“Any job that I care about when I first start it is just a tremendous amount of stress. Because you’re not sure you can do it. If it’s a job that I’m like "oh yeah, I would totally rock that”, I don’t really want it. I have to be afraid that I’m gonna mess it up. If you’re not challenged. If you’re not afraid to fail, then you’re not really pushing yourself.“

October 20, 2016 - Continued

This is gonna be lengthy, I’m sorry.

I’ve collected myself after finishing today’s episode. It was truly incredible. The stories were all intriguing, brought together in an organic way that didn’t seemed forced, and had a truly edge-of-your-seat climax. Let’s talk about my favorite things about this “event” and how well it was executed.

1.) First of all, I’ve loved every episode this week. As I said in an earlier post, the Robron episode was my favorite, because duh. But everything from the cinematography to the directing to the fantastic performances while still maintaining the feeling of Emmerdale was phenomenal. The subtle uses of imagery and symbolism throughout this week were wonderful. It felt so cinematic and heightened but I knew I was still watching Emmerdale. It was Emmerdale taken to the next level. So. fucking. good. Kudos to all involved, everyone was at the top of their game.


- a.) I’ve actually been a fan of the whole Rhona/Paddy/Pierce storyline as opposed to others I’ve seen around Tumblr because I really like Rhona and Paddy as characters. Although I’m sick of affairs on the show, and Paddy has become rather unlikable in his inability to accept responsibility for his HUGE mistakes, I will always love Dominic Brunt and Paddy and Marlon together always makes me smile. I care about Paddy a lot, even when I want to punch him for being so stupid. I like Rhona too, because she’s interesting and the actress who plays her is fantastic. Pierce, although handsome as fuck, has always made me uneasy but he has flashes of likability and it’s clear he truly does love Rhona. I just like this storyline because I’m really interested to see where it goes and where the characters end up.

- b.) The Emma/James storyline is AWESOME. I’ve always hated Emma because she’s crazy and hurts people I like (CHAS) but at the same time, she’s such an interesting, complex villain. She shows genuine moments of likability and relatability, which makes the idea of her as a villain so terrifying. It’s just waiting for her to snap that was great, and dear god was it great when she finally went over the edge. As soon as I realized she was Misery-ing James, I got so excited to where her character was going. That actress who plays Emma (I don’t know her name) better win Best Villain in the upcoming awards. She was fantastic. Dressing James up in a suit and her dressing in her old wedding gown, killing that chicken and having the little bit of blood splattered on the front of her dress (James’ reaction to that was priceless), stapling the note to James’ tie - all spectacular crazy villain stuff that I just eat up. The fact that she, when it comes down to it, was the one who caused the crash(es), even though it seems to have been more or less accidentally, just makes her an even more terrifying presence on the show. I fucking love the Emma storyline, and this just made everything about her more intriguing. When she gets the news that James is alive at the end, I was like “YES!” and loved seeing her reaction. I hope she gets whats coming to her for all the terrible things she’s done, but I still absolutely love her as an all-out crazy-ass soap villain. Sorry, I really ranted talking about this, but apart from Robron, this was my second favorite storyline leading up to the crash.

- c.) CAN WE TALK ABOUT ASHLEY PLEASE?! Oh my god how heartbreaking. Such wonderful performances by everyone involved (Ashley, Laurel, Arthur, etc.) The way his “point-of-view” story played out in today’s episode was incredible. From having the jump cuts to show you what he goes through when he forgets to the symbolism of the blinking clock in his room to reflect what he was going through was so well done. I was so terrified for him (still am, from the way the episode ended) and I want to know right NOW what’s going to happen to him.

