I start write cause of him
Cause of my feelings too
Like i needed to share it
Fuck i had a favorite poem
Almost everything was about him
He absolutelly do not know
That i write about him
I can not imagine
What an answer it will be if i tell him
Maybe someday i will tell him
I think he just will say
Only it is good, nice or why or nothing
I start realizing now
It cames time to stop write about him

song tag

thank you @koreanbreeze for tagging me ^^

rules: using only song titles from one artist, answer these ten questions and tag ten people

band/artist: BIGBANG (빅뱅)
what’s your gender: ma girl
describe yourself: loser
how do you feel: sober
if you could go anywhere: 카페 (cafe)
favorite mode of transportation: everything
your best friend: monster
favorite time of day: tonight
if your life was a tv show: 뱅뱅뱅 (bang bang bang)
relationship status: 에라 모르겠다 (fxxk it)
your fear: 거짓말 (lies)

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the magic begins 01: favourite character
      ↳ Minerva McGonagall

     “[Voldemort] can punish them. Couple of kids more or less, what’s the difference?”

     “Only the difference between truth and lies, courage and cowardice,” said Professor McGonagall, who had turned very pale. “A difference, in short, which you and your sister seem unable to appreciate. But let me make one thing very clear. You are not going to pass off your many ineptitudes on the students of Hogwarts. I shall not permit it.”

I’m really excited about them. They’re amazing musicians. They’re amazing people. I’ve grown really close with them, and I love getting to play with them every day. Two of the guys who are in the band, actually, I wrote the album with, so that’s been really fun kinda working everything out with guys that I wrote the stuff with. It’s been really amazing. You know my favorite part of everything is the performing, and I’m very excited about getting back on stage.
—  Harry talking about his band and performing again

the most exciting part of meeting and liking someone new is getting to know them. not simply just as a friend or potential partner but as a person period. Learning about the weird shit they do, learning about their upbringing and favorite candies..everything that makes them who they are basically.

three word starters pt. 2

  • “don’t you dare.”
  • “look at me.”
  • “just forget it.”
  • “i’m not mad.”
  • “you’re being mean.”
  • “what a mess.”
  • “you are perfect.”
  • “jesus fucking christ.”
  • “you’ll be okay.”
  • “take a seat.”
  • “don’t let go.”
  • “oh my god.”
  • “you’re the worst.”
  • “you’re my favorite.”
  • “i ruined everything.”
  • “you ruined everything.”
  • “just trust me.”
  • “i’m not drunk.”
  • “i feel lost.”
  • “i’m so alone.”
  • “you’re not alone.”
  • “hold onto me.”
  • “just come here.”
  • “stay the night.”
  • “please just go.”
  • “please don’t go.”
There’s something pulling us together and I can’t put my finger on it like how I could when you dragged me by the hands out onto those lost, lost streets from when we first met. Everybody laughs, it can’t be your laugh, can it? We all have a story as old as pain, some lovers change us into an ending that we’ll always smile at, but can’t watch or finish reading– you don’t know the things that you do to me. Maybe in some ways, you barely know yourself. Having lived in your skin for that long, having to see through your eyes for years. You may never know how I see you, how I feel you, but we’re never together. Lost, lost like how I get when we’re sitting besides one another, this chapter doesn’t end well for us. I blow out the candles and pray the stars don’t show your signature, the moon is heavy when the sun is dry. I never knew love until I met love, I didn’t know that you could be this sweet. We live this life and never think, we feel our ways into our next mistake, we blindingly accept our love that wasn’t meant to be and yes, why yes, of course it’s okay to stay sober. When the tea is calm, when the world stops spinning and when my thoughts sleep, rest doesn’t come easy when you’re running through each memory trying to make me remember you. It doesn’t get easier than this, but it’s also difficult. You live life and never expect dreams to become real, it’s nice to say that I’ve had a dream about you, but it ends with us letting go. I could talk to you for hours, I should have talked to you for hours, I would’ve talked to you for hours… but it’s not right and it’s like a rose that wasn’t supposed to grow in a garden that’s so far from home. I didn’t know a thing about love until I met you on those lost, lost streets. Maybe it’s better this way. To remember you as this. Beautiful, beautiful. Maybe it’s like a scratched cd. I’ll loop your smile into my memories. I’ll play you everyday. You’re my favorite song, but even songs must stop end when the beat stops. You’re my favorite everything, gravity doesn’t know how you do it, but you’re always pulling me back to you. I can love you, I love you, but that’s all that we’ll ever be. That’s it though, isn’t it? Knowing that I love you now. Right at this second, even if we’re gone in the future. Now, this moment. It’s all that I am. We may change, we may be different, but as long as I love you now… the search for who will be on those lost, lost streets, it’ll always be us to me.
—  scratched cd hearts without a beat

studyblr asks (feel free to add to the list)

  1. What year are you?
  2. What’s your major/what do you think you want to major in?
  3. If applicable, what is your thesis about?
  4. Do you think you picked the right major?
  5. Ultimate educational goals?
  6. Career goals?
  7. Do you think your goals are realistic?
  8. What classes are you taking right now?
  9. Favorite class out of everything you’ve ever taken and why?
  10. Least favorite class ever and why?
  11. Current favorite class and why?
  12. Current least favorite class and why?
  13. Favorite STEM field?
  14. Favorite humanities subject?
  15. Class that you’ve always wanted to take but never had the chance?
  16. Do you use caffeine and if so how much daily?
  17. What’s your preferred method of taking in caffeine?
  18. Have you ever tried study drugs?
  19. Are you a homework-in-the-morning kind of person?
  20. Do you listen to music while you study?
  21. Crowded area or quiet place?
  22. What’s your preferred writing implement?
  23. Do you need to work out before you can study well?
  24. Describe your perfect study environment.
  25. Are you procrastinating right now?
  26. What was the last thing you procrastinated?
  27. Are you a perfectionist?
  28. Do you like easy classes or do you feel bad if you’re not working hard?
  29. Are you a good test taker?
  30. What are you the proudest of out of all the assignments you’ve ever had?
  31. Do you talk to your teachers/professors a lot?
  32. Describe your favorite teacher/professor and why you like them.
  33. Describe your least favorite teacher/professor and why you dislike them.
  34. Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher/professor?
  35. Most profound thing ever said to you by a teacher/professor?
  36. Best feedback you’ve ever gotten on something academic?
  37. Worst study habit and how are you working on it?
  38. Are you an in-class fidgeter?
  39. How’s your handwriting?
  40. Write “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and post a photo.
  41. Neat or messy notes?
  42. A lot of notes or the bare minimum?
  43. Post a photo/scan of your notes from your favorite class.
  44. Are you a doodler?
  45. Post a photo of your doodles if you have any.
  46. Do you have pre-test rituals and what are they?
  47. Are you a tangent-question asker?
  48. Do you make jokes in class?
  49. How many hours do you spend on academics per day?
  50. What’s something more important to you than school?