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Oh man more awesome meta I love this aaah.

Consider Genos’ background, how he was unable to save his family when the mad cyborg attacked, and then tried to destroy the meteor - and failed - how hopeless/ineffective he must have felt at that moment. And then Saitama-sensei sweeps in and saves him and everyone else. This kid lost everything and everyone and he’s about to do it again, but as you say, this time he’s saved. And Saitama makes a point of telling Bang to take care of Genos before he goes for the meteor to make sure he’ll be safe..!

Literally attacking with his heart - definitely no chance to misunderstand there what this all represents…

…and taking all you wrote into consideration, it makes the scene of him declaring how Saitama is the most incredible person he’s met and how he’ll follow him even more powerful ;-;

:’)))) Yes, utterly (heart) drained at the moment he knew he failed to affect the outcome and protect who he cares about (again!), he doesn’t even consider his own safety anymore – ordering Bang to escape as one last futile effort while sitting there accepting the inevitable. But RIGHT then at his lowest moment, Saitama sweeps in to save him. And gosh it’s glorious (shoujo circles and all) to see the astonished recognition on his face and feel his hope do a 180. :’D

Just look at this panel of him after Saitama succeeds, his body language says it all:

As for the anime’s placement of Genos’ declaration after this (during the sunset scene and all), I’d say they made a creative decision for the better. :’3 

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May I insert my five cent :3 ? Chronologically speaking from the Bang OVA stand point, can I also bring up even after witnessing what saitama did to the meteor, Genos is still frighten out of his daylights when the egg ran out into traffic to defend the plastic bag kitty from getting hurt by that irresponsible truck driver? Just days ago Genos saw the man launch himself at a hot incoming rock (that was probably a fraction of the size of the moon) that would have caused sure fire catastrophic damage, as well as other adverse affects to the rest of the environment. He WITNESSED this man blow a fiery boulder into smithereens, and even that’s not enough to stop his core from jumping in his throat when he thought that something as trivial as a domestic traffic dispute was gonna pose some harm to his sensei. You could practically feel the panic run up and down Genos’ circuits, and I bet even he couldn’t register the split second it took for him to get to where saitama was to heave what may as well have been a hamper full of feathers off of him. And Saitama wasn’t even fazed by it! It’s like Genos can’t believe his own eyes each time. He’s been with Saitama through some of the worst incidences in his heroic career, (and has had to have saitama come and assist him on many of those occasions) and even still, when it comes to the egg’s well being, his mind impulsivley zeros on the one person that matters most, like a lioness ready to go tooth and nail against any predator to protect the young even if there was hardly any threat to begin with. Just kill me D;

 Yes please, this ridiculous scene RIGHT HERE!? 8D

You are correct, this ova happens directly after the meteor, and YET even after witnessing Saitama achieve the miraculous, Genos still can’t help feeling that instinctual urge to protect who he cares about when they’re ~in danger~

I swear, compiling a list of all the moments Genos displays irrational concern for Saitama’s safety and wellbeing would be a whole separate post altogether. XD He just loves him cares so much, omg. And not just for Saitama’s physical wellbeing, but mentally too! Heck, even in that same meteor episode, the anime had Genos RUN to Saitama’s (unneeded) aid to save him from the scorn of the public. :P Just…Genos pls.  

I was talking with Raya some more about it, and it’s like because of his background, Genos has a deep-set, built in fear of losing those he cares about (after losing everyone in his hometown), so he typically remains distant and aloof (and very rude) towards most new people he meets. His ability to trust and get close to people again is extremely limited, but when it does happen, his attachment is INTENSE. It explains a lot – his incessant clinginess and almost separation anxiety with Saitama (especially in the latest webcomic developments where he insists to live with Saitama no matter what). However, Saitama is that ONE person who can’t be ‘lost’ that way; he can’t be harmed or killed in any feasible way. And yet Genos still tries however he can to protect him (even if all Genos can do is assist Saitama’s daily happiness). :’3 Saitama really is that chill, grounded, immovable object to match Genos’ unstoppable passionate force.    


Idk what to say

I couldn’t stop myself :’D

Art by @trashypsychos

Here’s the best thing about my birthday that I look forward to every year: making my own cake! XD In the past years, I’ve made England, Flying Mint Bunny, and an Eyeshield 21 cake! This year, it’s a cake of my favorite pairing, SugarMelon! X3
Melon belongs to the lovely @missladytale, and Sugar belongs to the amazing @sugartalesans! If you haven’t heard of these two, I highly recommend checking out their blogs! Both are awesome people!
Now, it has come to my attention that @alainaprana also has a birthday today. So, I would love to share this little cake with her! Happy Birthday, Alaina! X3 Same thing applies with this amazing artist: please check her out if you haven’t yet! Her comics are sooooo good!!!


