Rogue has become one of my favorite costumes to wear! I love Rogue as a character and this costume is so awesome. (Plus it’s super comfy which I love) The only foreseeable issue i’m going to have is me wanting to punch people who call me Storm. It happens every time I wear this thing!! Every :claps: Black :claps: X-Men :claps: Cosplayer :claps: Isn’t :claps: Storm!!! Whew that felt good to get out :p 

This is currently one of my favorite costumes! Yumuto Hakone, the magical boy version. It’s my first every custom made costume from Cosplaysky.com and it’s like a dream. I feel powerful and cute at the same time, haha…!

Costume: http://goo.gl/f413XQ
Shoes: http://goo.gl/od6SaL

Discount code “Sky10jh” gives 10% off on your purchase from their website, whatever you buy! They have cosplays, wigs, shoes, dresses, figures and props! So check them out!


It’s no secret that I have an addiction to costumes with lots of hand detailing; it’s my absolute favorite part of the costume making process! I started with hand beading with my Medusa costume in 2009, followed by Chocolat Meilleure in 2013 and Sakizou’s design for Terra Branford in 2014. I then moved on to embroidery with my Sansa Stark costume in 2014 and my Yuuko Ichihara and Snow White costumes in 2015.

I have an entire (ever growing) folder full of “gorgeous detailed costumes to do” including Kobato, Sakizou’s vampire, Rose of Versailles, Trinity Blood, Bride of the Water God, Outlander, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Game of Thrones. I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to get to making all of these costumes, but I plan on trying to do at least 1-2 ridiculously detailed costume(s) per year. I also plan on making a hand embroidery and hand beading tutorial at the request of some friends, so once that’s done I’ll be positing it here and on my Facebook page for those who are interested.

  • Gil:anyway back to X-Men 92 they actually have some of my favorite costumes
  • Gil:I LOVE the Jim Lee designs for Storm and Cyclops especially
  • Me:i don't have anything against storms
  • Me:but cyclops is so bad gil what are you talking about
  • Gil:it's the best
  • Me:it's like a spandex onesie with a mishapen banana hammock over it
  • Gil:you're just not on our level

Favorite Costumes: Richard Harrow


“I don’t kill… but I don’t lose, either.”

Favorite Characters / Favorite Costumes: Cassandra Cain / Batgirl II

Part Two of my Cass lovefest in celebration of my re-reading the original Batgirl series, and reliving all the amazingness and feels that are Cass.  This one is appreciating Cass in action and fighting!  Along with the comics original style of drawing Cass!

Part One  Part Three


“This city has a way of making life hard on girls who think they can take it on by themselves.”

Favorite Characters / Favorite Costumes:  Cassandra Cain / Batgirl II

Part Three of my Cass lovefest in celebration of my re-reading the original Batgirl series, and reliving all the amazingness and feels that are Cass.  This one features Cass-team-ups or just Cass with others of the Batfam!

Part One  Part Two