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HIYA! In case you aren’t getting notifications from my channel, I posted another video, finally. This one is with Steve Johnson with @thelistenersguide, which is all about music education and musicology. Seriously, it’s one of my most favorite channels ever, with one of my most favorite humans on youtube ever. So you should watch it, and then you should watch the channel. All of it. Start to finish.


Today Im writing about a different topic, is not movies or books nor illustration.  Im gonna tell you about a system that has change my work life in different ways and I wanted to share it.

In February I was just beginning a project  and I needed a system to get organized and productive, then I didn’t know I needed a system, but the universe works in curiuos ways.

I was watching Frannerd ( one of my favorite youtubers ever) about how she gets organized, and she talked a little bit about a journaling system that she uses, the bullet journal, she left a link to a video in which the creator of this system explained the basics. I was watching it and at the end a recommended video appeared: “ flip trough my bullet journal” from Boho berry, I was curious so I pressed click and my mind just got blown away.

Kara or Bohoberry inspired me so much. Why? Because she show me a way to be organized creative keep record of things, to be grateful and to appreciate the task you have to do each day. All that with the purpose of being  mindful of your time and the present day.  

Then my journey with the bullet journal began and now three months later. I am finishing my first notebook, I am so happy with this system and I want to keep improving it and moulding it for my personal use.

So this is it, thank you Kara, Fran and all the bullet journal community, I think is awesome that there are so many people trying to be creative and productive each day.


Okay so I’m not good at making graphics or gifs or anything like that, so I’m just gonna post my favorite pictures of her as of recently to go along with this but that aside, the point!

Everyone, listen up! This is Kat Blaque and as you may know, she’s my favorite Youtuber ever. Kat talks about all the real issues and covers her topics in a way that’s super educational, super entertaining, and easy to understand! She’s helped me to better understand so many things and I always refer people to her videos when trying to help educate them. Not only is Kat great at educational and social issues, she’s one of the nicest people ever! I frequent her livestreams when she has them and she’ll talk to her fans and she even remembers them! Basically, Kat is an angel.

What I’m getting to here is she posted earlier that she’s close to 30k on her youtube, so guys go check her out!! You know I wouldn’t have taken the time out of my day to make this post if she wasn’t an amazing person. Go subscribe to her, you won’t be disappointed!!! <3

(ps. Kat if you see this, you’re the best! Thanks for always being so great! <3)


Jacksepticeye and Markiplier are my favorite youtubers ever. If you don’t know who they are , go check them out. They are gamers, basically. But they can make you smile no matter how dark your days gets. They are both amazing human beings and I am really glad I can watch their videos and never been sad ever again. Thank you, Mark and Jack. Thanks a whole lot. And keep up the videos. ^.^

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“Raiders of the Lost Ark” - The Long Take