i read a smiths-era interview that johnnys least favorite feature was his face and it makes me so sad he has and had such a cute face :(


Don’t Look At Me.

This may just be my new favorite fresh face mask from lushcosmetics! It’s a beautiful, vibrant blue color and it smells lightly fruity. Don’t Look At Me is made with moisturizing murumuru butter, toning and cleansing lemon juice, and softening organic silken tofu. The lemon juice helps break down dead skin cells leaving your face looking brighter and smoother. It’s also packed full of finely ground rice which provides an excellent exfoliation as you wash off the mask.

Don’t Look At Me leaves my skin absolutely radiant and unbelievably soft! My face has never felt smoother and I will most definitely be purchasing this mask over and over again!

anonymous asked:

what do you use to fill in your brows? and also what are your favorite face masks?

anastasia’a brow wiz loose powder and benefit gimme brow eyebrow gel babe! and i love bb seaweed, love lettuce, and mask of magnaminty from lush