and red in the face
  • Really fucking loves rice
  • Usually eats convenience store crap for breakfast so he get’s really excited when there’s actual rice and shit


  • “He’s probably a monster when he wakes up”
  • “There’s no way someone can be so happy all the time, after all”
  • Rises with a smile so bright it’s like Jesus blessed his teeth
  • Wakes up and greets the day with a warm “Good morning! Wow, I slept so great last night!”
  • #ActualChildofGoodness2k16
  • Will eat anything and everything and comment on how delicious it is, and then offer to do the dishes
  • Hanamaki once threatened to slap him for being too happy


  • Goes to sleep at a responsible time
  • Wakes up blinking and lethargic for three minutes
  • Afterwards is completely normal
  • Loves greasy food in the morning


  • Laziest motherfucker on this planet #1
  • Didn’t go to sleep last night until 5 AM
  • Favorite breakfast items include poptarts, commercial cereal, extra sugary coffee, and a jar of melted salt caramel, i.e. enough sugar to kill a medium sized water buffalo
  • Is a literal zombie until he gets to school, falls asleep through his first three classes, and then starts functioning normally around lunch time


1. His favorite meal was chicken noodle soup, but the noodles had to be flat, not round.

2. He was obsessed with crime and criminals. He had friends in the police department who would call him up if there was a murder or a robbery and they’d let him ride along in the police car to the scene of the crime, and he’d hang around and observe as they did their work. 

3. He hated to wear top hat, white tie and tails. This image was born when he was a child performer in vaudeville with his sister Adele, who was older and taller than him, and because he was supposed to be the man, they decided to put a top hat on him to make him look taller.

4. He picked up skateboarding in his late seventies and was awarded a life membership in the National Skateboard Society. At 78 he broke his wrist while skateboarding in his driveway and was so embarrassed about it that he didn’t want anyone to take a picture of him for as long as he was bandaged up.

5. If he wouldn’t have become a dancer, he would have liked to be a professional golfer.

6. He was an amazing drummer and kept a drum set in his bathroom.

7. He was home-schooled by his mother and only visited public school for two years while living in New Jersey. After his first week there, he could skip a grade.

8. He was good friends with David Niven, Clark Gable, Randolph Scott and James Cagney.

9. He was really self-conscious about his disproportionately large hands and would always curl them while dancing.

10. When he saw himself on the screen for the first time, he said: “Gosh, I look like a knife!” 

11. Second Chorus (1940) was his least favorite of his movies.

12. Kim Novak, his co-star on The Notorious Landlady (1962) gave him a Siamese cat as a gift and he named it Caryle, after her character’s name.

13. Though generally mild-mannered he liked to destroy furniture and throw handy things when he lost his temper.

14. He loved to watch soap operas, his favorites being Guiding Light and As the World Turns and he would call his housekeeper if he couldn’t see the show to find out what had happened.

15. He hated mushy love scenes and rarely kissed on-screen. 

16. He really suffered the fact that he didn’t have a good head of hair.

17. His legs were insured for 75.000 dollars each, a huge amount of money at the time.

18. He had a reputation for being the worst celebrity to interview because he was extremely shy and reserved and refused to talk about himself or share anything about his personal life. In his earliest interviews, he stuttered.

19. He loathed social dancing. 

20. When starring on Broadway as a young man, he used to rollerskate up and down Park Avenue at night, trying to avoid the press who might have spotted him during the day.

21. His wife Phyllis died of cancer shortly before he was supposed to begin filming Daddy Long Legs in 1954, and he was so distressed that he offered to cover any financial losses out of his own pocket if they would shut down production. Eventually he was persuaded to do the movie, but in between takes he would often retrieve to a corner and weep, which is why in some of the scenes his eyes appear swollen and red.

22. He had restless legs syndrome, and even wiggled his toes when he slept.

23. He didn’t exercise.

24. Michael Jackson dedicated his autobiography Moonwalk to Fred.

25. Fred Astaire died of pneumonia on June 22, 1987, on the anniversary of his Easter Parade co-star Judy Garland’s death (June 22, 1969).

I have this theory that we tend to gravitate toward recreating our favorite non-vegan meals into vegan versions. I personally really liked egg salad sandwiches growing up because in all honesty I loved eggs. I choose to not eat them for reasons I don’t think I have to explain here (but will gladly do so if you ask). The Starch Solution has a great recipe. I modified it ever so slightly. It’s absolutely delicious.

Eggless Egg Salad

½ block of extra firm tofu
3 tbsp. vegenaise
2 stalks celery, finely chopped
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
½ tsp. turmeric
¼ tsp. onion powder
¼ tsp. garlic powder
½ tsp. dried dill weed
¼ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper

I love using the high-protein tofu from Wildwood because you don’t need to drain it. But if you choose another extra firm tofu be sure to drain it to remove any excess moisture. Then, crumble the tofu in a large bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Best served chilled.

I did a sketch request on fb to stretch my hands a bit and got so many wonderful prompts! But only managed to draw two ahaha… here’s one ;0; 

Prompt 1:  “For once, Saitama is cooking something heavenly and Genos is in the background acting like an excited child because turns out it is his other favorite meal.” (on twitter) (he’s cooking sardines fried rice!)