Another Old Weather Joke

Sugawara: I’m cold..
Daichi: You could wear my jacket
Sugawara: No it’s ok Daichi
Daichi: *takes off his jacket and put it on Sugawara as a gentleman he is*
Sugawara: Dai—
Daichi: Better? *smile*
Sugawara: *blushing* *slowly getting close and then kissed gently ok basically being shoujo manga fluff sweet and stuff u know typical daisuga so much sugar

Hinata: IT’S SO COLD
Kageyama: YEAH IT IS
Kageyama: YOU BET
(and then later the two of them caught flu)

Yamaguchi: It’s cold!
Tsukishima: Indeed.
Tsukishima: Do you need my jacket?
Yamaguchi: N-no it’s fine besides you would be the one that cold if yo—
Tsukishima: Shut up, Yamaguchi *put his jacket on Yamaguchi*
Yamaguchi: ..Sorry, Tsukki. *avert his gaze somewhere and blushing*

Noya: Can I get into your jacket
Asahi:….I-I’m sorry what?
Noya: It’s pretty cold!!
Asahi: A-alright come here is it comfortable enough can you breathe is it stuffed there are you okay i—

Kuroo: *Put his jacket on Kenma*
Kenma: What
Kuroo: I thought you’re cold
Kenma: I didn’t say anything
Kuroo: I knew it I could read your mind
Kuroo: Stop looking at me like I just stole your favorite game, kitten. I’m sincere

Oikawa: Iwa-chan I’m cold
Iwaizumi: Hello cold I’m Iwaizumi Hajime
Oikawa: Why are you like this

Akaashi: Bokuto-san, please refrain from doing something a little bit too much I’m perfectly fine.

Yachi: …
Kiyoko: Hitoka-chan are you feeling cold?
Yachi: A-ah? A bit! How about you senpai?
Kiyoko: I’m alright, let’s go to the nearest cafe and get a warm tea *put her scarf around Yachi and holds her hand*
Yachi: *blusHES A LOT,,,,,,

Ushijima: *Put his jacket on Shirabu*
Shirabu: Thank you.
Ushijima: No problem.

Hanamaki and Matsukawa, in sync: I’m cold
Hanamaki and Matsukawa, in sync, again: Dude
Matsukawa: Bro
Hanamaki: Bro


So dating this human marshmallow would include:

  • probably has a cheesy photo of you two as his lock screen from your first date 
  • and your name saved as something equally as cheesy like “my baby” or “beautiful”
  • his nicknames for you would include: “babe”, “baby”, “love” and his favorite one “kitten” 
  • would melt if you call him “oppa” 
  • insists that you dance with him even if you’re bad at it
  • making fun of his british accent, but he still does it because he loves seeing you smile 
  • loves hugging you and would cling to you like Seonho clings to Minhyun a koala when you two are alone 
  • holds your hand all the time, no matter when or where or who you’re with
  • like literally 
  • you would be sleeping and he still has his fingers interlocked with yours
  • complaining about how he spends more time with his cats than with you 
  • “but babeeee, the cats need my attention” 
  • “but i need it too” 
  • “aww come here and let’s all cuddle”
  • so you end up watching harry potter for the 10th time with him and his cats
  • falling asleep on the couch 
  • and waking up to daniel sleeptalking 
  • he would probably say the most random things like 
  • “hurry, hurry we need to go before they come” 
  • “who comes?” 
  • “they are gonna steal it, hurry hurry” 
  • “babe wake up, you’re dreaming”
  • “nooo, they stole my cereal Y/N !!”
  • and you always mock him for it “No ThEy StOlE mY cErEAl Y/N” 
  • and he shakes his head like “why am i even dating you” 
  • but he loves you so much he would do anything for you 
  • your mom adores him, she thought he was perfect the moment you first took him home
  • always asks you about him on the phone
  • “how’s daniel doing? you didn’t upset the poor boy, right ?” 
  • “what if he upsets me mom ?!” 
  • “nonsense, how could that boy do anything bad” 
  • “HELLO MOTHER-IN-LAW !!” *daniel screaming in the back* 
  • playing video games and him accusing you of cheating when he loses, but you’re just that good
  • “you lost, you’re doing the dishes for a week”
  • “i call for a re-match!” 
  • and he loses again and now he has to do the dishes for two weeks
  • fighting with sungwoo over daniel almost every day
  • “he is mine !”
  • “but he is my boyfriend!” 
  • “please… there is enough kang daniel for everybody” 
  • “shut up Kang, this is not about you” 
  • and Daniel has to bring Jisung over to calm you and Sungwoo for the 5th time that week
  • you would have super chill dates with sungwoo included, like picnics in the park or going to cute little coffee shops or festivals in the summer and ice-skating in the winter 
  • grocery shopping is hectic and you’re always fighting over what to buy
  • cause Daniel wants more stuff for his cats
  • but you need new make-up
  •  so Jisung is always there shoving the shopping list in your faces 
  • midnight runs to the store cause you’re hungry and he is sweet by offering to go
  • but calls you after 5 minutes cause 
  • “baby i just found the cutest cat outside your apartment”
  • “DANIEL NO” 
  • “but it’s so adorable, come see it” 
  • so you go and see a small fluff ball being hugged by a big fluff ball, but you still don’t agree cause he has 4 other cats to take care of
  • “pleaseeeee?” 
  • “noooo”
  • “but…” 
  • “no”
  • “pleaseeeeee”
  • and so you adopt another child and you can already hear daniel giving him weird names
  • well now this boy right here
  • would love it if you wear lingerie, especially in cute colors like pink or white and probably kitten collars with thigh high stockings 
  • i feel like he would be into pet-play and would let you call him daddy if he knew you liked it 
  • he really knows what he’s doing in bed + high stamina from being a dancer = sore mornings for you
  • you didn’t even need to tell him what you like and he already knew all of your soft spots and how to make you tremble under his touch 
  • likes holding your hands above your head as he kisses your neck and your collarbone 
  • lots of biting like you’re lips, neck, chest, thighs literally anywhere
  • teasing, i think he would enjoy teasing you, like kissing you slowly and taking his time kissing you and caressing your skin
  • “Daniel hurry up”
  • “Patience, kitten”
  • really good at giving, knows how to make good use of that tongue
  • always keeps his hands on your hips as he kisses the inside to your thighs and your core 
  • would let you ride his face 
  • likes looking at you as he pleasures you so he would want to do it in front of mirrors 
  • usually really sweet and loving; holds your hands even then and probably maintains eye contact and gives you assuring smiles 
  • “you’re so beautiful baby”
  • can turn rough and super dominant at times 
  • like if you’re teasing him on purpose while you’re out with his friends then good luck when you get home 
  • he would have you face down as he’s thrusting into you from behind
  • likes slapping your ass and pulling your hair as he whispers “I love you” into your ear 
  • you’re gripping the sheets trying not wake your neighbours 
  • but he wants to hear you scream his name so he goes even harder 
  • and you can’t hold it in anymore so you just let it go and yell his name 
  • “that’s right, kitten. tell everyone who you belong to.” 
  • would be a mess when receiving 
  • lots of heavy breathing and grunts 
  • with soft, inaudible moans 
  • but you enjoy teasing him too so you just kiss his erection through his boxers while massaging it 
  • so he starts complaining and begging until you finally take him in your mouth 
  • and then he turns silent and is biting his lips while grabbing the sheets 
  • “baby… i… i’m close” 
  • never fails to say “I love you” after he finished
NeganTrash Fic Masterlist

All of Me - (Fluff) - Jen struggles with her self image, and Negan shows her how delicious she is.

Aphrodisiac [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] (Smut) - Negan wants to make her his next wife. She’s always turned him down, but now it’s Valentine’s Day and that man can be persistent. 

Artwork - (Smut) - Negan gives her a gift for her birthday.

Bittersweet and Strange [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] + [ Part 3 ] + [ Part 4 ] + [ Part 5 ] (Smut + Fluff) - When her father doesn’t come back from his scavenging run, she goes looking for him and meets a horrible beast: Negan. This fic mirrors the movie Beauty and the Beast.

The Carnival - (Smut) - The Saviors find a fairgrounds fully intact and Negan asks her to be his date.

Chain Link - (Smut) - Negan catches his new wife climbing his fence.

