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Oh my god I LOVED inkheart I felt like I was the only person who remembered those books and DUSTFINGER the fabulous, most majestic man. A huge fire loving mess. Those books were so good except for that poor girls AWFUL romances. 😩

dustfinger is really, really good and im gonna say that right out of the gate . he’s probably my favorite character besides mo 

also just the concept of those books is so incredible too??? a father daughter duo who both have the supernatural power to summon things out of books but at the cost of something in their world being pulled into the story….and the first book dealing with the concept frm the perspective of fictional characters coming into the ‘’real’’ world and then the second and third from real character in the fictional world dealing with the fact that there is no real world, everythings a parallel universe, this superpower is super unethical, etc etc. and writing about all of this meta literary nonsense IN BOOK FORM lmao. highkey implying that every universe is just a nesting doll of books and stories and we’re all fictional somewhere

god seriously this series Was My Favorite frm ages like 11-13 

take this burden - part 6

[ happy accident - saint motel ]

‘You love me but you don’t know it yet’

Upon entering the apartment, Zhengxi and Mo Guan Shan learned that the other two had not followed Zhengxi’s instructions.

‘How’d that go?’ He Tian asked.

Mo Guan Shan dropped his bag of clothes on the couch.

‘Fuck yeah!’ Jian Yi exclaimed enthusiastically.

‘You can change now, I won’t be a dick this time.’ He Tian teased.

Mo Guan looked down at his current outfit with a small smile.

‘I can’t even promise you’ll be getting this shirt back.’ Mo Guan Shan deadpanned.

Jian Yi laughed loudly.

‘Good luck with that.’

He Tian returned his smile.

‘Let’s consider it a loan.’

Jian Yi pulled his phone from his pocket, finding his boyfriend in his recent texts.

‘Should we leave?’

Zhengxi deliberated for a moment.

‘Not yet.’

Jian Yi looked confused, but nodded, dropping his phone on the chair next to him.

Reading the room, Mo Guan Shan knew it was because of the excessive amount of drama he’d single-handedly brought into these people’s lives over the last 18 hours.

He grabbed a beer off the table, grabbing He Tian’s lighter from a few inches away and popped the bottle open.

Always a good party trick.

He Tian laughed.

‘I never could do that.’

‘It’s easy. Come here, I’ll show you

He Tian joined him on the couch, swiping his own bottle from the table.

Mo Guan Shan showed him where to put the edge of the plastic lighter and how to hold the bottle so it wouldn’t slip.

‘It’s a foolproof way to impress the ladies.’ He joked.

Jian Yi leaned back in the chair, putting his feet on Zhengxi’s lap and twisting the cap off his own bottle.

‘Yeah, ladies.’

He Tian glared at him, giving up on his task.

‘It’s ok, He Tian. It’s a valuable skill all around.’ Zhenxi comforted him.

‘Fuck you both.’ He Tian supplied, taking a long drink.

‘Is that what I have to look forward to here?’ Mo Guan Shan inquired.

This time, He Tian did spit out his mouthful of booze.

All over Zhengxi’s jeans.

‘Oh, you fuck.’

Jian Yi made no effort to contain his laughter.

Mo Guan Shan marveled at the chaos he’d caused with a simple joke.

These people were fascinating.

They polished off the case of beer in two hours or so, watching some terrible movie.

Mo Guan Shan had been more than happy to watch them interact, only speaking when asked questions.

He’d never seen three people more comfortable with each other.

‘Wanna see your new room?’ Jian Yi asked after awhile.


He Tian left the apartment last…barefoot.

‘You’re not wearing shoes?’

‘We’re not going far.’

He wasn’t lying.

Zhengxi and Jian Yi lived several doors down.

Mo Guan Shan smiled to himself.

He’d never admit how relieved he was to remain close to the dark haired man.

The apartment was incredibly cluttered compared to He Tian’s, covered floor to ceiling with art and knick knacks.

And a beautifully full bar.

His new room was incredibly small, but lovely.

The walls were painted a light blue, adorned with hand painted seashells.

The large bed sported an excessive amount of decorative pillows and a soft comforter a few shades darker than the walls.

There were shelves of frosted glass vases and more seashells.

There was a light yellow dresser with a large tv and a matching desk.

