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anonymous asked:

Top 3 favorite fashion eras?

i literally love this question and have thought ab my choices for hours and we are going to get Into It so i hope u are ready

ok this question was rly hard bc my faves change all the time and i get into phases where ill be obsessed w one era and then i move on so basically answers are subject to change BUT WITHOUT FUTHER ADO, IN ASCENDING ORDER: 


this time period holds a special place in my heart bc it was one of the first eras that attracted me to historical fashion and costuming. this is s a rly long period of time that held a wide variety of styles, most of which is wildly inaccurately portrayed in the media etc. so im not talking about this shit: 

in reality the majority clothes in the 400s-1500s were super boring bc it was rly hard to get dope materials so like u had to be super rich and like the majority of ppl wore wool dresses and stuff. BUT i love the cuts of the dresses and the lack of things like lace and more glamorous fabric made ppl rly creative w how they decorated their clothes like u can see here: 

with appliques, sashes, animal fur, etc. 

going back further i rly love the drape and the lower waistlines and feel of the dresses (or kirtles) 

and u cannot deny those headdresses were HIGH FASHION AF

yas queen 


this is also a period of time that covers as much change in styles as the middle ages but instead of taking place over centuries, it takes place over the span of 30 years. for those of u who dont know the gilded age refers to 1870-1900 and lemme tell u… styles were pOPPIN OFF. this is also what a lot of ppl think of as victorian or the bustle era or la belle epoque sometimes. i love this era because people started to do some CRAZY SHIT with clothing and u can see how much more quickly ideas and information and therefore fashion was spread. 

the 1870s are coming off of that civil war/gone with the wind giant hoop skirt situation but u see them thinking like “hmm what if we added some more junk in that trunk” and have some cute bustles and trains… 

… but then literally like only 10 yEARS LATER U HAVE PEOPLE WALKING AROUND IN SHIT LIKE THIS: 

which is just…completely ridiculous and i love it so muhc. 

like 10 years into this i think ppl realized they took the bustle thing a bit too far so they cooled it w that but instead they had to have that poof somewhere so instead we get POOFY SLEEVES!!

!!!!!!!!! YES !! 

other important things ab this era: this was the time when victorians got rly obsessed w death and mourning and stuff so theres a lot of great black-on-black-on-black lookz

also there is the New Woman and suffragist stuff going on so u see like masculine stuff for women which i think is SO cute

and now forrrrrrrr – drumroll please – NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!


i thought a lot ab if i wanted this for my number 1 spot bc i dont rly have a great or meaningful reason for why its my fave other than “its so prettyyyyyyy!” but. it is so fucking pretty and i love it so who cares. 

SO the victorian era is a hella long period bc it refers to the time when queen victoria was ruling in england and she ruled from 1837-1899 SO it was a long time. what i mean by early victorian is 1837-1855. and. the dresses are just so beautiful. okay. 

lets start w the lady who the period is named for queen v 

this is her wedding dress and #didyouknow it was this dress that started the trend of wearing white on ur wedding day!!! u can see the wide neckline and the medium-full skirt and the pointed v of the bodice

i am also such a huge fan of the flowers in the hair look. 

ok those are my top 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are many many more time periods that i adore the clothes of and if u want to see more examples of pics of clothes from these eras or others my pinterest