Devoted [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] (Smut + Fluff) - Nina gets shot during the fight in Alexandria.

Dirty Talk - (Smut) - Negan’s lieutenant won’t punish the community she’s been put in charge of, so Negan punishes her instead.

The Face of Heaven - (Smut + Angst) - Ari and Ollo are twins surviving in the apocalypse when they meet Negan. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Artemis and Orion.

Frail Love - (Smut + Fluff + Angst) - Her ex boyfriend was abusive and she’s never told Negan.

Fruit of the Dead - (Fluff + Light Smut) - She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Just Pretend - (NonCon Smut) - When Negan takes her into the RV, she escapes into a memory with the man she loves.  

K is for Kneel - (Smut) - Simon catches you playing dress up.

Loyalty [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] + [ Part 3 ] (M/M Smut) - Rick’s younger brother meets Negan. He’s trying to be strong, but finds himself having a moment of weakness.

Mockery - (Smut + Fluff) - Lana is the queen of sass. Negan may have just met his match.

The Monster - (Fluff / Storycube Challenge) - They find Negan where they least expect him.

Mouse - (Fluff) - Mouse suffers from anxiety and Negan tries to help her cope.

No Good [ Part 1 ] + [ Part 2 ] + [ Part 3 ] (Smut + Angst) - She is Negan’s former wife, and regrets leaving him. After turning to alcohol and Simon for comfort, she decides to visit Negan late one night.

Nymph - (Fluff + Angst) - Negan finds a child in the woods and brings her back to the Sanctuary.

Pet - (Smut) - Negan “pets” his favorite kitten.

Pins and Needles - (Smut + Fluff) - She’s always been invisible to Negan, but when she agrees to become his wife to get medication to control her pain, she sets out to make him finally see her.

Raise Hell - (Multi Chapter + Slow Burn) - Doveport is a little community just trying to survive in the apocalypse. Elle finally feels like she’s found a home…and then she meets Negan.

Red | Redder | Reddest (Smut) - Her boyfriend hates when she wears lipstick, but Negan doesn’t mind a little red. 

Road Trip - (Smut) - Negan’s wife feels cooped up inside the Sanctuary’s walls, so he takes her on a little trip.

Sugar and Spice - (Fluff + Slight Angst) - She has a huge crush on Negan and would do anything to make him happy. He misses the taste of real pumpkin pie, so she sets out to make it for him.

Thirsty - (Angst + Violence) - Negan doesn’t do anything randomly. He lets his lady pick his victims.

Tools of Survival - (Smut + Fluff + Angst) - She has been feeling really insecure about herself, and wishes she could see the upper floors of the Sanctuary (OC is in a wheelchair).

Tyrant - (M/M Smut) - Rick has two options: he can die, or he can serve his king.

Where The Heart Is - (Smut + Fluff + Angst) - Negan’s wife has a work meeting and he spends Saturday with their daughter Emma. 

Wings - (Angst) - Angela is in the lineup with her friends and family when they meet Negan. 

  • 10 of my favorite things to hear from my daddy:
  • 1: "give that to daddy, sweetie, that's not for little ones to play with"
  • 2: "of course you can pick out a toy, sweetheart"
  • 3: "you are my favorite kitten/baby/princess/bunny/______ in the whole wide world!"
  • 4: "does someone need a reminder of the rules?" (this one usually means a spanking...)
  • 5: "let daddy take care of that for you, princess"
  • 6: "does my kitten want to snuggle and watch a movie? you can pick, princess!"
  • 7: "you better start listening or else daddy will have to teach you a lesson!"
  • 8: "you make daddy the happiest daddy ever, baby bunny!"
  • 9: "I brought you home a(n) *insert sugary food item here*, pumpkin!"
  • 10: "always remember just how much daddy loves you, my princess!"
Car cat passed