‘Please excuse the absurdity of this room.’ Zhengxi said as Jian Yi plopped down on the mattress.

‘No, it’s great.’ Mo Guan Shan’s sincerity must have come across in his tone.

Jian Yi beamed.

‘How much is rent?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, slightly worried by his lack of funds and terribly paying job.

‘You have to do all the dishes.’ Zhengxi informed him.’


‘We make plenty to pay the rent.’

‘I can’t accept this for free.’ Mo Guan Shan insisted.

‘Of course you can.’


‘Arguing with Jian Yi is pointless. Trust me.’ He Tian piped up.

Jian Yi looked at Zhengxi.

‘Baby, can you get us some drinks?

Zhengxi turned, grabbing He Tian by the wrist and dragging him from the room and closing the door behind them.

‘Why?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, hating himself for the tears he was fighting back.

Jian Yi thought for a moment.

‘I’ve known He Tian for eight years. I’ve never so much have seen a single person he’s brought home.’


‘I’m serious. That sounds like an exaggeration, but I swear it’s true.’

‘I think I’m missing the point here.’

‘He brought you home. You slept in his bed. He brought Zhengxi and i both into the situation. Of his many, many, shirts you picked his favorite.’

Mo Guan Shan felt himself blush.

‘I still don’t understand.’

‘I don’t think he knows it yet, but he sees something in you. He feels something for you, and I’m quickly understanding why.’

Mo Guan Shan said nothing.

Jian Yi sighed.

‘If he is the unmovable object, I’m thinking you might be the unstoppable force.’

‘Oh, I’m the chosen one?’ He joked.

‘It certainly seems that way.’

The redhead scoffed.

‘Mo Guan Shan, I’ve been waiting for the final piece to this puzzle for eight years. I’m not letting you leave. Not until we see this through.’

‘What if I want to?’

‘Do you?

Mo Guan studied a colorful glass fish on the bedside table.


Jian Yi smiled.

The other men entered the room.

Zhengxi handed Jian Yi an absurd looking, bright pink, drink in a martini glass.

He Tian handed Mo Guan Shan a margarita.

‘I thought you might like this. It’s my favorite… and…’

He Tian looked as confused as Mo Guan Shan felt.

Mo Guan Shan took the drink, taking a sip and failing to repress his smile.


‘Say it.’ Jian Yi prompted quietly.

‘It’s my favorite too.’

(this is ending/chapter is subject to change or deletion. I was feeling unusually cheesy)

Things you probably didn't notice while watching your favorite stop-mo movies.

-The name of the piano “company” that “made” the Everglot’s piano is named after Ray Harryhausen (sorry, I probably spelled that wrong…)
-In the beginning credits, it states that the film is not only a Warner Brothers and a Tim Burton film, but also a LAIKA film as well. Many animators who now work full-time at LAIKA had gotten their start with this film and the animating and puppet/set design crew included some of LAIKA’s most treasured employees, such as Deborah Cook (costume designer) and Chris Butler (who later directed “ParaNorman”). So yes, it would be valid to call Victor (or Emily or Victoria) a “LAIKA Kid”.
-There are constant literary references hidden throughout the film. The keyword for returning to the Land of the Dead after a Ukrainian Haunting Spell had been casted, “hopscotch” is a reference to the novel “The Book Thief” and during the scene where the living meet up with their dead loved ones in the Land of the Living, a line from “Gone With the Wind” is used. (“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a da*n”)

-On the moving van at the one scene in the beginning of the movie when the Joneses move into the Pink Palace, the title of the moving company is “Ranft Brothers”. If you think back to “Corpse Bride”, you might recall a brief note at the very end of the credits saying that the film was dedicated to Joe Ranft- a beloved storyboard artist at Pixar who briefly worked on the film shortly before his sudden passing. The name could have been placed there on purpose to honor his memory or have been completely coincidental, however I thought I’d make the connection…
-Also on the moving van, there is some graphiti that reads “Stop-Mo Rlesz!” on the back doors of the van. (This is where I actually got my current blog title from so, kudos to LAIKA! And yes, indeed. “Stop-Mo” does in fact, “rule”.)

-In the scene where the Babcock family is in the car and they just arrived at the site where Agatha was located and saw the cyclone she had created hovering over the woods, there is a brief shot that features some buildings and an alley way. If you look to the left, you see a building with some white letters on the back. This building is known as the “Coraline Jones Building”.

