favorite videogames

  • Me: hey I'm in a pretty lousy mood, but I know what to do, I'll play my favorite team-based superhero videogame "Overwatch" copyright 2016 blizzard entertainment to cheer up
  • Overwatch: immediately matches me with two snipers and a bastion on attack and a Lucio who spent the entire match throwing by either tossing himself off the edge of the map repeatedly or hanging out by enemy spawn spamming "hello" until someone killed him
Draw your OC.....

1. Normal
2. As a child
3. Opposite sex
4. In the opposite sex’s attire (ex. A guy wearing a sundress)
5. As a chibe
6. As a animal, or if it’s a animal, as a human
7. In their PJs
8. In formal attire
9. In swimwear
10. With their lover
11. With their BFF
12. As a monster
13. Dancing
14. As a fusion with another OC
15. In the style of one of your favorite videogames/ webcomics/ tv shows/ anime/ etc.
16. As a centaur. If they’re a centaur, as a normal person.
17. In a school uniform
18. As a Yandere
19. Working your dream job
20. Doing what YOU enjoy doing the most

Ask the Mun

So, in a random fit of boredom, I give you this! Ask me a number and I’ll answer the corresponding question.
1. Why did you join Tumblr?
2. What does your URL mean?
3. Who (or what) is that in your image?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Favorite food?
6. Favorite hobby?
7. Favorite subject (school, degree, etc.)?
8. Favorite TV series?
9. Favorite animal (fictional and realistic)?
10. Favorite book (or series)?
11. Favorite videogame?
12. What are your life goals?
13. What “grinds your gears”?
14. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
15. If you could go back at any point in time for 5 minutes, what would you do?
16. What is a redeeming quality you have?
17. What is a flaw you have?
18. How do you prefer to dress?
19. How do you sexually identify?
20. What social media platform do you prefer or is easiest to contact you on?
21. Are there any other ways followers can get a hold of you?
22. How do you express your creativity (writing, drawing, voice acting, etc.)?
23. (This question only applies to muns with ocs.) Think of an original quote your character would say - what is the quote?
24. What do you like to do on rainy days?
25. Do you love your followers?
Send me an ask (anon or not) with any of these numbers!


.:UnderLOVE Models: Principal Characters;,

They are the underLOVE Characters~ Finally colored at Digital XD Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyz (?)

CAREFULL!! This animated proyect will be +18 because this will have Gore, guts, torture, mortal combat Executions (?) Romance, Drama, Comedy, ETC

For give you an idea of what i am talking about: My favorites animes are Kill la Kill, Another, Mirai Nikki, Assassination Classroom, Sakura Card Captors and Jounjou Romantica. My Favorites movies are The Corpse Bride, The Nightmare before Christmas, Alice in wonderland (Tim burton), Coraline, Break it Ralf, Assassin’s Creed, How to Entrain your Dragon, The planet of treasure and The Beauty and the Beast (The Classic one). My favorite books are aaaaaaaall the books of the awesome Rick Riordan creator of the awesome saga Percy Jackson. Ones of my favorite videogames are, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic The hedgehog 2, Plants Vs Zombies 2, Angels Online, League of Legends, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Mortal Combat, Undertale (Obvius), Devil may cry XBOX 360, Tom Rider XBOX 360, Rayman games, Portal 2, ETC

Now lets put everything together, what we got is “underLOVE” this will have alot of references, GORE, sexual thingys, AU’s relations, ETC. But calm down guys~  Your babys will not suffers nvn MINE WILL ¬w¬

AI and Chioni: Protagonists
LOVE: Antagonist

Venatus: Da Pet Memer (?)

small list of draw your ocs

I got bored, send in what you like

1: as your favorite Youtuber
2: in a kirugrumi of their least favorite animal
3: as a French maid
4: in post-apocalyptic attire
5: as your favorite videogame character
6: in an alternate outfit (if they have one, if they don’t, make one !)
7: as a sailor/ship member
8: in a kirugrumi of your favorite Pokémon
9: as a burlesque dancer
10: with tattoos if they don’t have them
11: in a tacky outfit you’d never draw them wearing normally
12: as a hardcore punk
13: in ballroom formal clothing
14: as someone from the 50’s (greaser/rockabilly/etc)
15: in a morph suit


favorite videogame ships (in no particular order) Corvo Attano and The Outsider.

“You fascinate me”.

  • Women: *talk about violence against women, street harassment, rape culture, sexism in advertising, lack of representation in media, etc*
  • Dudes: ugh there are more important problems in the world!
  • Dudes: there is a Ghostbusters movie with wOMEN what thE fUck This is the Worst thing ever!!!!!
  • Dudes: there is a video criticizing my favorite viDeogames????? this is oUTrageous must send rape threats!!!!
  • Dudes: Females in supehero movies??? How dare yoU THIS IS AN ATTACK ON the MENZ!!!
  • Dudes: Feminists here only worry about stupid meaningless stuff like who cares i'm so rational
Put your sign and answer in the tags!!
  • aries: have you ever gotten in a fist fight? If so when was the last time?
  • taurus: what's your favorite type of food? (Like Italian, Indian, w/e)
  • gemini: whos last person you got a text from?
  • cancer: favorite movie?
  • leo: whos the last person you said I love you to?
  • virgo: favorite actor?
  • libra: favorite animal?
  • scorpio: who is your favorite band/singer atm?
  • sagittarius: whos the last person you texted?
  • capricorn: first favorite band/singer you can remember?
  • aquarius: favorite comedian?
  • pisces: favorite videogame?
Munday Meme

Get to know the mun (If you want to)

Send a number!

1. Name?

2. Birthday?

3. Any pets?

4. Preferred Pronouns? 

5. Favorite food?

6. Favorite drink?

7. Favorite color?

8. Any siblings?

9. Pizza or Pasta?

10. Pop or Soda?

11. Hair color?

12. Eye color?

13. Random fact?

14. Taken or Single?

15. Sexuality?

16. Braces?

17. Glasses?

18. Favorite movie?

19. Chips or Crisps?

20. Optimist or Pessimist?

21. Do I like your blog?

22. Opinion on same-sex marriage?

23. Opinion on racism?

24. Opinion on feminism?

25. Are we alone in the universe?

26. Believe in ghosts/paranormal entities?

27. Read fanfics?

28. Watch anime?

29. Favorite anime?

30. Favorite Creepypasta character?

31. We should hang out more.

32. Kik?

33. Skype?

34. Twitter?

35. Facebook?

36. Instagram?

37. Favorite videogame?

38. Favorite genre of music?

39. Favorite song?

40. Favorite animal?

41. On a scale of 1-10 how bored are you right now?

42. Do you RP?

43. Ever cosplayed?

44. Ever been to a convention? (Anime or otherwise)

45. Coke or Pepsi?

46. Iphone or Android?

47. Cats or Dogs?

48. Favorite book?

49. Anime waifu/husbando?

50. Opinion on Weeaboos?