Me and My Favorite Characters:
  • favorite female characters: slay slay slay you go girl kill them all *fist pump*
  • favorite male characters: omg precious baby let me hold you and protect you and love you

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I'm not even lying I found out about the play a few hours ago. And I love it so much. And I love you coincidently made my favorite character my favorite Youtuber 😂

Omg it’s like the stars and planets are aligned oh the odds XD

Guys. GUYS. I am still making some sort of high-pitched noise in my head over the sketch commission I got from @ngoziu ( @omgcheckplease ) at @c2e2 today! I said I wanted something that looked like an ALA “Read” poster, so I couldn’t help mock one up as soon as I got home tonight! How cute is this?!

If I replaced one of the big ones hanging in my library’s reference area, how long you think I’d get away with it? (And now I want “Read” posters for all my favorite characters!)

Though shall not stan one member
  • Friend: hey, I heard that you got into Mystic messenger. Who's your favorite character?
  • Me: omg. I absolutely love ZenYoosungJaeheeJuminSaeyoungVSaeranVanderwoodElizabeththethirdDriverkim so much!
  • Friend: you could've just said you loved them all
  • Me: that's not how life works, honey.

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Thank you for all the rohan positivity :) it makes me happy to know someone loves him as much as I do.

aww thank you for the ask!! i love to talk about rohan, he’s my favorite character of all time omg jkdhgfd i could talk about him forever and ever

i haven’t written a lot about him recently cuz i’ve been so busy with schoolwork writing, but i always want to… ;A; i wish there was more time in the day to gush about how much i love him!! there’s never enough time!!

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OMG I LOVE YOUR ART!I love your fanarts of captive prince and tsoa!and i have to ask you which are your favorites characters to draw??

Hello!Omg thank you anon! Well i love to draw my two babies Achilles and his “philtatos“, because you well know TSOA is my favorite book (yeah i’m completely obsessed with it) but i will start doing more fan art of captive prince…because those books omg…are awesome too!

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I'm watching Tales of Asgard right now for the first time in 3 years. And it's every bit as amazing as I remember!! So far Hogun, Sif and Loki are my favorite characters!

Aaaaah omg bless! I desperately need to watch it again, it’s been so long! I still remember how awesome those three are in it though (as they are in everything else, let’s be real)