Around 16 years ago my favorite customer and her sister were walking from their car into the store. She hears a faint meowing and stops to see if she really heard it or if it was her imagination. They wander through the cars to listen for it. After 10 minutes or so they pinpoint the car that’s meowing. They come into the store asking if we’ll announce over the intercom for the owner to come up front. They ask my coworker D. D doesn’t want to do it. They go back and fourth a little while until I walk out of the cash office and my favorite customer sees me and asks me to announce for the customer with the car. I get the info on the car and low and behold it’s coworker D’s car. I tell her there is a cat trapped under her hood. She says it will leave when it wants to. The customer asks her to open her hood so she can rescue the cat. D says no she isn’t going out. The customer tries to talk her into it. D isn’t budging. The customer asks me to talk to her but me and D don’t really get along so that doesn’t do anything but aggravate D more. The customer talks to most of the staff and still D isn’t going to open her hood to let my customer rescue this cat. She even says if it’s there when she gets off she’s just going to drive off with it on her engine. That sets off my favorite customer and she calls animal control and the police. The cop that came to the store talked to D for a good 15 minutes before he convinced her to open her hood. It was the tiniest kitten I have ever seen that was on her engine stuck in the wiring. Who knows how long it was there. The cop suspected it rode to the store on D’s engine when she came to work. So of course my favorite customer had to take him home and care for him.

I’m sad because she just sent me a Facebook message that Buick has passed of old age.

TL/DR my favorite customer hears kitten meow in coworkers car and it takes 2 hours and a policeman to convince coworker to open hood to rescue kitten and after 16 years it has passed of old age.


Kitten Kitten || M

►Character: GOT7′s Jinyoung || You {Female Reader}

►Summary: You stare at him, pushing your bust forward with your ass perked back, performing a perfect curve. Bringing your fist upward, you swipe your arm across your face, mimicking the action of a cat, a kitten. Jinyoung’s favourite nickname for you.

►Genre: Smut; Wolf!au

►Word Count: 2 172

Sorry I took so long, and I hope you enjoy this @smalliemichelle99 (You’re one of my loyal followers, I hearteu you! <333)

Smooth, sultry beats echoed through the spacious room. Jinyoung glided softly on the shiny wood paneled floor, his body flowing with the music creeping from the stereo in the studio. His loose tank top soaked with his sweat as his eyes fixed on his own movement, reflected in the mirrors that lined along every wall of the studio. His moves were sharp and precise, in beat with the flowing music. Too absorbed in his own world with his brows furrowed together, he didn’t even notice you were standing by the door frame. Biting back a grin, you watched as his hip moves along with the beat, making your inside clench with building desire. Jinyoung froze when he caught a whiff of your scent, his eyes snapped towards you who were biting your lower lips, obviously enjoying the show he had given. He chuckled. “Wow, there’s a creeper here. I thought my house’s security is at the top.” You scoffed at him for calling you a creep. The dance studio both of you currently in is Jinyoung’s private studio at the back of his enormous house. His parents are rich which didn’t surprise you at all. In addition, the reason you’re dating this rich, hot as hell Park Jinyoung is that he’s a werewolf and you’re his soulmate. You met him when he was having his morning run in the forest outside of the city, which you also decided to take a walk in. In addition, it was also the mating season, to simply put it, he jumped on you the moment his eyes landed on you.

Back to the present, Jinyoung beckoned you to come closer to him which you gladly complied. He observes you, from your ruffled curls that cascaded down your back, your face that could easily fit in both of his hands down to your clothing, your loose black tank top, and black legging, accentuating every of your curves perfectly. He smirked, his heart was too swollen in his chest with pride that you only belong to him, only he could touch you. “Wanna dance with me, baby?”

You gasped softly when Jinyoung pulled you flush against his body. You could feel his body heat against your skin, his strong arm wrapped around your waist, perfectly fit in the crook of his arm. You smirked. Grazing your fingertips on his chest, your eyes flickered to his, lips parted before you slowly looked towards the mirror on your right, making him mimicking your action meeting your eyes through the reflection. You let the music absorb into your conscience, soaking your mind with the sensual beat. Rolling your hip, you dip slowly, perking your ass before abruptly turning around so that your back was flat against his leg. Reaching backward, you grabbed on his shin, sitting on the ball of your feet, you bounced slowly, up and down against his legs, the back of your head flat against his thick thigh while your eyes never left his.

