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hi! i wasn’t planning another follow forever for a while, but tis the season! we all need some positivity as we near the end of this terrible year, and also i was bored. so here’s an update, in (mostly) alphabetical order. i love you all for the content you put on my dash, keep doing what you’re doing, and also thank you so much for tagging properly! 💕  (and of course, if i missed anyone i’m so sorry! just hit me up and tell me that i’m useless.)

bold - my heart is yours | italics - mutuals (listen, i don’t really know who i’m still mutuals with, so if we are and i didn’t mark you as so, you can let me know and i’ll fix it!)

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@gray-autumn-sky i met you this year! you’ve been one of my favorite writers for a long while now, and i lowkey flailed a little when you started talking to me. still do sometimes. you’re so nice, and i brighten up a little every time i see you’ve left me a message. i hope that doesn’t stop any time soon. thank you for indulging me with spoilers and also just reaching out to say hi! it all means so much <3

@idoltina ♡ i met you too this year! so 2016 had bright spots. you’re amazing, you’re so talented, and i’m forever grateful and flattered that you share your writing and your writing woes with me, even though i’m useless at helping you figure it out most of the time. thank you for ever making me wonder what kind of dog my favorite character would be and why she’d be so bitter about it. here’s to more au’s <3

@jdthemdtobe ♡ this nerd right here. wow. what would i do without your puns or your pickup lines, or your virtual cats (it’s been a while, are they ok?), or you just being a nerd? you’re seriously such a great time, and that’s honestly the main reason i decided to smother my anxiety for a chance to meet you in person (which didn’t happen sadly; the curse of 2016). so until the next opportunity, take care of your computer, and i’ll sit here waiting for an update on those cats <3

@mindykahling ♡ my boo! you just get me so well. i probably have the most in common with you than anyone else on here, and it’s really nice! i still haven’t given myself a chance to read wrath and the dawn, but it’s on my nightstand, and every time i see it i think of you and how i’m letting you down. i promise not to buy another book until i finish that one. and of course, fuck thank you for pitch, that one dimple on kylie bunbury’s cheek is what i live for <3

@the-alpha-incipiens ♡ we got saltmarried this year! and almost saltdivorced that one time. but it’s fine. ranting and tossing headcanons back and forth with you is such a good time, and i’m forever grateful for you indulging me when i send you writing things that will never live up to anything of yours. it’s been a while, and i miss you, but i hope you have a good rest of the year <3

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Sometimes it knocks the breath right out of me, realising how lucky I am to be here and alive with you. To be the one you feel safe with. To be the one whose bones you curl up into when itโ€™s cold. To be the one whose mouth you drowsily kiss when you are half asleep in my arms.
—  Beau Taplin โ€ข L i t t l e N o t h i n g

  My favorite YouTube video ever! Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney are now writers for Saturday Night Live.

Exo Mtl Have a Biting Kink

Request: Could u pls do a mlt for Exo “Mlt to give you neck kisses/biting kink” Thanks xx Luv ur work, by far my favourite writer 💗

A/N: Can I just like freak out right now like what. I’m your favorite writer? That’s literally the nicest thing someone has ever said to me thank you so much ;-; (also btw this will be ot12)


Kyungsoo (have you seen his mouth though)













Kyungsoo, Zitao, Jongin, Sehun, and Minseok would be the biggest fans of giving and receiving it. I put them as the top half because I can see it being something they incorporate into little things as well, not just sex. Like you’re cooking? Backhug and a little nibble on the nape of your neck. Make-out sesh? Stops for a bit to kiss your neck too. Definitely biggest fans of it within the group.

Luhan, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Yifan would also be very big fans of this. It’d honestly be something they go to to send a message that they’re needy and want some of the good-good luhan i’m sorry. However, I don’t think they’d do it as much as the top half.

Junmyeon, Jongdae, and Yixing are people who would do it if you asked or said that you liked it, but it wouldn’t be their go-to move to get into the mood if that makes sense. Especially Yixing because he’s lowkey scared he’d hurt you in some way. But if you mentioned how much you love it, they wouldn’t be afraid to try.

-Admin Yeonie

anonymous asked:

I hope you will still do the hellboy coldflashwave one day because you're one of my top favorite writers and I adore the concept.

I’m thinking about it, but right now I’m so busy with some other stories right now. I still might, though.

From now until nine I’ll get drunk on wine,
Until you get from there to here I’ll have my weight in beer,
But when you finally turn up, I’ll put down my cup
And fall into bed with my favorite drug.
—  Kayt Christensen (@radicallymine)

akako-22  asked:

I googled what saga was and as a result I saw pics of a little seal guy, I'm intrigued

It’s my absolute favorite ongoing comic right now. Also written by my favorite comic writer. I can’t recommend it enough.

Also, Ghus is perfection.

grandpasungjoo  asked:

hoHO man i was terrified of you in the beginning and i thought u were too cool for me bc u were my favorite astro writer and u were in college and super smart (still are!) but now you're just a cute bean who needs to be protected at all costs ;;

#2cool people think I’m lame but thank you so much 😎 just kidding, I’m still pretty lame. I hope I can be as smart as you think I am ;; I feel more dumb in college tbh. ASJDIOGAJSDI is it because I’m trying to be less savage this year?? gosh I’m older than you

first impression vs. current impression

heyifinallyhaveablog  asked:

Hi Gaia!!!! Just wanted to drop in and say that YOU ARE AMAZING!!! AND ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR BOOK! Also, I had a tiny bit of a problem, how do you deal with a very chronic writers' block, and resume writing? Thank You already! *sends glitter*

Thank you <3 Your love keeps me going, guys! Finishing the draft of book 5 of #TIS…my favorite yet ^_^

And now down to business!

