Six Ryder & Vetra Nyx

“Hey, I just shoot the guns.”
“You know that’s my line, right?”

Tol meme Pathfinder with her tol turian gf :’) How Vetra puts up with all of Six’s crazy shenanigans, we’ll never know…

I got the chance to commission the awesome @projectnelm for this gorgeous art of Six and Vetra! Ahhhhhh! ;A; Thank you so much <3 She was such a pleasure to work with! Please consider commissioning her if you get the chance!!

you know what? i’m gna say it, jimin is so cute and he looks adorable when he doesn’t have any makeup on, when his hair is messy, when he has swollen eyes, a soft tummy, a pimple on his face, when he just cutely pouts, when he squint his eyes whenever he laughs so hard, it feels like the whole world is balanced and nothing bad could happen, the fresh breeze outside, the sun shining brighter than ever, the birds are chirping, my crops growing, my family healthy, thank you jimin, i love you

Lance: At the last Halloween party I was on Earth I had this fancy suit on so I went up to a group of people and said “The name’s Bond…..James….”

Keith, suddenly realizing: Bond….ING MOMENT I CRADLED YO–

Lance: Are you…kidding me? You still think about that???

Keith: Nooo…..YeMaybe.

Lance: Tell you what, since you like this so much if we ever come back to Earth you should come with me and dress up as my Bond Boy if you catch drift ;)

Keith, tearing up: I’m your…. *sniffs* Bond Boy…..This is the best day of my life

My 8 yr old cousin loves my bee stickers / knows how much I love bees & so tonight at a family dinner he surprised me with this drawing he did for me & I am shook by how cute this is💛🐝🐝