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Imagine Kurt taking you out on a date at night, there's picnic set up and candles all around. He had made your favorite meal and was shaking and stuttering through the whole date. And you were really confused about why he was so nervous until he pulled out a tiny box, going on both his knees and stammering through a proposal.

i am…. deceased… its so easy to make me blush fuck

Monster Mash

Frank’s feet stuttered along the concrete floor, causing his upper body to tilt at precarious and rather awkward angles. He always walked as if his lower appendages didn’t belong to him. As if his feet want to go a different direction than his torso was headed.  When he knocked over the table settings for the third time, Vick yelled at him.

“Damn it, Frankie. Sit down before the whole table hits the floor.”

Frank felt the situation was a bit direr than scattered dishes. Half starved, he was guttural and growly. “Hungry.”

“Can’t you see I’m working on it?”


Vick pricked at his eyebrows with his fingernails, making a motion to tear out his eyes, but turned, muttering all the way to the kitchen. He returned with scowl left over from the earlier argument and a large tureen from which a great amount of steam was frothing. The contents gurgled and sloshed, dripping over the side. Vick pushed the enormous bowl in front of Frank and handed him the only ladle.

“You eat?” Frank’s question was less polite and more about determining how much he have for himself.

A smirk began to seep into the corners of Vick’s mouth. “Have at it.”

In less than two minutes the chunky stew was nearly gone. After swallowing a particularly gristly portion, Frank said, “Good. What is?”

The smirk became a fully-blossomed leer. “Brains. Bride’s brains, to be exact.” His lips were fully contorted now, his throat cackling at his own joke.

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cut me up to bits and
roast me damn good
i want to tell you this
but i am too chicken
but damn don’t i taste
good all wrapped up
with rice and beans &
& & corn salsa makes
me wanna makes me
wanna speak spanish
in awful naughty ways
“lo siento”, right, yeah
but then i’m the chips
& those chips & & the
chiiiiiiiiippppppppps &
gods i crunch w/ each
& every carbohidrato.

Do you guys have a meal that’s like crack to you? For me, it’s this pasta from a local restaurant called fortina. I literally think about it all the time, and I’m always disappointed when I finish eating it.

Yesterday I met my friend for lunch and we were going to get salads from chopt. Instead we ended up at fortina ordering pasta and a loaf of bread with vodka sauce for dipping. Tuesday choices were strong this week.