“And if they make you feel ugly, just imagine everybody in their birthday suit, imagine everybody in their birthday suit. Oh oh, oh oh, funny how it looks when you switch the roles! Oh oh, oh oh, never know what’s underneath until it gets exposed~!”
———-Ugly, Christina Grimmie———-

My favorite female character from Fairy Tail, Levy McGarden. I can relate to her on a personal level. Short, bookworm, gets made fun of for being short, blue hair, and small ball of anger when provoked.

Enjoy the drawing of her!

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anonymous asked:


1. What got you into anime?

i feel like it’s the same for most people tbh… i watched a lot of pokemon and digimon and other dubbed anime on saturday mornings as a kid and eventually transitioned into watching stuff on toonami! i also loved reading naruto and bleach in middle school :P

2. What was the first anime you’ve ever watched?

i think the first anime i watched (aside from stuff i watched growing up) was gurren lagann!! 

3. What was your first anime crush?

uhhhh man i have no idea…. probably kari from digimon when i was a kid?? or misty from pokemon! but beyond my childhood anime probably nia from gurren lagann :3

4. Name your favorite male anime character.

kurama from yu yu hakusho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Name your favorite female anime character.

honestly i don’t know :( 


The types of people the world gives you (inspiration).