favorite youtubers. ever

45 Asks!
  1. Have you ever been in the hospital?
  2. Favorite Youtuber?
  3. Have you ever explored an abandoned location?
  4. Best comeback you’ve told?
  5. Are you sassy?
  6. Are you good with make up?
  7. What’s your gender?
  8. What’s your sexuality?
  9. Dream job?
  10. Oldest memory you remember?
  11. What kind of clothes are you interested in?
  12. What was your first Fandom?
  13. What’s the length of your hair?
  14. First OTP?
  15. What makes you laugh?
  16. Why did you sign up for Tumblr?
  17. What’s something you regret?
  18. Favorite vacation memory?
  19. What do you think about while going to bed?
  20. What’s your phone/computer background?
  21. What’s a natural talent you have?
  22. Have you ever gotten in a physical fight?
  23. What are words that you remember?
  24. What’s an inside joke you have?
  25. Follower count?
  26. What are your side blogs?
  27. What’s your Youtube History?
  28. Ever committed a crime?
  29. What’s the most toxic person you’ve encountered?
  30. Have you ever been toxic?
  31. An embarrassing moment?
  32. Dream home?
  33. Do you have any OC’s?
  34. First URL?
  35. Nighttime routine?
  36. Morning routine?
  37. Have any toys?
  38. Favorite toothpaste flavor?
  39. How tall are you?
  40. Worst sleepover experience?
  41. What was your first date like?
  42. Favorite book?
  43. What’s your favorite meme?
  44. Can you sing well?
  45. What’s the silliest thing you’ve cried over?

theycallme-ellie  asked:

I just wanted to say you've become one of my favorite YouTubers and I love your Uncharted 4 series. That's it, okay, I'm gonna go now.

Thank you so much! I loved that series! It’s so crazy hearing people say that I’m one of their favorite youtubers. I never ever thought that I would be one of someones favorites. That means a lot :’)

Just say hey, just say hi. Because the worst thing that could happen is that they could give you a weird look, or they could ignore you, or they could be rude for a minute and then you never have to deal with them again. But the best thing that could happen, from using hi, is you could fall in love, and they could be your one and only, and they could be your soul mate, and you can get married, and you could have kids, and you could have a future and it could be the one. But like, isn’t that worth the risk?
—  Tyler Oakley

melzymelzy00  asked:

Kay how about a really cheese but safe ask lol will do my best to keep it within the rules: the Chocobros reaction to their s/o being a YouTuber and hitting 45 million subscribers!! Sorry I know it's not angst or interesting but I'm brain dead and it's the most simplest one I can think of lol

You are an amazing human being melzy and thank you for being so pure.


  • He binged every episode from where you started to where you are now and even had a counter in your room so you could see you subscriber count when not doing anything.
  • He’s gonna insist you go big for your 45 million.
  • And he’ll eventually find himself roped into it with no complaints.


  • You’re his favorite Youtuber ever.Like, he has your channel on lockdown and knows everything.
  • He makes a lot of appearances too and loves every single on of them.

  • And when you reach 45 million subscribers, he will insist you make a video of dumb shit the two of you did and will do.


  • He watches some of your videos, but only when he can.
  • He’ll also make appearances either with consent or without, like where you put makeup on him when he was asleep.
  • But he’ll join in on you and get you back by doing something while you livestream your 45 million anniversary.


  • He won’t know what to do until you drag him to join you on your Youtube events.
  • So, he got used to it and wasn’t surprised when you dragged him onto another one.
  • And when he figures out that it is your 45 million subscriber episode, he’ll be shocked which you take into consideration to do some stupid shit with him.
Garrett Watts

Okay so I dont think that I’ve ever mentiond this but I love Garrett Watts so much. I know this is such a random post but seriously go watch his videos!!! He is the weetest, purest human to ever exist. Garrett’s videos never fail to cheer me up on bad days and they make me laugh so much. Honestly he is my favorite youtuber ever and he has such good videos that EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH!!! But anyways yes GO WATCH HIS VIDEOS!!! he deserves much more subscribers and he is just such a genuine person its great.