Overcoming writer’s block

You want to write, you need to write to feel complete, to be yourself. Yet, you find yourself staring at that blank page feeling hatred and frustration. How do you break the impasse?

Originally posted by rainymentalitymaker

First of all, what is writer’s block?

Writer’s block is a condition where you would love to write, yet can’t. You stare at a blank page in frustration and only sputter three ugly words at the time before deleting them and cussing like there is no tomorrow. 

Originally posted by simplybridal

As for most problems, the solution lies within understanding the causes.

Why do you get writer’s block?

Pressure and anxiety. You have to write. You have a deadline for school, from your publisher, or even from yourself. You feel like you’re falling behind and nothing you write is good enough. Or maybe just general unhappiness and frustration, feeling uninspired.

How do you overcome writers’ block?

Channel it. Write about writer’s block.

Originally posted by gameraboy

Start spewing words about how frustrated you are, what you feel, how ugly is your writing, the darn publisher. I don’t care. Just write. Slowly you’ll see words coming together, your writing will become more acceptable, meaningful. Next thing you know you’re writing again :)


Here is a scene I edited out from Forget Nico, book 3 of #TIS (Yes! It was never published! Unabridged for you ;) )  but it describes exactly what ’m talking about.


A few days later, I stared at the white page that should have been my composition. I normally could write for hours about anything.

Not today.

Carpe diem. And then?
Such was the title of our assignment, following up on our viewing of The Dead Poet Society. I had loved the movie and yet, for the first time in my life, the title floated on a desolate piece of paper.

Normally I couldn’t keep up with all the words flowing through my arm, and I was startled by the silence of the empty lines. Not peaceful, quiet, or serene, more like a frustrated plug-in-your-brain type of deal.

The title kept yelling, Seize the moment, and then? All I could think about was, and then freaking die. Could you be sent home for a broken heart?

I stood up and dragged my feet to the teacher’s desk.“ Prof. Rezzi, I’m sorry. I can’t work with this. Is there another title I could use?” Like bitch and moan about boys?

“No, Leda. Just start writing, it doesn’t matter about what. You can always crop out the first part when you copy your draft into your final version.”

Miffed, I sat back at my desk. I sighed and started writing down whatever passed through my head in my most awful and irritating handwriting ever.
“Anger anger fuck writing frustration I’m so pissed this is stupid I feel so lonely why is everyone around me so dumb or so much better than me or both things at once. All that matters is freaking boys. My girlfriend disappeared after a boy, nothing else matters to her. All my friends were males and now they’re chasing after girls or even me, for fuck’s sake, and I don’t like it. That’s even worse. I hate it.  I just want a true friend, to share, to be myself for once, screw everyone else. Everybody tells me what I am, not exactly in a kind way, when even I don’t know who I am…”

Before I knew it, sentences started gaining more structure, thoughts coalesced, and I was working on my composition on choices and consequences, on the very hefty price of following my wacky heart against everyone’s advice.



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Who am I to give you advice?

I am a nerd and a writer, the author of the Italian Saga (#TIS): an irreverent series taking place in Italy and speaking of love, sadness, sex, and happiness with a healthy dose of humor <3  You can check out the books pretty much anywhere including Amazon  ^_^

Click here to see my books: paperback, audiobook, and e-book. They are so pretty and you won’t be able to put them down! Next thing you know, you’ll find yourself in Italy ^_^

Comics to Read, 10/28 - Witch! edition

October has been giving us some spooky new comics and we have some more today. So let’s go to this weeks Treats.

I have been so excited for this book since it was announced last year. First its Rucka who is one of my favorite comic writers. And now add Nicola Scott one of my favorite artists. Add in female protagonist and short clear pitch “She’s a witch! She’s a cop! The future is in her hands (along with that badge)” and a creepy and funny opening moving into a tense showdown and you have a strong first issue. Rucka is known for his commitment to building his worlds (see Lazarus) and multfaceted female characters (see his Question,Batwoman, Dex Parios, Wonder Woman etc.) and his provides both here. Scott is known for being able to balance both action and character work and here she mixes things up by using watercolors. If I have nits with this first issue is that it was too short. 

I caught up with the original first run of this recently and it was, despite my fervent desire to not read it, very good. Marvel is slapping #1 on their post “WTF was that Secret Wars thingy” so you may want to pick this up. I’ve been impressed with just about everything Bennett has written and it also Stephanie Hans on art. The first run was very LGBT friendly, I assume this is too.

The best all ages comic with a female lead is back. 

It’s wedding day for Jo and Alysia and Babs has LOTS of things she has to do. a very fun issue. Batgirl disappointed some LGBT readers last year. This issue may be one to pick up if it did and you haven’t been reading. 

I love Dick Grayson and I love this book. 

That’s it for me. What’s on your list?

When I first started this blog I had no intentions of getting here. I just wanted to hang around with my friends and stalk my favorite writer blogs; and now here I am and it’s all thanks to you? Because honestly if 1000+ people like my blog, it means I’m doing something right after all. So thank you. Thank you for giving me this milestone and for sticking with me since rxs.dctp. 

This is for you. 


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Robbie Thompson,

Thank you for Slash Fiction. Thank you for Time After Time. Thank you for The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo. Thank you for Bitten. Thank you for LARP and the Real Girl. Thank you for Goodbye Stranger, Pac-Man Fever, Slumber Party, First Born, Meta Fiction, Fan Fiction, There’s No Place Like Home, Book of the Damned, Angel Heart, Baby, Into the Mystic, Safe House, thank you for the amazing episode that was Don’t Call Me Shurley.

Thank you for Charlie.

I don’t know what Supernatural will be without you.