Jinyoung clenched his jaw as you bounced on his leg, your ass grazing against his shin. He could feel heat started to pool towards his lower body. Slowly, you stand only to bend your body forward, grinding your curves against his bulge. Before he could reach for your body, you were faster to retreat away from him making Jinyoung growl. The sound vibrated down your spine, enough to excite you even more. Turning around to face him, you smirked. Mimicking his motion for you earlier, you curled your fingers at him. ‘Come hither’. Jinyoung’s eyes burned with desires, you could literally feel them burning your body, gradually becoming hotter by seconds. Capturing your lower lips between your teeth, you placed both of your hands on your crotch, slowly dipping your hip before rolling them, one action that makes Jinyoung going mad.

Back to your earlier position, you balanced yourself on the ball of your feet, your hands on your knees before prying them open for his view, turning your body sideways. You stare at him, pushing your bust forward with your ass perked back, performing a perfect curve. Bringing your fist upward, you swipe your arm across your face, mimicking the action of a cat, a kitten. Jinyoung’s favorite nickname for you. You bite on your thumb, trying to look innocent enough to lure him towards you, which you had successfully accomplished. Jinyoung took a long stride towards you making you smirk triumphantly. Flopping yourself down on your butt, you slide backward with every step he took, but he was quicker. With a smirk, he kneels down, crawling towards you making your smirk falter. He looked so feral; his eyes were dark, deep with desire. You felt your stomach flip, a sudden heat started to pool between your thighs. A startled gasp spilled from your lips when Jinyoung captured your ankle with his calloused, strong grip to pull you sliding down towards him. You’re now flat on your back with Jinyoung’s menacing frame hovering above you. Your breath caught in your lung when you looked up. His eyes were so dark, the pupils had dilated, almost swallowing the warmness of his eyes that it sends shiver down your spine. He looks more like a predator than a human now, which he is. He is a predator. You shuddered.

“Where did you learn that, sweetheart?” Although not professionally, you love dancing to fill your spare time. Jinyoung slid his knee between your legs to brush the top of his thigh against your core. Your breath hitched when you feel his bulge brushed against your thigh. “See what you’ve done to me? Gosh, you turn me on real bad.” He gritted his teeth, his free hand glided from your hip bone down to your thigh, caressing your inner thigh through the stretchy material of your legging. You shiver once again, feeling his fingers brushed on the smooth skin of your waist that was bare due to your top sliding up a bit because of your position. Jinyoung leans down to catch your earlobe between his teeth, his canines aches to sink down into your shoulder. You wanna play, then he’ll play now. “Take off your top, kitten.” Your pupils dilated, deep and dark with lust.  There he is, your possessive wolf, your Jinyoung. Biting your lips, you meddle with the hem of your tank, before pulling them off to reveal your dark blue bra. Your hair ruffled, gasping when Jinyoung’s huge hands grope your breast through the lacy material. He pushed away your hair before attacking your neck, swiping his hot tongue on the pinkish mark on the crook of your shoulder, sending a ripple of shiver down your spine.

He smirked at your reaction, the one that he was expecting. Hooking his fingers on your legging, Jinyoung slowly pushes the material down your legs, revealing your soft skin inch by inch to his hungry eyes. The dark color of your lingerie compliments your velvety skin perfectly. Swiftly, he slipped his hand around you to unhook your bra, revealing your taut nipples to the cold air of the studio. Jinyoung sunk the tip of his canine into the flesh of your shoulder, drawing droplets of blood from the wound, the same place where his mark was engraved making you hiss at the sting. He swiped his tongue on the throbbing mark before descending downward to capture one of your nipples before sucking and flicking his tongue on the sensitive nub. Jinyoung pulled away and bit his lower lips, his lustful eyes rake over your almost naked figure; his hand possessively caressing your waist, feeling the soft skin underneath his palms. “On your hands and knees, kitten.” You obeyed, when you looked up though, you swallowed. On the mirrors, you could see your reflection, your messed up looks and, oh god, Jinyoung, who was kneeling behind you, his eyes met yours through the mirror. His hands caressed your back, tracing the dent of your spine up until the back of your neck, forcing you to lower your upper body, your harden nipples coming in contact with the cold wooden floor sending jolts of shiver through your frame.