The fact that Dean is so unapologetically open about his feelings and about any issues he has with people around him (be it Mary, or now Cas) continues to be my favorite thing about season 12.

What I don’t like so much is how other characters on the show imply that Dean’s not entitled to have those feelings or issues. Especially since A) Dean actually communicated his complaints and worries about Cas killing Billie in a pretty clear and fairly mature way (questioning Cas’s choices, not Cas as a person), and B) Dean’s worries about the consequences are perfectly justified.

In fact, it’s disconcerting that Sam and Cas seem to think “he thought he was doing the right thing” makes everything alright. Though it’s not really surprising, considering that’s their favorite MO.

from now on wala na akong pake kung mawawalan ako ng trabaho o ano. hindi ko na papahirapan sarili ko na gumising ng gantong oras o kaya mag isip ng dahil may hinahabol akong deadline. i don’t fucking care kung papagalitan ako or kung may sasabihin mga kasama ko sa office. i need to rest. yung sobrang haba na tipong wala akong iniisip about work shit. i’m just tired at gusto ko lang uminom ng uminom. sorry mom alam ko naman na love mo ako.

thankful naman ako sa mga ginagawa mo sakin like yung pagbili ng ganto at ganyan. na kahit sumasahod na ako eh minsan nagbibigay ka pa. tapos narealize ko na favorite mo ako dahil sobrang iba ka makitungo sakin kesa sa kuya ko. i appreciate it, mom. sobra sobra. pero sana this time maintindihan mo ako dahil ang laki talaga ng pinagdadaanan ko (sounds oa but its true hue). alam mo yun? nalulungkot ako dahil everytime na sabihin ko sayo problema ko about sa trabaho ko never ka nakinig. hindi nga ako vocal sa nararamdaman ko eh pero i still consider u kasi akala ko tutulungan mo ako. idk. ur kinda selish? u don’t know what i’m going through right now kaya madali lang sayo para sabihin na nagiinarte lang ako. i’m not, okay? you know how strong am i. diba? napakaindependent ko nga eh pero not this time. so please, lend me your ears kahit ngayon lang. ok, i quit.

ps: buong buhay ko ata spoiled ako sa mama ko.
pps: alam ko never pa kita na disappoint pero hayaan mo na ako mag decide sa gusto ko.


Mos Def - Black On Both Sides, 1999 (full album)

01. Fear Not Of Man [0:02]
02. Hip Hop [4:31]
03. Love [7:47]
04. Ms. Fat Booty [12:10]
05. Speed Law [15:54]
06. Do It Now feat. Busta Rhymes [20:10]
07. Got [24:00]
08. Umi Says [27:27]
09. New World Water [32:38]
10. Rock ‘N’ Roll [35:50]
11. Know That feat. Talib Kweli [40:53]
12. Climb feat. Vinia Mojica [44:56]
13. Brooklyn [ERROR]
14. Habitat [53:25]
15. Mr. Nigga feat. Q-Tip [58:49]
16. Mathematics [1:04:00]
17. May-December [1:08:06]


  • Professor: List 5 of your favorite songs.
  • Me: Mo-
  • Professor: It can't have sexual content.
  • Me: What Jay Park song doesn't have sexual content...um okay, Solo.
  • Professor: Needs to be in English.
  • Me: FINE! Then All I Wanna...never mind it had sexual content.

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what are the paladins favorite youtubers?

mod Flux: honestly none of the mods watch more than 2 or 3 letsplayers so this was an experience


    • he likes cute animal videos and that’s p much it
    • anything else is because one of the other paladins shows him
    • doesn’t understand memes


    • whats a youtube
    • likes to watch videos of people cutting up random objects with swords
    • also likes those videos of super heated knives slicing into stuff


    • howtobasic
    • vinesauce (Joel & Vinny)
    • polygon (monster factory)
    • watches the most letsplayers tbh
    • NinjaSexParty


    • epicmealtime
    • game grumps (hears them a lot as bg noise becausec of lance)
    • has a playlist just for recipe videos he finds
    • MyHarto’s drunk kitchen series is a favorite of his


    • Jogwheel
    • TechRax
    • The Slow Mo Guys
    • danooct1
    • YourMovieSucksDOTorg