3.) Robron gets it’s own category. A lot of what I was gonna to say, I know all Robron fans feel. This was a great “event” to step up their relationship. From having Aaron finally tell Robert “I love you” (since they got back together, I mean) to Robert wanting to propose to Aaron, it was all things I wanted to see and thought it was really well executed. But of course, they had to throw a wrench into things to really mess up their fates. At least the show didn’t go down a route I didn’t want it to go, like one of them cheating on the other or some kind of dumb misunderstanding. They went with them being involved in the crash, which I wasn’t expecting because I don’t read spoilers, and at the end of the day, I’m okay that they did that. BUT it was incredibly painful for me to watch. The way Aaron’s voice sounded when he woke up in the car…literally my heart hurt. When he was panicking about being trapped and when he told Robert “I love you” before going underwater….I was not okay. I also loved that Aaron immediately mentioned Lachlan when he came to, showing that Aaron, although sometimes dumb, is not without compassion. (If anything felt forced story-wise this week, it was Aaron kidnapping Lachlan.) Part of me knows Aaron will be okay, because Emmerdale does not want an audience revolt on their hands, which would absolutely happen if Aaron died, but I really doubt they would kill him off. I mean, especially after Paul died on EastEnders, Emmerdale knows we would not stand for anything like that. But seeing Robert do everything he can to save Aaron and seeing Adam cry over him in the ambulance and call Chas, I was happy with the drama this storyline produced. It’s a compelling, intriguing storyline and I’ve loved watching it. And, of course, Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley are fantastic.

Thank you for indulging me about this week’s episodes. I just absolutely loved it. I really did mean it in my last post when I said today’s episode is one of my favorite episodes of Emmerdale ever. What could have been another generic ratings-desperate soap event was instead a heart-breaking, pulse-pounding, emotional batch of episodes that were not only well-acted, but incredibly well-written and well-directed cinematic-level episodes.

If Emmerdale doesn’t win Best Soap at the next award shows, I’ll cry foul.

P.S. Also Emmerdale, thanks for having Finn be involved at the end. They really made him a hero, which was great. I love Finn and I want him in a lot more episodes, and this was a good start.


hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)

I want you. I want all of you. I want you when you’ve got your hair up and you’re in sweatpants and a t-shirt. I want you when you’re aggravated at everyone and everything. I want you when you’re talking about something you love, and your eyes light up with passion. I want you when you can’t stop laughing at something stupid, and your nose crinkles the way it does when you laugh. I want you when you’re angry with me and you make me feel like shit because I know you’re right to be angry with me. I want you when you just got out of the shower, and your hair is wet and messy. I want you when you are focusing on your homework, when you block everything out, and you don’t even realize how beautiful you look. I want you when you’re so hungry that you’re grumpy. I want you when you’re happy and your smile lights up the room. I want you when you’re around your family, seeing how happy they can sometimes make you. I want you when you’re needy, and you need to hold onto me. I want you when you’re crying, and I can see all the pain in your eyes. I want you when you’ve spent all morning to look good, and damn you do, but you don’t have to spend all morning to look beautiful. I want you when you’re sick, so I could take care of you all day. I want you when you hate yourself, so I can tell you how perfect you are and kiss every one of your insecurities. I want you when you are singing along to your favorite song. I want you when you’re embarrassed, and you try to hide your face. I want you when you’re confident. I want you when you’re sad. I want you when you’re moody. I want you when you’re afraid. I want you when you’re lonely. I want you when you’re being selfish. I want you when you’re hopeless. I want you when you’re excited. I want you all day, every day for the rest of my life.
—  I just want you…

Harry visiting Campbell and her family x/x

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ - Campbell (Cam) Hoyt got her wish. This afternoon Harry Styles visited Cam at home. In this case a picture says 1000 words.

Cam has been battling Ependymoma, brain and spine cancer, since August, 20, 2009. She was just 3 years old when she was diagnosed. Cam has now been placed on hospice care and had one simple wish. To meet One Direction.

Team Campbell worked tirelessly getting the attention of Harry Styles. Styles tweeted Cam but, Team Campbell was still hoping for a video or meeting the band.

Styles came through for Cam in a big way today and visited her at home.

Cam’s mom Robin said, “He was emphatic that he did not do this for publicity. He truly just wanted to meet Cam. I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea.”

There is no known cure for multiple recurrent anaplastic ependymoma. +


Meet Russell and Lori, Rin’s homestay parents & Haruka experts

Haru: How do they know that?
Rin: Uh, well...

greatest Jim and Pam scenes: 1/20

All I know is that every time I’ve been faced with a tough decision, there is only one thing that outweighs every other concern. One thing that will make you give up on everything you thought you knew. Every instinct. Every rational calculation. Love. No matter what happens, you’ve got to forget about all the other stuff. You’ve got to forget about logic and fear and doubt. You just got to do everything you can to get to the one woman who is going to make all this worth it. At the end of the day, you got to jump.

Not enough for me? You are everything.”

do you ever cry because this