I can’t right now! Evans dead realm is just so full of him messing with Delirious and not leaving him alone!XD First calls out he’s short and then just stays with him for most of the rounds, they are so cute!! Plus, like Omg Evan can not for the life of him leave Delirious alone x3 my favorite part beside Evan calling Delirious short is from 8:54 to 9:05;)

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Can I just say I LOVE Dalex?? ;w; His Koopaling design is beautiful and so unique!! I love seeing him on my dash, his sweet smile and cuddly self makes my day!

Koopa Dalex: “Wowzers! That’s pretty nice of you to say, anon!” ^w^

Human Dalex: “what about me…?” Q ^ Q


Well… This had to happen sooner or later… :’D
Before I started with my OC Shina my TMNT fanfiction I drew something like a Final Fantasy VII comic with her… So, uh… She was Vincent’s girl before I paired her up with Raphael… Ahaha…
Of all game characters that I know, Vincent Valentine is still my favorite! ♥ X3 (Sorry, Vince, that I haven’t drawn you for such a long time… T^T *sniff*)

Damn - if these two would stand infront of me… Uuuuhmmm… Phew… I couldn’t decide… I would take both! XD  
Tihi ♥ -^v^-

Three Years With you - Ethan

Warnings : None

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Your boyfriend is calling! Answer the phone cause if you call back he won’t answer!

“Ugh.” I groaned and opened my eyes. I turned to my side and looked at my phone. I reached out for it and slide my finger to answer the call. “Hello?” i asked in my morning voice. Closing my eyes once again. “Did you only just wake up?” I heard Ethan, my boyfriend, answer. “Yeah.” I responded. “You do realize it’s like twelve right?” He asked. I nodded even though I knew he couldn’t see me. “Yeah. I had a hard time sleeping.” I answered. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could of came over.” Ethan responded.

“Because It’s our anniversary today and I didn’t want to ruin it.” I answered. “Babe I don’t care about that. I want to help you and you know that. Next time call alright?” He asked. “Sure.” I responded. “Alright I have to go. I’ll pick you up at two.” Ethan responded and before I could answer he hung up. I sighed and got up and out of bed. I stood for a minute and let the room around me stop spinning. Once It did I made my way out to my kitchen.

Once I reached it I opened my fridge and pulled out something that wasn’t in there last night. I picked up the note and read it.

I made you breakfast! It’s your favorite X3 - Ethan

I smiled and opened the container seeing pancakes and waffles. Chocolate of course. There was vanilla ice cream and chocolate whipped cream on it. Along with chocolate chips. I have an obsession if you couldn’t tell alright. I grabbed out a fork and picked at it to see if it was still warm, and let me tell you. It still was. I sank down into the bar-stool and placed the plate in front of me.

I ate the whole plate which surprised me. It was uncommon that I finish my food when there’s a lot. I just kind of put it back in the fridge and continue to eat it later. I washed the plate and headed towards my bathroom to get ready for the day. I crushed my teeth and hair and fixed my hair into some waves. I walked back to my room and looked in my closet. I pulled out my phone to text Ethan to see what I should wear.

What should I wear?? - Y/n

A dress XD

What’s with all the faces?

Want to be different you know babe?

Oh thank you for the pancakes/ waffles.

No problem beautiful.

I did what Ethan said. I picked out my favorite black dress and my black and white chuck taylors. I quickly changed and smiled at myself. I fixed my hair and heard my door open. I smiled and grabbed my phone and purse and walked out to the main living and saw Ethan at my door holding a bouquet of my favorite flowers.

“You look gorgeous.” Ethan said once he saw me. My cheeks flushed a pink and I smiled. I looked at him and saw he was wearing dress pants and a button up with a bow tie and some suspenders. “Love the suspenders.” I smiled. “I saw them and thought of you.” Ethan answered placing the flowers in a vase. “How sweet.” I laughed. He smiled and kiss med for a minute. The kiss was filled with so many emotions, but mostly love and passion.

“Our day awaits princess.” He smiled after pulling away. I nodded and he grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers and we walked out of my apartment. I didn’t grab my keys mostly because Ethan had his copy. We walked out of the building and started to walk. “So where are we going?” I asked. “Well the first place on our stop is a very important place to both of our hearts.” Ethan answered.

