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I'm not even lying I found out about the play a few hours ago. And I love it so much. And I love you coincidently made my favorite character my favorite Youtuber 😂

Omg it’s like the stars and planets are aligned oh the odds XD

Me and My Favorite Characters:
  • favorite female characters: slay slay slay you go girl kill them all *fist pump*
  • favorite male characters: omg precious baby let me hold you and protect you and love you

Guys. GUYS. I am still making some sort of high-pitched noise in my head over the sketch commission I got from @ngoziu ( @omgcheckplease ) at @c2e2 today! I said I wanted something that looked like an ALA “Read” poster, so I couldn’t help mock one up as soon as I got home tonight! How cute is this?!

If I replaced one of the big ones hanging in my library’s reference area, how long you think I’d get away with it? (And now I want “Read” posters for all my favorite characters!)

I’m crying at work. I’m honestly fighting back tears right now on my lunch.

1) I’ve wanted that photo ever since we got the negatives of the extras

2) my boy. My beautiful son, made a pride post


And now I’m crying for real but I don’t even care because one of my favorite characters is pans and omg does that feel amazing

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can we talk abot how fucking buff Uraraka Ochako is like what the fuck I'm gay look at her arms look at her ARMS (also!! she has!!! cute kitty pads!!! I can't)


idk if you’ve read the manga or not so I won’t spoil but goddamn she’s such a badass it’s a shame the anime will end before that arc :(

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Name: Eyota (ee-yo-tah)

Nickname(s): Star or EJ 

Height: 5′2 or 5′3? idk 

Ethnicity: Native American

Favorite Fruits: Apples, Strawberries, Huckleberries, and Oranges

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Book(s): The Hunger games trilogy, The Light, Eon/Eona, Demonata Series, (does maga count?) The Ancient Magus Bride, Woolf Boy is Mine, He’s my only Vampire, and Junjo Romantica

Favorite Flower(s): Roses, Hydrangea’s, Azalea, and Lilacs 

Favorite Animal(s): I love all animals except pigs and goats 

Favorite Beverage: Water, OJ, Milk, and Kool-Aid 

Favorite Fictional Character(s): *OMG this is gunna be long* Reaper (Overwatch), Yoosung Kim/Saeyoung(MysMe),Renkotsu(Inuyasha) SHin-ah( Yona of the Dawn), Soushi Miketsukami(InuxBoku SS), Tomoe(Kamissama Kiss), Elias Ainsworth(Ancient Magus Bride), *Can I use Characters in a non published book??* Dante, Dante Massamune(SLB) Saizo Kirigakure(SLB), Lewis(Midnight Cinderella), King Byron(Midnight Cinderella), Kiku(Destiny Ninja 2), Kent(Amnesia), Toma(amnesia), Musashi Miyamoto(Ninja Love), and Finally my Number One Lady Shigure the strong independent Light Maiden.

Number of Pillows & Blankets You Sleep With: 1blanket and like 6 pillows cuz I love feeling crowded 

Dream Trip: I would love to take a trip to Rome one day

Number of Followers: idk like 100? wait I did a thing for 138 followers so??? IDK!

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1. favorite anime?
naruto (surprise), lovely complex, claymore, fushigi yuugi, skip beat!, haikyuu!!

2. your worst anime?
hmmm i usually drop anime i don’t like

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?
It depends. if I’m really invested in an ongoing anime, or the anime has an unsatisfiying ending then yes

4. most favorite genre?
Shounen, shoujo, josei, basically everything tbh

5. least favorite genres?
hentai, ecchi and anything with too much fanservice (even though i enjoyed shokugeki no souma strangely enough lmao) and mecha (unless the plot seems interesting)

6. favorite character?
Omg there’s so many I could write an entire book. The ones I love the most are hyuga neji, todoroki shouto, hitsugaya toshiro, kanda yuu, sawamura eijun, juvia lockser, jellal fernandes, kagura (gintama), sesshomaru…. i could go on all day but i’ll stop here haha

7. least favorite character?
Priscilla (claymore) honestly just thinking about her makes my blood boil and it’s been years since i last saw the anime and read the manga. Also mineta (bnha) what a disgusting excuse of a character.

8. qualities you like in a character?
seemingly cold but actually just soft and shy ( and i love the bad guy turned good trope so much it’s not even funny), sarcastic, confident, dork……

9. short or long anime?
Somewhere in between, like 25 episodes ish… a rare find in animeland these days

10. anime or manga?
Anime (minus fillers)

11. how do you choose the anime you watch?
I usually check the upcoming animes or whatever is popular on tumblr lmao

12. skip or listen to intros/outros?
i listen to them the first tiime and if i like i keep listening, if i don’t i skip

13. best soundtrack?
attack on titan, tokyo ghoul and naruto 

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?
yes, or sometimes sooner than that

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The Book of Mormon?

Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 1-10

Favorite Lyric: who cares what happens when we’re dead? we shouldn’t think that far ahead

Favorite Song: i am africa or tomorrow is a latter day

Favorite Character: mckinley!!!