You let out a tiny whimper, feeling vulnerable at the state you’re currently in. Your fingers balled into a tight fist as your arms folded underneath you to stabilize yourself as Jinyoung’s firm hands splayed on your lower back. The scents of your wetness are thick in the air, almost suffocating Jinyoung but he didn’t mind it. He lives for it. He just loves it when you were drenched because of him. Teasingly, he traces the elastic of your panties, watching at how the skin broke into goose bumps. Without warning, Jinyoung gripped the thin black fabric before tugging it in his fist, ripping the fabric off your smooth skin earning a surprised gasp from you. Your sweet scent becomes thicker as he nudged your thighs apart. Pushing his sweatpants down, hastily taking it off, his thumbs finding their way to your throbbing clit, gently pressing on the sensitive nub making you yelp and buck your hip. He chuckled. “My kitten is so sensitive.” Your eyes flickered towards his reflection in the mirror, his lips curled into a mischievous smirk and his lustful eyes bore into yours, making you shiver again, part of it because of his thumb-drawing circle on your clit. “Tell me kitten, do you want my cock? Do you want me inside of you, hmm?” You frantically nodded. “Please, Jinyoung.”

Your desperate pleas stirred his beast inside, making a growl vibrate in his chest. Swiftly, he aligned his rigid member against your wet opening before sliding in with a single thrust. You whimpered, your back arched slightly as you throw your head back in pleasure and heat filled your body. You push your hip back against his, wanting to feel him more which he happily granted with another hard thrust. His hip slapped against yours as his thick, hard member slides in and out of you, eliciting a sloshing sound due to your pooling wetness. Your body jolted forward with every of his thrust but his hands keep a firm grip on either side of your hip to keep you in place. Waves of pleasure clouding your mind, burning you with lust when you felt Jinyoung’s fingers tangled into your hair. A firm tug on your strands makes you look up, your head pulled back as another hand circled around your waist to pull your body up, bowing away from the floor. Jinyoung sits back, pulling you align making you sit on his lap. Your hands automatically landed on his thighs. His throbbing member still buried deep inside of you, his heaving chest meets your back, your breast jutted outwards due to your new position. He released your hair only to circle his fingers around your neck, pressing a firm grip just to make sure you’ll be in the same position, making your head laying on his shoulder.

Thrusting his hip up, he continued his hard pace without any words, seeing, as you understand his dominance through the firm but not fatal grip on your neck. You looked up to meet his eyes, who was watching every of your expressions, his jaw tense as his pace started to become faster and sharper. Your lips parted to let out tiny moans with every of his thrust. Your fingers gripped his wrist, your claws digging into his flesh but the lust eats away the pain, leaving only a sheer lust clouding his sense. He pushed you down before letting go of your neck, but his thrusts never stopped, chasing his high along with you. “Come on kitten. Come for me.” You shrieked when his fingers started to roll your throbbing clit, making you scream his name, your orgasm hit you hard that your back arches into his chest, your fingers gripped on his arm, the other one tangled into his fingers that he managed to slip in between to avoid you from fisting too hard and hurt yourself. With a loud groan and growl, Jinyoung reaches his peak too, thrusting deep inside of you, painting your inner walls white with his seed. You could feel his length jerking inside of you. He groaned again, burying his face in your shoulder, his fingers gripping yours tightly that you could feel it getting numb. His other hands gripped on your inner thigh to keep you from closing them as he’s still buried deep inside of you.

You lean on his shoulder, waiting for him to come down from his high as you still trying to regulate your breathing. “Kitten…” You hummed back at him, starting to feel tired as your eyes started to droop. “We’re not done yet.” Your eyes fly open to meet his in the mirror, who was smirking at you. “It’s gonna be a long night for you, so you better be a good kitten for me, okay?” You swallowed. Well, it’s just the start of mating season.

Don’t complain (Sehun)

Playful anon said: heyyyyy since requests are open now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I want to request a Sehun smut where he ties you to the bed(maybe a blindfold too?) and makes you cum in various ways(ex. with his fingers, with his tongue, with toys… stuff like that) please and thank you~

Word Count: 1267
Genre: smut
Warnings: Not for minors, move along, nothing to read here if you’re underage.

Originally posted by exoweeareone

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