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TsukkiYama Fic Rec 1/?

Okay. So I’m bored and TsukkiYama fics in AO3 are my salvation. I tried sorting the fics alphabetically and begun to read everything again and it blows my mind because there are sooooo many fics that I’ve overlooked even if I check the page every single day. Anyways, here is my new ficrec! Just click the title and it’ll open the fics/series automatically. (Sorry the titles are not bolded, I’ll fix it next time).

Ever-Increasing Sufferings of Yamaguchi Tadashi and Hinata Shouyou series. Not yet complete but with 2 oneshots. Basically YamaHina friendship and them pining together. Also includes Yama&Hina, KageHina, and Tsukki&Kage.

(Not So) Perfect Boyfriend. Oneshot. Tsukki asking Yama out for convenience. Good story w/ nice ending.

Weird superpowers AU??? series. 3 oneshots where Yama could read minds and Tsukki works in a coffeeshop where Yama fluents. Oikawa having a weird crush for Yama and ends up with Iwaizumi. Includes IwaOi and slight OiYama.

All fics made by deanpendragon!!! Good fics. My favorites are wags and whiskers series (Yama as petshop manager/owner and Tsukki working in neighboring music shop) and tsukki amola (oneshot where Yama is a dog walker and Tsukishimas are rich af). All their fics are highly recommended though!!!

the air that inhabits you. Oneshot. Asthmatic Yama and good friend Tsukki.

alone / with you. Tsukki-centric about (not) touching Yama.

Already. Tsukki and Yama dating but only Tsukki knows.

the buddy system series. Yama had panic attack during a diving session. Tsukki to the rescue. They made out. And made out more on the second oneshot.

and neither of them ever mention that it is love. AU where people give you emotions in a bottle. Really nice AU 10/10 will read something like this again.

The Art of Living. Tsukki is a reincarnated God turned human but is bound to forget the memories of being a God.

As long you’re with me. Volleyball star Tsukki and piano student Yama eeeeeeeeeey.

Awkward Sun. Yama and Tsukki meet during laundry times. Uh. Stuff happens. Yama is a stress baker. Multichapter but completed.

Belated. Read for a good cry. Oneshot.

Caramel Latte. Coffee shop AU. barista!Tsukki and Yamaguchi being both socially awkward.

overcome. Tsukki w/ a plant-eating cat. Yama is the plant’s owner.

Changing Tide. Basically established TsukkiYama where Tsukki is not a part of Karasuno and met them for the first time and guess what? They don’t like him, much to Yamaguchi’s despair.

But They Had Today. Yamaguchi is moving out of the town and Tsukki is sad. This fic made me sad I wish there is a sequel.

Blooming Up from the Ground. Tsukki is blind wihout his glasses but good thing Yamaguchi is there to save the day.

A Floor Away. Twoshot. First chapter: Tsukki is a bitter, jealous single guy. Second chapter: Tsukki is no longer single. Real good read. Special mention to the author dat_heichou. Check out their other TKYM fics, they are good.

Chasing Dust. Hospital shooting. Could be triggering.

cognizant. Love at first staring contest.

Contrasting Impressions. First impressions and second meetings.

Chains of Silence. Tsukki as slave. Yama bought him to free him. Not really a romance fic but really, Yamaguchi is too pure. Also recommending author’s other fic, The Wind is Pink. Tsukki the moon alien and space nut Yama.

i will give you me. Tsukki makes a homemade valentine choco for Yamaguchi and his mom is the best wing-woman.

Cold Night. Tsukki and Yamaguchi sharing a bed.

cure of an insomniac. Tsukki is the reason and the cure for Yamaguchi’s insomnia.

Okay, so that’s it. I’ll post another ficrec for the other letters. This list covered A to C and other fics that I’ve saved but I’ll be going over the remaining 100+ pages worth of TKYM fics so expect more ficrecs to come. But first, let’s clap for the authors of these wonderful fics. You make the TsukkiYama ship sailing! Thank you!!! Until the next list~

Pitch Rewatch - 1x02: The Interim

For those following along, this is day 2 of my Pitch rewatch. This time, I watched 1x02: The Interim, and these were my takeaways. Expect a missing scene companion fic later tonight!

  • Right off the bat with the Elliott awesomeness. He really doesn’t get enough to do in this show. I’m hoping that changes in Season 2
  • I love the chemistry between Will and Ginny. I forgot about it after the drama in 1x08, but they’re adorable together.
  • Mike’s face when she’s telling her little ‘I’ve got a weak spot for a certain type’ is fascinating. I’m probably reading into it…but my trashy Bawson heart loves that narrowing of the eyes…
  • I’m also struck by Salvamini getting all fed up with the Katie Nolan clip in the bar and leaving, when we know that 5 weeks from now he’s stripping down to support Ginny. The development of her relationship with her teammates is really well done
  • So far in this rewatch, the bus scene is the best rediscovery. I rewatch a lot of Bawson scenes, but this one needs to make its way back into the rotation. For the looks alone…
  • WORKOUT SCENE! (I swear I’m not trying to make this all Bawson…but come on. Workout scene. This will totally be my jump off point for the fic today….). I love watching Mike get all competitive with her. It gives me all the feels.
  • Al has to be the freaking greatest. The relationships are what makes this show, and his relationship with Ginny is just wonderful. (“I’m probably missing something here. The world kind of passed me by when they made the internet.”)
  • Evelyn and Blip are relationship goals. Evie has to be one of my favorite WAGs in both real and fake life…her Mike Trout crush gets me every time. They are really the best couple.
  • Bawson Breakast. This is the first time I really see them having a friendly rapport up to this point that isn’t entirely on field related. It’s like the workout made it so she could actually be comfortable around him, and their chemistry (friendly or otherwise) really comes across here.
  • I can’t get over the fact that Rachel and Mike’s first dance was to Beauty and the Beast. What a bitch…like I needed more reasons to dislike her.
  • Also Mike’s face during this scene is heartbreaking. I guess hers would be too if she wasn’t the antichrist.
  • SPEECH, Mikey…I have watched this many, many times. It’s awesome every time.
  • And now we get into the best gif of the night. Her face…his face…all of it…
  • Annnnnd the dance scene. Stories and essays have been penned on the dance scene. People have waxed poetic for months on the dance scene. And they’re all right and wrong all at the same time. Mike’s face…watching him watch her. How anyone isn’t a Bawson shipper at this moment is beyond me
  • (I’ll worry about Mike and Amelia for 103…plenty to say then…)

Final Thoughts: I don’t think I realized just how Bawson heavy this episode is. I just realized that three of the gifs I made were just Mike looking at Ginny… 102 really is when they start to come together as friends and respect each other. I think this might be one of my favorite episodes, actually, but it’s possible that’s just because it’s the one I’m watching now. I’m sure on Friday it’ll be 103 ;)

Stay tuned for an awesome solo Mike post-workout fic later tonight…