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The One With The Popsicle.

Summary: You and Chris hadn’t seen each other in three weeks. When he’s about to come home, a storm kept him away. You know you missed him, but you didn’t know how much until you started to lick a popsicle while watching Captain America, which made you absoultely horny.

Author Note: I’m still waiting for your requests!

Warnings: Masturbation, a bit of smut and fluff. Oh, and words (cock, dick, fuck) ;)


You checked your cellphone umpteenth time. The time Chris told you he’d be home was getting closer and you were a mess of emotions, you didn’t know if you were happy, excited, nervous, anxious; actually, there could be a new mening of your set of emotions. All you knew was that you had really missed him this time and that you really love someone for the very first time.

As you put back the cellphone in your pocket, you slightly smile. How this happened? How suddenly Chris Evans crashed in your life and moved all the loveless and reckless ideas you always had before him? His smile, of course, that was the beginning, then that look in his eyes, definitely. That look made you feel like he was the only focus in the entire room and as he walked, making his path towards you, the people started to dissapear. God damn, he was (is) gorgeous, those deep and eclipsing blue eyes. Your cellphone rang, taking you back to reality. Chris.

“Hey” you answered.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?”

“I just got home, I was at your sister’s”

“Oh, dear Lord, I beg for mercy everytime you got together, I guess the whole world does the same” he laughed, you knew he was kidding because he loved how well you get along with his family, but also, ‘cause something was going on; he always started with a joke before saying something serious.

“Yep, babe, you should. But this time, we didn’t give you the honor of being our topic”

“What did you two talked about? Girl’s stuff? Me?”

“I ain’t gonna tell, mister. And yes, and a bit” you added answering his questions. “why do you want to know?”

“I feel curious, what if you talked about, I don’t know, sex, maybe?”

“Oh, come on, Evans, would you like that I talk with our sis of what we did three weeks ago? Or would you like that I tell you what she tells me about her sex life?”

“Bad thoughts are coming, and bad-bad, not bad-cool, I’ll never ask again”

“Great, so… what’s up?”

“Oh, yeah… I called you because I think I’m not gonna make it tonight. All the flights are being cancelled for the storm.”

“Well… is just another day, right?”

“I miss you so bad”

“I can’t wait to see you, when I said that it’s been three weeks I just relized how much I’ve been waiting for you, Chris” you sighed “but it’s just one day, babe”

“Just a few more hours, I promise.”


“Babe… don’t be sad, I’ll be the first thing (person) you’ll see in the morning”

“I’m ok, are you?”

“Yeah, you sure?”

“Yes, Evans”

“Well, I gotta go, I need to check what’s going on. I love you, doll”

“I love you more, Chris. Oh, and, babe?”


“I’ll be waiting for you”

“And I’ll find the way to be there. I love you”

“I love you too, take care”

“You too”


You were wearing shorts and your favorite Chris’ t-shirt. It felt a warm weather, so you decided to watch a movie. Even when you and Chris had been dating for over three years and living together the half of your relationship, you still watched Chris’s movies when you felt like missing him more than usual. You pressed play and Captain America began.

After the first hour, you paused the movie and went for a snack, you picked a popsicle. When you were licking eat you couldn’t help to think about your boyfriend’s dick. You missed playing with it. You were listening to Chris’ voice, closed your eyes and licked the popsicle, you really wanted it was him instead of the tasty popsicle.

Your hand went down, you opened your legs. You started to rub your clit as you licked the popsicle thinking and wishing it was Chris’ cock.


You’d fallen asleep in the sofa. It was nearly five am when Chris opened the door, he left his suitcase in the hall, he was about to go upstiars when he saw the tv on. Your feet were over the armrest. He smiled when he realized that you were watching his movie. He knew you weren’t a big fan of action movies. He squatted and took a look of your peacefull face. His hand went straight to your hair and started to caress it. You took a deep breath. Your eyes started to open.

“Morning, beautiful”

“Oh, my God, Chris!” You sit up as he did “you’re here”

“I promised it”

“I missed you so fucking much” your arms were around his neck and his hands in your waist.

“I don’t ever wanna leave you again”

“I don’t ever wanna let you leave again” you smiled. He moved his hands and framed your face. He kissed you softly, you also missed his kisses.

“You were watching… me? I knew that you were missing me, but I didn’t realize that it was this much”

“Oh, you have no idea. I started to lick a popsicle and then it came the idea that it was your…” you stopped talking when you realized what you were about to say.

“My what?”

“Your…” you avoided to look into his eyes.

“My dick, maybe?”

“Your dick, maybe”

“So, basically you’re saying that you missed my dick more than me?”

“I never…meant to say that, you’re playing dirty”

“So sad, my dick kinda wants to teach you what’s like to be with the person you’ve missed like crazy”

So, that was your relationship with Chris, going from novelettish to fleshly needs in seconds. Your hand started its way down, you bit your bottom lip and looked Chris while you were doing it.

“I’d love that lesson” you tease.