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(It’s called Two Lonely Uncles Crying to the Beat and I love it.)

Charles Xavier had always loved Busy Genosha with its strong, snotty Shops. It was a place where he felt Confused.

He was a Sweet, Inquisitive, Tea drinker with Porcelain Eyes and Tall Fingers. His friends saw him as a black, brief Benefactor. Once, he had even helped a delicious manikin recover from a flying accident. That’s the sort of man he was.

Charles walked over to the window and reflected on his Alive surroundings. The storm teased like fixing Birds.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Erik Lehnsherr. Erik was a Hardened Mouse with Brunet Eyes and Frail Fingers.

Charles gulped. He was not prepared for Erik.

As Charles stepped outside and Erik came closer, he could see the mutated smile on his face.

“I am here because I want To be fixed,” Erik bellowed, in an Intelligent tone. He slammed his fist against Charles’s chest, with the force of 861 Deer. “I frigging love you, Charles Xavier.”

Charles looked back, even more Empty and still fingering the cracked man. “Erik, I love you,” he replied.

They looked at each other with Wary feelings, like two mushy, magnificent Mice kissing at a very Amused birthday, which had piano music playing in the background and two Lonely uncles crying to the beat.

Charles regarded Erik’s Brunet Eyes and Frail Fingers. He held out his hand. “Let’s not fight,” he whispered, gently.

“Hmph,” pondered Erik.

“Please?” begged Charles with puppy dog eyes.

Erik looked Melancholy, his body blushing like an annoyed, abundant a bed.

Then Erik came inside for a nice cup of Tea.

I’m going out of the country for vacation for a while and since my summer holidays are about to end I decided to make tumblr awards.

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s6 of gg has been one of the most frustrating seasons to watch. Like I waited so many seasons for Luke and lorelai to be together and now all of a sudden he can’t introduce her to her daughter whom he had with some random character out of the blue !?!? Like in the early seasons wasn’t Rachel like his big sweetheart when he was young???? Like I don’t get it ??? And he’s somehow worried April will prefer lorelai !?!?!?!?!?! This is his justification ?????? Like what the hell shouldn’t he want his daughter and his fiancée to get along ?? Arguably they were two of the most important women in his life ??????? This logic is nothing ? I get people say s7 sucks bc asp didn’t write it and I’ll probably agree when I get there but s6 is horrible it’s just plain annoying

Hey Confo People

You know what that means, it’s that time of year again when I’m annoying and ask basic questions!

So for people who have experience with showing conformation, what would be in your ideal dog show starter pack™️? Favorite/best brand of show lead?? Just trying to get an idea because I would really like to dive into confo showing with my future dobe puppy

Get to know me tag

Thanks so so much to @howells-moving-kalcifer and @jacky70u for tagging me, seriously you guys are the best.

Favorite fandom: The Phandom.  Even though it can get very dramatic and problematic sometimes, I’ve found too many lovely people for it to not be my favorite.

Favorite film of 2016: Zootopia (that’s from 2016 right?)

Put your music on shuffle and see the first three songs that come up: This is Gospel-Panic! At The Disco, New Born-Muse, The Sounds Of Silence-Simon and Garfunkel

Last thing I bought online: Flower crown

Fears: Being disliked, heights, sleepovers

How would your friends describe you: I have no idea but I’m going to assume it’s at least somewhat good otherwise they wouldn’t be my friend

How would your enemies describe you: Probably that I’m annoying and talk too much

Who would you take a bullet for: Literally anybody

How would you use your spare money: I would save it for college

I tag @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx, @hey-buddy-you-on-fire,  @kadelyna and anybody who feels so inclined to do this

hearteyesandboners  asked:

I love Rául so much and the only thing I've ever seen him in is SVU . Barba is just the best EVER 😍😍. What else do you recommend I see Rául in ? Thanks !

I cherish people who want to see more! I would definitely recommend Hannibal if the subject matter is something you can handle, because it’s a great show with or without Raúl, but his character in that is fantastic and gets a fair amount of plot and screen time. I don’t have a Hannibal download, but it’s on Netflix as well as free stream sites and torrents. 

Second, I would recommend Trouble in The Heights. It’s the film he gets the most screen time in and Nevada is a fan favorite character. 

If you’re interested in musicals, I would recommend Leap of Faith. It’s not quite my most favorite or the absolute best one, but it’s a good one to start with, since he’s the lead character, the quality is fairly good and Jonas is another staple character. 

I’d recommend pretty much everything he’s ever done though, I’m kind of in love with all of it. 

I hope you have fun discovering new things!

Shared by @gregwilliamsphotography・・・Tom Hardy with Georgia

Black mohair suit, white cotton shirt, black satin tie: all by Prada
Styled by Nicole Schneider @nschneiderstyle

📷  First published in newsstand and subscriber editions of Esquire UK, May 2015


This is prob the best video on the internet