Best Moment: omg there are so many, but i love how arnold starts hyperventilating after he finds out there are no doorbells on the ugandans’ doors

Something that makes me angry: orlando reprise is too short and not on the cast album

Gives me the chills: the whole i believe song

Overall opinions: it is so weird but i love it

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name: layla

nickname: my nickname for myself is angel bc i’m an angel lmao 

zodiac sign: taurus

hogwarts house: don’t judge me but i’m not a harry potter fan ://///

height: 5′4 (163cm)

orientation: i’m pan!!!! 

ethnicity: white

favorite fruit: hmmmmm i lov strawberries and pineapple and mango and idk i like most fruits heh 

favorite season: winter, but i’m starting to like summer too 

favorite book series: i don’t read lmao i have a v hard time concentrating 

favorite fictional characters: omg dylan masset!!!!! i lov him so much i want to cry, stephen holder

favorite flower: roses, tulips, i lov all flowers but especially pastel colored ones!!

favorite scents: vanilla, anything sweet, i also love gasoline smell lmao 

favorite color: pastel pink and lavender 

favorite animal: i lov all animals but i’m scared of insects so pls don’t come near me 

favorite artist/band: oh thats hard, the weeknd, lana del rey, wet, blink 182, maggie lindemann, olivia o’brien

coffe, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate!!! im drinking it almost every day lmao

average sleep hours: if my sleep schedule isn’t fucked up around 9 hours 

number of blankets you sleep with: 1 sometimes 2

dream trip: i’d love to go to cali or new york someday :((( 

last thing googled: where you find the exclamation mark on a mac laptop lmfao bc i forgot 

blog createt: 2013 i think 

how many blogs do i follow: a lot lol around 900 

number of followers: 2.600 and i lov all of you so much 

what do I usually post about: trauma, bpd, my mental illnesses in general, age regression stuff

do you get asks regularly: yes!!!! and im so happy about it 

whats your aesthetic: a v sick, soft, cute, gay girly in knee high socks and a short skirt who’s obsessed with her trauma and is also an angel living in her pastel pink world with her stuffies 

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Ok at first i was lowkey in love with shima but fuck he is just a bastard. Like, he stills works as a spie for the illuminati and idk man he just seems not worth trusting and i hate it cuz he was like one of my favorite characters

I agree omg but it was a huge shock to me when I found out. I mean, it’s so NOT his character to put his life on the line for the purpose of “fun” (like he can’t even be near bugs but he’s willing to be a double agent? lol what)

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I just finished season 1 of The Sopranos and I was wondering what are your favorite episodes?? Seasons??? Characters???

omg this is my favorite question. 

Well i actually find s1 to be my least favorite season. I found it a complete drag to get through mostly bc its the most straight forward season and so much of it has been copped by dramas that came after. I stopped watching the sopranos for like two years until i just picked up s2 one day and bam i was finished with the show 3 months later. So I think s2 and …. probably s6? are my favorite seasons. Which is funny bc s1 is widely considered to be one of the best and s2 one of the worst. But I like it when The Sopranos takes it time, doesn’t really have any plot and people just shoot the shit or talk about dreams which s2 has a lot of. And s6 is just the most Fruedian, existential bullshit i LOVE it….. 

The last two episodes of Season Two, the premiere of season 3. the big funeral episode of s3, Proshai, Livushka. The first half of s4 is def the worst of the show, having the WORST episode they ever did about the mafia protresting people who protrest christopher columbus day? its horrible. But, entertaining. But god the s4 finale which is about tony and carmela’s marriage? best episode of televison of all time. Idk i just love all the introspective episodes about relationships, the ones heavy with catholic imagery, the ones haunted by exisential dread, the wtf episodes (like the tony in the coma two parter). The one where carmela goes to Paris. IDK! i don’t wanna spoil it for you! 

My favorite characters are Livia, Janice, AJ, Carmela, Adriana, Christafuh, and ofc tony himself. I have a soft spot for meadow. And I also wish for the alternate universe Sopranos thats about Janice being the head of the mafia. There’s so many beautiful episodes of the show I wish I could erase my mind and experience it again but enjoy!

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1-4 and 11-15 for the anime ask! (sorry for asking so many!)

no omg !!! thanks for asking. not many people send me anything lmao :—–((( 

1. first anime you ever watched

  • Sailor Moon!

2. first anime crush

  • Sesshomaru

3. favorite anime character

  • omg this one is so hard bc i like so many but probably Rock Lee bc i relate to him so much 

4. least favorite anime character

  • right now, probably mineta from bnha omg he is annoying 

11. anime you didn’t expect to like but did

  • Death Parade

12. anime that should get more attention from others

  • Death Parade

13. funnest anime you have watched

  • Gintama

14. saddest anime you have ever watched

  • Death Parade or Zankyou no Terror

15. anime you never get sick of watching

  • Inuyasha

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