“The beach?” I asked. “Nope that’s our last spot.” He answered. “Okay okay. Um Target.” I asked. He chuckled and moved his hand from my hand and wrapped it around my waist. “As much fun as we had there looking at all the baby clothes it is not one of our spots.” He answered. “What am I missing?” I asked confused. “Don’t over think it.” Ethan answered. “Oh oh! The art’s center where you bumped into me and I turned yellow!” I beamed.

“Correct.” He smiled as he opened the door for me. We both walked in and I smiled breathing in the fresh paint smell. “What are we doing here?” I asked. “Well I had a special painting made for you and we have to pick it up, and plus I wanted to paint some.” He laughed. I smiled and nodded as we headed towards the check out. Ethan told them he was picking up something and told them his name.

They came out with a frame and some picture I couldn’t see because it was covered. The clerk put it on the counter and pulled the cover away. I gasped and covered my mouth. Ethan looked at me and smiled. “That’s it.” He said to the clerk. He nodded and proceeded to wrap it. He handed it to Ethan and we walked over to the painting studio. He placed out stuff safely next to him and we grabbed some canvases and started to paint.

“What are you painting?” Ethan asked me. “A girl giving a heart to her man.” I responded. “Does that girl happen to be you and the guy me?” He asked. “How did you guess.” I smiled widely. “Well I’m going to be drawing a girl lost in the dark and her man lights up the way because he always brightens her day.” He smiled. “Can I guess the girl is me and you’re the man.”  I asked. He nodded and smiled. We painted for a bit and gave each other the others painting.

“Come on we can put this stuff in the car. I parked right down there.” He pointed to the Restaurant. “Ethan are we going there or are you just parked there?” I asked. “Well you see I figured after we painted it would be much later, which I was right, and I thought we would be hungry so.” He smiled. “But that place is so expensive!” I whined. “You wroth all my money Y/n. Some people may say I’m stupid for doing it but you’re my princess.” He leaned down and laid his lips on mine kissing me. His hands interwinding with mine. Something we do when we are showing how much we love each other.

We walked to the restaurant and we put our stuff in the car before entering where my jaw dropped to the ground like the beats did. “Reservation for Dolan.” Ethan smiled. The sitter looked through the list and nodded grabbing two menus and lead us to an outside table with a candle on it. We both sat down in front of each other and I smiled.

“You didn’t have to do all this.” I said. “But I wanted to.” He said reaching his hand over to mine and holding it. I smiled at him and he returned it. “But it’s not even the best part of the date yet Y/n.” He said. “You honestly didn’t have to do anything besides get me flowers. I’m not a picky girl.” I said. “Oh I know, but I wanted it to be special.” He explained. He nodded and a waiter came over and took our drink orders. Me being lame I ordered water.

I looked over the menu and saw how expensive this place really was. “Ethan, it’s so expensive here.” I mumbled. “I know but you’re worth it.” He smiled. I blushed and covered my face with my menu. When the waiter came back around we both ordered. I got chicken Alfredo. When he left Ethan looked back at me. “You wanna know why I wanted this exact spot.” He asked. “Please enlighten me.” I answered.

“Because when the sun starts to set, which will be soon, the few is amazing and I thought why not give an amazing girl and amazing view.” He replied. “Ethan.” I smiled.

After we finished dinner we also got a dessert to share. Lava cake. My favorite. We went out of the restaurant and headed towards the beach where he said we would be going last. Our hands were connected and our shoes were in our other hands. We continued to walk down the beach seeing the waves hit the sand and went back.

The soft sand felt amazing around my feet. We maybe saw one or two people on the beach. They were by themselves though. As we started to walk closer to the end of the beach, lights were laying on the ground. We got closer and there were petals as well.

“Ethan-” I turned around to look at him and saw he was on his one knee. His hands holding open a black velvet box that held a beautiful ring inside it. I was taken back and smiled as I felt a tear fall down my face.

“Y/n M/n L/n, I have known you my whole life and I would like to continue to know you my whole life. Until I die in fact. I want to grow old with you, I want to hold hands with you forever, I want to kiss you everyday, I want to wake up to see your beautiful face everyday. I want to have beautiful children with you. I want you to become Mrs. Y/n M/n Dolan. I want to marry you. So, will you marry me Y/n?” He asked as tears started to fall from his eyes. I nodded quickly and wiped my tears. “Yes.” I barely just got out. He smiled and let out a breath. He took the ring out and slide it onto my finger.

He stood up and pulled me against him. “I love you.” He whispered in my ear. “I love you too Eth.” I responded and connected our lips.

A/n : POTD - Picture Of The Day, also sorry for late update I was really busy Monday and yesterday with school and stuff and stuff.