Karlie Kloss’ birthday celebration week

Day 5 - Your favorite video(s) of Karlie : #KodeWithKarlie & Karlie Kloss: Coding is a superpower

Liam, you’re very underrated. I want you to know I really appreciate you. Don’t nobody else appreciate you, but I appreciate you. Now, you’re my favorite. You keep everything live and new and sporadic. Liam, dude, you’re great. You are great. You stay just the way you are.

100 Sweet Things You Can Do For Your Princess

  1. Help her tie her shoes
  2. Wash her hair for her
  3. Pet her often
  4. Brush her hair with detangler
  5. Pick out cute clothes for her
  6. PIck out her panties
  7. Pull her into your lap
  8. Let her suck on your fingers
  9. Get her binky for her
  10. Cuddle her
  11. Wash her body gently
  12. Fill her sippy
  13. Make her giggle
  14. Hold her hand
  15. Hide her eyes when scary things are on
  16. Choose her dinner
  17. Drive her places
  18. Go to the doctors with her (its scary sometimes)
  19. Help her pick things out
  20. Let her fall asleep on you
  21. Let her help you with things
  22. Tell her when she is good
  23. Tell her if she makes you happy or proud
  24. Help her when she is sick
  25. Remind her to take medicine
  26. Help her remember her nap time
  27. ^^ Especially if she is grumpy ^^ 
  28. Read to her
  29. Tell her your favorite things
  30. Tell her secrets
  31. Teach her new things
  32. Remember stuffy names
  33. Remember her stuffy’s birthday
  34. Remember her favorite of everything
  35. Go to bed with her
  36. Color with her
  37. Check for monsters
  38. Let her talk
  39. Listen
  40. Let her pick the movie
  41. Let her teach you something
  42. Pretend with her
  43. Kiss her booboos
  44. Give her a pretty bandaid
  45. Let her share her candy (its an honor!)
  46. Get her a surprise sometimes
  47. Play outside together (especially on swings!)
  48. Compliment her often
  49. Do lots of arts and crafts
  50. Footie pajamas
  51. Onsies
  52. Being allowed to cum
  53. A pretty hula hoop
  54. Pretty tights
  55. Sparkle gel pens to write with
  56. A new stuffy picked just for her
  57. Pretty new panties
  58. Bows!
  59. Cute dresses
  60. Getting a bedtime story
  61. Getting an extra bedtime story
  62. Bubble baths! (especially together)
  63. Nighties to wear to bed (that Daddy later tears off)
  64. Juice Boxes
  65. Fun (and healthy) snacks
  66. Pretty shoes
  67. Cooking together
  68. Going to see animals at the zoo!
  69. Picnics in the sunshine
  70. Take long walks with her
  71. Extra warm snuggles (sometimes nakey!)
  72. Getting her toes done
  73. Painting her toes yourself
  74. Compliments :3
  75. Super pretty bedtime blankies to cuddle under (comforter)
  76. Buying her naughty toys
  77. Buy her a new kind of tea
  78. A day out with real life little friends
  79. Pillow pettttttttttttt or Squishable!
  80. A tea party!
  81. Plan a princess movie night together
  82. Plan a game night
  83. Make her cookies!
  84. Make her hot cocoa with marshmallows
  85. Getting to tease her Daddy
  86. Trading massages
  87. Spending a rainy day together
  88. Chocolate milk
  90. Make her cute Bento box lunches
  91. Take her out to pet kittens
  92. Playing in the snow together
  93. Going on a road trip together
  94. Discovering new places together
  95. Take her geocaching
  96. Showing her new places she has never seen before
  97. Let her make sure you eat right and take your medicine
  98. Build a blanket fort with her
  99. Lots and lots of kisses followed by a “Good girl”
  100. believe her if she says you are the best Daddy in the whole world.. She knows!

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What is your favourite ever EP and why?

I have few, but I’ll stick to TS4 cause that’s all I’m currently playing.  I’d have to say, Spa Pack is my favorite!   I love everything about it from the yoga, to the incense burners!  I just think it’s a really cute/great EP.

If you could only play one of the games (TS2/TS3/TS4) for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

TS4.  I love how smoothly it runs and the neighborhoods are just beautiful!

What is your favourite aspect of the game? (Cooking? Raising Children? Skilling?)

That’s a tough one, I think my favorite aspect of the game is building relationships and the emotions.  It makes the experience more realistic and fun!

Do you usually make a particular type of sim? If so, what and why?

I know this sounds crazy, but I kinda let me sims become themselves.

If you could add anything to the game, what would it be?

Pets, nothing like a little furry, cuddly companion!


1. Do you prefer modern, historical, futuristic, classy, etc. interiors?

2. If you could invent an entirely new EP (for any of the games) what would it be and why?

3. Pick the traits that would describe you as a sim?

4. What is your favourite ever EP and why?

5. Do you usually make a particular type of sim? If so, what and why?

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Birthday: September 17!
Sign: Virgooo
Height: 5'9"
Sexual Orientation: Cupioromantic asexual
Favorite colors: everything pastel
Average hours of sleep: idk tbh
Lucky number: 3,7,37,73,33,77,etc
Last thing googled: mia fey oops
Word that comes to mind: soup
Happy place: idk???
Number of blankets i sleep with: 2
Favorite fictional characters: way too long of a list
Favorite famous person: idk
Favorite book: idk;;;

10 people i want to know better:
Can’t think of anyone else
Okay ari out